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notsogoodwriter Nov 2022
I have lots of questions in mind
I don’t know the answers, where to find?

God, I want to know
I’m longing for answers, where to go?

I know You are faithful
I will wait until it bloomed
notsogoodwriter Nov 2022
I can’t see a way to escape
I want to take the risk but maybe it’s too late

I wonder why is it always complicated
All I want is to feel loved and wanted

The clouds are still heavy today
I still can’t see other way
notsogoodwriter Nov 2022
Words are always hard to find
When heart and mind are not in line

Words are running when chased
You can’t find them like they are caged

But, words are not just said
Even what’s on mind are counted

Now, do words really love to hide?
or is it just you who denies?
notsogoodwriter Nov 2022
I know it was nothing
until you appeared one evening
You were waiting for me while raining
I ran to you like I was longing

You flashed an unforgettable smile
You hugged me tight for a while
Your warmth feels like home
I don’t want to let go

To grasp that moment is all I can do
Because I know when I open eyes
You will disappear out of the blue
Hi, I dreamed about you.
notsogoodwriter Jul 2020
How lovely these flowers could be?
a paradise indeed, that I want to see
the way you bloom is outstanding
how you follow the light is amazing

dear, you took my heart away
i want you here, please stay
notsogoodwriter Jul 2020
I hated how my day started
woke up with a mind clouded
with worries and tiredness, I drowned
My knees surrendered, reaching the ground

It was an afternoon
I was rooted to the spot where I was sitting
something happened that I wasn't expecting
Bundle of nerves and butterflies were fighting
while I also can't stop myself from smiling

Everything happened out of the blue
I thought I was dreaming,
but i'm wide awake
and it's true
notsogoodwriter May 2020
She's not sure what to feel
Months passed,
she still can't believe it's real
That mesmerizing moment is always in her head
She keeps on smiling like crazy in bed


She knows how dangerous it could be:
to believe on something that is pure fantasy
So while it is still early
she will save herself from misery
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