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I can’t quite decide whether change and I have a healthy relationship-
I didn’t meet him until I was twelve,
When he decided it was the right time to introduce himself
I didn’t understand him, or why he came
But I shook his hand and made sure to be a lady
I figured we might as well get off to a good start
He introduced me to new people
I liked them, and he took me to new places
He showed me there were parts of myself
That were difficult, and he told me to embrace them
At this point I began to cry when he strolled by
And I hoped he would avoid me
But then he decided to leave me
And show up at my best friends door
At this point I decided I hated him, I hated Change and I swore he could only cause hell
I screamed in his face and told him to never come back
That everyone would be better off without him
But Change has a way of showing up
Even when he is not wanted nor asked for
A year ago now he appeared at my door
Holding a bouquet of yellow roses
He said this is my gift to you,
This will make you think highly of me
And he was right, I thanked change and I kissed him for his gift
But as he left I wasn’t sad, I felt relieved for his absence
The problem is that he has returned to me now
And he keeps asking me the same question
He asks; how do you feel about me
And how will you choose to accept me
Because surely you can hate me
But I will always return
I was your naive little frog princess
Who you loved to spoil rotten,
and protect from outside
the walls of our garden
You taught me how plants grow,
And how to re plant seeds when they died
little did I know
People also went through this ride
Mom worried so much as your petals wilted
My heart broke the first time she cried
When you passed she was lost and our whole world tilted
I was terrified knowing moms too, could crumble inside
I had no idea why God
Could let death be alright
Your seeds sunk to the ground
As we scoured the earth all around
Not understanding
Or accepting the cycle of life
But maybe when your seeds
join the world anew
You’ll bring someone else joy
And give them an angels love too
Sometimes I close my eyes and let myself grin and repeat over and over again
Thank you thank you thank you
Thank you thank you thank you
Maybe it’s a prayer
Maybe it’s a sigh of relief
And the epitome of a hallelujah
I think it’s kind of a threat at times
Or maybe just a beg to god
Not to take away such incredible joy
I think it’s like being aware of yourself dreaming
And the hope of the same reality once woken
And I think it’s kind of like a question
Of whether or not the reality will stay
It’s also kind of like a scream
From the last step of a mountain hike
Where you look down and realize there’s no better place to be
So you close your eyes and revel in it
And you make sure you feel it
You say
Thank you thank you thank you
Thank you thank you thank you
And hope that it’s yours to keep
I will not abandon you
No matter how many times
You throw blame at me or
Leave me in the darkness
I will be waiting right here
With my heart at my feet
Offering another chance
And if you decide to try
I will smile at you and
Love you like I always have
Because that is who I am
Because that is the person
I wish you were too
How many times will God give chances
How many times will he let you open your eyes
And how many times will she forgive you
Does he watch you on your deathbed and think,
“They can do better next time,”
Does she cry when millions of cold hearts are
Circled and circled and circled
Or does she hold them like babies and kiss them
Before laying them in new opportunities
Always hoping for another chance to be enough
Does he rejoice when after so many sunrises
You have found a way to become the light
And relieve you of the cycle
How many times will God give chances
And how many times are we expected to do the same
How many times can we as people
Allow others to circle and circle and circle
Or does that power lie only in the hands of God?
I don’t believe that childhood ends
Within one lifetime
I know too many young and old adults
Who act like children and somehow
I know too many little children
Who’s hearts are those of wise souls
This is proof enough to me that
Age as we know it holds no truth
A friend is a person who understands
Unconditional love and compassion
They never are jealous;
Instead gives all their heart
Because they know love is not
A friend is a guardian angel
Who rejoices in truth and joy
And never manipulates to keep
A selfish heart content
A friend is home
A place of safety and stability
With doors and windows
that never close
And lights that are kept burning
Long into the night
A friend is a person
who knows how to love
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