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1d · 78
The Love effect
The love effect

Open your arms
And with no fear
Give that person a hug
And tell them you appreciate them
Even if they don't reciprocate
Weaken the cement in your self made wall
Breakdown your stubborn barriers

Love breads love
That person somehow, somewhere deep down
Will feel a little joy from your gesture
They might manifest this joy
And give that same gesture to someone else
And thus it continues
Love spreads love

Your love may not be returned
from the one to which you gave
But the giving of unconditional love
will attract love back to you in ways
you won't believe
Overcome the awkwardness
Overcome the fear of rejection
And give out love

So go ahead
Tell that person that you love them or appreciate them
or you're grateful for them,
or all three
and more......
And wait as the ripple effect takes place
And waves of love will eventually be returned to you.

Love is magic
It breaks down barriers
It heals scars and wounds
It can end all feuds
You can be a part of this today

Open your arms
And with no fear
Give that person a hug.....
May 19 · 57
Sink Spider
victoria May 19
There was a dead spider in my sink
I have arachnophobia so it made my heart stop
I just stood there
Blood drained from me
Looking at this lost life
Wondering if it had a partner
Or little spider kids
That would miss it

I felt sad
Yet still scared
Ridiculous really
Maybe it was a female out searching for food
Or maybe she'd eaten her male donor
Maybe it was a him
And he'd run away to save himself.

It was under the dish bowl
I wondered if it had drowned
Or just starved to death
I found myself curious as to what it last thought about
If it was able to speak
What it's last words would have been

Maybe it was relieved
Maybe drowning is better than being eaten alive by an unthankful lover
Or by being captured in my humane catcher which sadly often broke legs
Maybe it just simply thought "Help"

I'll never know
But I do know I'll think about him or her until I think of them no more
Which might be months
May 17 · 32
victoria May 17
Theres a place in hell
for people like you
But not the hell that some
believe to be true
The hell they think of
is full of desire
Dark angels of lust
And ****** in fire

No this is a hell
You truly deserve
Chained to your past
And the hurt that you served
Cause your ego was ******
And you couldn't decide
If the lies that you told
We're wrong or where right

People like you should be burried alive
With only your guilt and the secrets you hide
You deserve to die with your heart molten black
With only your sin
And the clothes on your back

If I was a god and you came to me true
With reasons, excuses for all that you do
I'd laugh in your face and spit on your feet
And pray with my soul that the devil you meet

You think you're the devil?
You have no idea
The devil throws parties you wouldn't go near
The devil I've talked with a couple of times
Your not even close
You wouldn't survive

So continue to be, a **** if you must
But you're being watched
You are vile
You disgust
Close your eyes to the pain
That you made to be true
But know
Really know
That pain will **** you.
May 14 · 35
Useless poet
victoria May 14
I'm a part time poet
I fall between the lines
Constant comparison
Leaves my ink well dry

I rarely read your work
I may seem nonchalant
Just hit the heart button
My one form of response

Vocabulary is TINY
No matter how I try
Doomed to research words
Regularly makes me cry

I could respond with kindness
Of words I know completely
But I feel that's not enough
So hit the heart discreetly
I once felt part of this HP family. But the more I read of your words, the more self-conscious I became of my own. Once again I wasn't good enough. My ego won and I only read silently from then on....
May 14 · 50
victoria May 14
Reading Vonnegut

I'm reading Vonnegut
I'm tired
Had to look up three words
In three pages
The app wanted more money
To view the words
In a sentence
I don't have the money

So the sentances remain
I long to be more like Kurt
I dream intense
Repetitive dreams
My pen in my hand
Thoughts profound
I reside inside his followers
I want to go to a party

And quote meaningful texts
I want to join that society
Now there's a word for me
The writer inside me
Is trapped

Behind failed education
Inside a broken mind
Desperate to find those words
To explain my thoughts
Which are deep and saturated of
Feeling..... No one will hear me
My emotions frozen

Those three words
In three pages
Already evaporated
I have another four words now
Four more to research
Four more to skim my brain
To mock my intelligence
The app wants more money

I'm reading vonnegut
And I'm tired
I try to learn a new word a day. But there are so many. And so many books I feel shut out of. It's too overwhelming. And I forget. My processing speed is 30... Which is extremely low. I know what I want to say but can't find the words...
victoria Apr 24
Remember when you were young

