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Apr 19 · 224
Power and Privilege
ZenOfferings Apr 19
Power and privilege can be chased if you're addicted to the change you can create.  Even if you're bold enough to claim righteous deeds, you become untrustworthy.
But even as you least expect it, power and privilege will find you in life, and it's that kind of power -- when the universe bestows it -- with which you can absolutely be trusted.
Champion your dharma and live out your dramatic truth in all the universal glory.
Jul 2023 · 102
Better Off
ZenOfferings Jul 2023
Just imagine if
There was no government
Goodness gracious
There'd be a lot to fear, wouldn't it?

Evil acting agents incognito and anonymous
Despondency'd be common all because of all the seedy peeps
Beady-eyed greedy-acting low power-hungry leniency
Inefficient industry, unreliable currency
Questionable access to guns
Leaving you feelin' unsafe in the city
Unjust evils everywhere
No one with the will to care
Probably cuz they can't get food and lack proper nutrition
Imagine what's left of school's a mess
No community build a fence
Overpay or hard to trade
Can't get rest
Unclean water, can't afford a home
You'll drink to both or smoke to dome
Jobs would be hard to come by but you could finally grow your own
Who not what you knew would matter
More than ever
No one would save us from nuclear fallout weather
No plumbing means the rivers'd fill with feces
People'd cut the trees in greed and leave invasive species
Death to all large native fauna
Replaced with vacant blacktop saunas
And half-cooked concepts that a goverment'd be better
May 2023 · 235
Haiku 102
ZenOfferings May 2023
Great adversity
One perspective away from
Bountiful blessings
Aug 2022 · 85
One Without The Other
ZenOfferings Aug 2022
Holding onto other people's traumas
So I'm not left facing my own
Figure if I keep helping others'
I'll solve mine alone with a poem
Mar 2022 · 440
Haiku 101
ZenOfferings Mar 2022
As the world crashes
To the world I wish to see
Which me should I be
Nov 2021 · 370
Haiku 100
ZenOfferings Nov 2021
Martyrs bear its proof:
They've already remembered
I's what they forget
Nov 2021 · 534
Haiku 99
ZenOfferings Nov 2021
You either smilin'
Or you silent; by choice or
Broke rights and violence
Nov 2021 · 600
Haiku 98
ZenOfferings Nov 2021
I know reflections
Of a thousand other mirrors
This - the path I tread
Again I'm lost staring into Indra's net
Aug 2021 · 1.9k
Autonomy On Stage
ZenOfferings Aug 2021
What if you discovered that the puppet master was just a tangle of other puppets...

Interconnectedness is paramount to who we are, to life itself
To get loose is not to get free -- to get free is to love the strings you keep
Jul 2021 · 513
Haiku 97
ZenOfferings Jul 2021
What's needed to see
World peace -- a miracle, or
Magnifying glass
Jul 2021 · 369
Haiku 96
ZenOfferings Jul 2021
Prized beautiful beach!
Plant your heels!  Lasso that wave!
Ride, surfer cowboy
Hogtied with the karmic circle
Mar 2021 · 331
Haiku 95
ZenOfferings Mar 2021
Master's makeshift meal
Weeds whistle with the widow
Mourning matter makes
Mar 2021 · 121
Can't complain
ZenOfferings Mar 2021
Wake eat work play sleep
Feb 2021 · 318
Haiku 94
ZenOfferings Feb 2021
Loud truck rumbling
A strained love call from tree tops
Man picking mushrooms
An unfiltered listen of early spring
Feb 2021 · 199
Haiku 93
ZenOfferings Feb 2021
Inherit..h e a v e n
Where a mass of our mistakes
Met the biomass
As of 2020, by estimates, the anthropogenic mass now outweighs all living biomass on earth
Jan 2021 · 185
Haiku 92
ZenOfferings Jan 2021
That which lily pads
Do not do -- Oh fantastic!
The water shimmers ~
Jan 2021 · 112
ZenOfferings Jan 2021
You try to sell your soul
But you can't get no bread for it
Dec 2020 · 124
ZenOfferings Dec 2020
Here all the choice that lay beforith

To eat thereof the tree of life an **** it as thy bask fatted in the glory of a newborn star

Or to abstain there frometh an look inside eternal black thusly with knowledge that your stomach's redeeming feast is but a headturn away
Dec 2020 · 151
Haiku 91
ZenOfferings Dec 2020
The toad does notice
Most the river runs by it
But the whirlpool sings
Relax into the chaos you find at life's periphery
Oct 2020 · 116
Haiku 90
ZenOfferings Oct 2020
Looking for the void
Constitutes your very bones
Still you labor on
Still seeking the Tao?
Oct 2020 · 116
Haiku 89
ZenOfferings Oct 2020
Bells, procedures; and
Students learn to break a heart
Before tie a shoe
Sep 2020 · 109
They just...wishin'
ZenOfferings Sep 2020
Those in power lose sleep watching our every move

To go so far as to blanket our world in satellites

But those oppressed have been watching them in excess of ten thousand years

Oh how they long for that kind of control

Their ***** truth is that the meek have already inherited the Earth a hundred times over
Sep 2020 · 95
ZenOfferings Sep 2020
The chains were forged for the poor

