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mars Jan 11
I am a riddle
That i myself have no answer to
Someday i felt like red
But blue kinda cool too
My facade changed every single day
Guess which one is me
Wait, they are all me
mars Jan 11
Couldn’t thank enough for their existence

When the day felt really heavy
And everything is against me
The world went pinched black
And I don’t wanna lived

Yet come a tiny human being
Stayed beside me
mars Jan 1
cause after all these years
passing by
i still waited for you

& i hope one day
you will come back
mars Dec 2019
As usual, tonight I will go again
To find my lost soul
When everyone seems to sleep
I will go
Far deep into the sea

I want my heart back
More than anything
mars Dec 2019
There’s one girl
In this town
She’s doesn’t really smile
And no one really knows her

She find beauty in all broken things
Night is her favourite and her nightmare
The coldness is giving her peace
mars Dec 2019
Those words of yours
Don’t say it carelessly
It stayed in my mind
Don’t say it easily
When you don’t mean it
mars Dec 2019
Yesterday I was at the top of the world,
Everything going so well, without no reason,
And I was very happy, without no reason.

            But only for a short moment

As today come, suddenly my life turned upside down.
I was happy for that short moment,
Just like that evening when I saw an eclipse.

        Beautiful, but only for a short moment.
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