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I will not abandon you
No matter how many times
You throw blame at me or
Leave me in the darkness
I will be waiting right here
With my heart at my feet
Offering another chance
And if you decide to try
I will smile at you and
Love you like I always have
Because that is who I am
Because that is the person
I wish you were too
Build up the immunity
Take the doses of poison
So that someday
I’ll be so strong
It won’t effect me
Instead my heart will be strong
And my soul will be free
My life will be peaceful
And the poison won’t be able
To stop me from loving
After each dose
I’ll close my eyes and sense it
Daring me to feel hurt
Instead I’ll let it spread through
My veins and transform me
The poison can’t hurt me if
I don’t let it
How many times will God give chances
How many times will he let you open your eyes
And how many times will she forgive you
Does he watch you on your deathbed and think,
“They can do better next time,”
Does she cry when millions of cold hearts are
Circled and circled and circled
Or does she hold them like babies and kiss them
Before laying them in new opportunities
Always hoping for another chance to be enough
Does he rejoice when after so many sunrises
You have found a way to become the light
And relieve you of the cycle
How many times will God give chances
And how many times are we expected to do the same
How many times can we as people
Allow others to circle and circle and circle
Or does that power lie only in the hands of God?
I don’t believe that childhood ends
Within one lifetime
I know too many young and old adults
Who act like children and somehow
I know too many little children
Who’s hearts are those of wise souls
This is proof enough to me that
Age as we know it holds no truth
A friend is a person who understands
Unconditional love and compassion
They never are jealous;
Instead gives all their heart
Because they know love is not
A friend is a guardian angel
Who rejoices in truth and joy
And never manipulates to keep
A selfish heart content
A friend is home
A place of safety and stability
With doors and windows
that never close
And lights that are kept burning
Long into the night
A friend is a person
who knows how to love
There goes the rug again
Unveiling the mess swept under
Here I go losing my balance
And losing my hope along with it
It’s time to learn to open my eyes
And clean the mess I keep
Allowing to accumulate
I cry because you’re not here with me
Because I can’t tell you how thankful I am
I cry because I am selfish
Because I wanted more time and words
But I smile because you’re not gone
Because I know you’re the sunshine I see
You’ve shined light on everyone you’ve met
You told me I had a responsibility
You told me I was something special
But it’s people like you who give the gift
To inspire others to be sunshine like you
I cry for the people who love you
Who will feel your absence so deeply
But I smile for the people who will get the chance
To know you in this next lifetime
You shocked me today as I went back to read
The last words that you said to me
They were reassurance, a last lesson
A last poem for me to remember forever
You said people are afraid of death
Because they are afraid of what’s unknown
But those who have lived lives before know
That death is in no way an end
You once told me I was your teacher
And now I’ll always know you as this
The teacher of souls
The sunbeams of infinite suns
Circling through life with your endless love
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