Blackness is nothing but a convenient excuse

Will you be saved by your skin tone when you are the new lowest on the totem?
Sep 2020 · 107
Haiku 88
ZenOfferings Sep 2020
Complements duality
What's beyond beyond?
Sep 2020 · 85
Haiku 87
ZenOfferings Sep 2020
Mind the terrorist
In time, he brings the very peace
You fear is destroyed
Behold, The Revolutionist
Jul 2020 · 79
Haiku 86
ZenOfferings Jul 2020
Where ends natural?
Biological weapons?
The fear in our hearts?
Jul 2020 · 74
Haiku 85
ZenOfferings Jul 2020
Cling to righteousness
Legislate morality...
...Justify dissent
When being forced to do the right thing, I hope you choose the wrong thing -- for it holds the new righteous reason
Jul 2020 · 83
And so the Tao flees
ZenOfferings Jul 2020
The background to the figure
The canvas to the background
The artist to the canvas
The muse to the artist
The figure to the muse
Jul 2020 · 122
Haiku 84
ZenOfferings Jul 2020
Once they have control
The many will celebrate
They'll call it world peace
Jul 2020 · 80
Haiku 83
ZenOfferings Jul 2020
Wait for clarity...
Why mind mud?  I see myself
Equally as clear
A new take on an old tale
Jun 2020 · 72
Haiku 82
ZenOfferings Jun 2020
Funny how we find --
Its like we bury treasure
And "X" in our mind
Apr 2020 · 88
ZenOfferings Apr 2020
Was the seed in strife?
From pain did it then emerge?
It must lament death...

The cultivator
Was he then the seeds savior?!
Assurance of life

What conditioning!
For mere service to the God
Stripped when fruit was ripe

...Seed sows sorrow now
Bound to the cultivator
Eternal truth found

In strife it may be
But at least then it lived free
When some death seemed bound

And essential
A string of haiku tell the story of a cultivar outgrowing a cultivator through the acceptance of death
Mar 2020 · 82
Haiku 81
ZenOfferings Mar 2020
All the thief may steal
Is Earth that you've distinguished
"Your's" instead of "Our's"
Mar 2020 · 84
ZenOfferings Mar 2020
In a patterning in which an infinite number of variables could be considered
There is a why not for every why
Mar 2020 · 70
Haiku 80
ZenOfferings Mar 2020
When I do transmute
Its only the shaped I move
The shapeless I use
The formless is what provides
Mar 2020 · 64
Haiku 79
ZenOfferings Mar 2020
Death's liberation
That all things fall forgotten
Lends the will to live
Feb 2020 · 85
Haiku 78
ZenOfferings Feb 2020
Toes up to the stream
Siphoning an allowance
And there was no fee
Mind your oppressors
Who make manifest a world
Where life is not free
Feb 2020 · 90
Haiku 77
ZenOfferings Feb 2020
Bows to whispers in my heart
When counting spring buds
Feb 2020 · 88
Haiku 76
ZenOfferings Feb 2020
No woe where I dance
I'm the opulent side of
The carbon cycle
Feb 2020 · 70
Haiku 75
ZenOfferings Feb 2020
We should take a side
If we grow too invested
Thereby end the play
There is unity in duality
There is harmony in conflict
There is one in the diverse
Dec 2019 · 148
A Whisper
ZenOfferings Dec 2019
Mother Earth inhaling to life
Life exhaling to humanity
Humanity inhaling to me
Me exhaling to the mystery
The mystery -- the eternal breath
Dec 2019 · 196
For Where Do You Search?
ZenOfferings Dec 2019
Does not come in to you
It comes out of you
Oct 2019 · 144
Haiku 74
ZenOfferings Oct 2019
A rooted figure.
Though too soon the pattern slips,
...Life lasts a lifetime
In memoriam: Noah
My love to you Jill, and to your family.
Sep 2019 · 211
Haiku 73
ZenOfferings Sep 2019
Unclench grasping fists
Open hands are better poised
To catch mysteries
Sep 2019 · 227
Haiku 72
ZenOfferings Sep 2019
Is not asked; The sun's love is
Love like that
Sep 2019 · 222
I Hope You Are Well
ZenOfferings Sep 2019
I remember the weather the day that I met you
Sunny; with a storm in your back pocket

I remember your beauty
Vividly shone through
The tears that you knew to erase it

I was your rock
Steadfast, protruding
A cold slab for bleeding
The demons out of your soul

But after four years
You were all bled out
Dried was the well of your anguish
My only hope for us is that you do not linger as I do
Aug 2019 · 118
Haiku 71
ZenOfferings Aug 2019
One sided affair
The smile you then gave it
Said have a nice life
How do we transmute the mystery?
Aug 2019 · 222
Haiku 70
ZenOfferings Aug 2019
Withered rose -- framed, shelved;
Her supple scent forgotten
Figure long remains
May the nature of your love be iconoclastic
Aug 2019 · 272
Haiku 69
ZenOfferings Aug 2019
The sound of tear streams
Tears the patterns asunder --
Deafening silence
ZenOfferings Aug 2019
And she's dead now

And when my moment came in the procession of faces all I could muster was, "I'm sorry it is under these circumstances that I am finally seeing you again"

And you managed, "Better now than never again"

And my eyes are dry but my heart is in a twisted knot of emotion

And I can't decide whether you have played yourself the fool or have spoken the profound wisdom

And I let one tear drop and decide you've done both
As I shake the hand of the father of an old next door neighbor, whom I played with when I was no more than five years old.  I only 25 now, she only 27.
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