And the pavement smelt so sweet after the summer rain
Remember the golden fields behind your best friends house
The corn cuts and grass stains on tiny legs  remember never complaining of pain

The farmers ponds and bluebells a plenty
Empty fishing nets and happy, gapped teeth smiles
Dragonflies chasing butterflies and faces towards the sun
Remember ice creams and cider pops
And always having fun

Remember grazed knees and quickly dried tears
Handstands on garden walls,
sunflowers, and cartwheels,
Soft grass underfoot
remember no fears

Water fights and mosquito flights against the setting sun
With muddy shoes, broken bikes, fizzy sweets
Climbing to dizzy heights

The smell and love for your favourite tree
Above the brook where you'd swing and feel ........completely free
Those days there was no way that you wanted to go home
Sit indoors
Didn't own a phone

Dinner time came just as your tummy began to chatter
And you'd cycle home, broken chain, ***** clothes,
Didn't matter
Tomorrow's adventures already lay awaiting
As you'd lie in bed
Fall softly to sleep
Always dreaming
Always creating

Remember when you were young
Apr 14 · 67
The three month itch
victoria Apr 14
The Three month itch
Did not arrive
Or the fourth
Forth and a half
Or even the five

The one year goal
Arrived so fast
Certainly by now
We were destined to last

Two years in
And going so strong
Others placed bets
They lost
They were wrong

A bad track record
Up until now
I was waiting
For you
To show me how

How wonderful it is
To be loved so strong
Right by your side
And in your arms
Is where I belong.
victoria Feb 25
Title; Feeding off their unhappiness

Bring your silver lined buckets
Catch and gather
Tears for collectors

What's your preference
Sadness so valuable
Happiness now obsolete

Your contentment rising high
Filling your void
Empty buckets make you cry

Too dry a day today
Happiness a comeback
Fill their buckets
Your tears of hate
victoria Feb 17
Title; I wish I had a compass for time

I have an itch for the May bug
But February is taking too long
It's dragging it's knuckles along the pebbles
July a distant song

I wish I had a compass for time
I wish everything in life just rhymed

My vehicle begins to cough
It forgot about hibination
In its haste to go wilderness wild
Across a sunlit destination

I wish I had a compass for time
I wish all the **** in life was fine

How her flowers create and bloom
through the crisp, deep white snow
Metamorphosis inside out
Back-to-front wings gingerly glow

I wish I had a compass for time
I wish it would fall back in line.

Starlings murmur and dance
through hail grazed stormy rage
Flying south a mattered memory
They broke out of nature's cage

I wish I had a compass for time
I wish the chimes would learn to mime
Mixed up world
Jan 28 · 305
A young girl and a curse
victoria Jan 28
Title; A young girl and a curse

What page are we on?
What number did she say?
"Ssssh stop asking questions"
"Be quiet"
"Go away"

Can you repeat the question please?
Could you demonstrate?
"Stop fooling around girl"
"We've moved on"
"You're just too late"

I can't quiet the words
The red it hurts my mind
"Up late watching TV
Were you?"
-"I'm guessing not mastermind!"

Please don't make fun of me
You'll only make it worse
"You'll have to learn to cope, child"
Dec 2019 · 141
This world
victoria Dec 2019
It's nothing to do with an apple or snake
It's just power and greed
And the willing to take-
whatever they feel is theirs by right
Willing to die for
Manufactured to fight

The belief that in their god they trust
A promise of forever
Hearts of rust
Whatever religion
No matter the prayer
Evil can prevail
God doesn't care

Or maybe it's just their skin you despise
Believing you're greater
Ignoring their eyes-
that you'd see
If only you looked beyond
To see one world
Where we all belong

Their gender, their preference, the way that they live
Your God says it's wrong
That he can not forgive

But you do not see with your heart so black
blinded by arrogance
Always on the attack
You're killing this world
Emitting your hate
We've run out of time
It's probably too late
Aug 2019 · 75
victoria Aug 2019
as your brain consumes itself
as it discards the good

as your body resides in the dirt
Be tense-
as your lungs start to flood

as the fight begins to growl
Pay attention-
to the hate you accept

Give in-
to the fact that you’ll never be
all the secrets that you’ve kept
Jul 2019 · 372
Comfort in sound
victoria Jul 2019
My tv remains half awake switched to standby
So my loneliness can find herself still asleep
Jul 2019 · 262
Tramp and lady
victoria Jul 2019
The ***** and the Lady
walked into town
She from the north
He from the south
She passed the boutiques
He passed the bars
She seemed like Venus
He was more like Mars

By chance they met in the park
On a warm winter day
She was feeling lonely
He with so much to say
They sat side by side
Beneath a worn out tree
She spoke of a broken heart
He talked of his life at sea

He learned of her way of life
How she’d been told to smile a fake smile
To marry a man for money
to keep her family within their style
She learned he wasn’t a ***, that he’d fought wars and saved many lives
How he couldn’t face the day light
So usually appeared at night

She asked how it was that today
He decided to strole in the park
He said he’d dreamt of a woman
Alone with a broken heart
The dream had told him to go
to the place that he felt most at ease
He knew just where the dream meant,
walking within the trees

They talked and found that their loneliness
Was different but also the same
She was surrounded by people
He was surrounded by pain
They decided that day to change this
And make up for all the lost years
They’d been given a second chance of love
To smile true and dry up their tears.

The ***** and the lady got married
And rented a flat by the park
No longer did they suffer from loneliness
They had each other
And warm happy hearts
Jun 2019 · 246
victoria Jun 2019
When I’m beside you
Like a warm break in the clouds
Alone I feel cold
My 2nd attempt at a Haiku
Jun 2019 · 203
victoria Jun 2019
Barren home

Something is missing?
Had she forgotten something?
An appointment?
Had she turned off the cooker?
The oven?

Can’t shake off the feeling
Her barren stomach
Un-filled with joy
Always monthly bleeding

Mocking her womb
Useless body
Empty tomb

Desperation choking her
Never to love her own
No bond with a pure and undamaged soul
Her womb an infertile home
Im unable to have children. Some days all I see are pregnant women everywhere
Jun 2019 · 450
Haiku attempt?
victoria Jun 2019
I’m malleable
A Chameleon in heart
You can undo me
Is this a correct Haiku?
I find I always change myself to suit whoever is around me to make them feel comfortable
May 2019 · 151
Bum cheeks
victoria May 2019
*** cheeks

Sometimes I see my life slide away and get stuck
Like the hair that slides down your back in the shower and gets stuck between your *** cheeks

But I love to pull that hair out and toss into the bin
So time and time again I pull the hairy bits of my life out of the cheeks of this world
And toss them into lord knows where....
But at least they’re away from me!
Over sharing???
May 2019 · 81
Self forgiveness
victoria May 2019
✒️Self forgiveness

She woke alone
lying naked
her mattress bare
except for
the lonely echo
of her beat-less heart

A calendar
void of any dates
hung solemnly
above her bed
gradually ceased to arrive
no calls
no letters
no texts
found their way in
through her damp
dark walls

Years of guilt
led to a mountain
of unwritten RSVPs
as she hid
her self-hatred
from any
that endeavoured
to help

By emptiness
By a colossal


Grown tough
Evolved stern

By a softening
tenderness that
was not of her own
She became still
Her spirit
Her soul
Into her heart

was different
she felt the ocean waves whisper to her soul
“Come to us and forgive”
“Come to us, and forgive yourself”

She felt the warmth
from the tiny pebbles
beneath her
as she connected
with nature
She found
her way back
to her heart
Seemed to take a lifetime
May 2019 · 82
The rescue
victoria May 2019
The rescue

My severed starved soul
sought solace within your eyes
When my broken bloodied heart
had banished hope from too many lies

My culled but courageous cries
reached out for your hands to save
Your voice, tone and warmth
taught me to love, to fight, to be brave

Fear vanished from my eyes
As you wove through my pain
with your soul
I was reborn, rebuilt, reclaimed
I am yours, you are mine
We are whole.
May 2019 · 89
Without you
victoria May 2019
Poem-Without you

Heart shattered
Brain smattered
Insides drowned in fear
Can’t breathe
Won’t believe
Can not persevere

Insides raw
I’m too flawed
A waste of space in time
Devil waiting
I will surely die

Nails exposed
Blinded by the light
Breath drowning
Soul frowning
Can not find the fight

Dreams dark
Torn out heart
Can not find my breath
Veins thick
Stomach sick
Dreaming of my death
Apr 2019 · 147
We are monsters
victoria Apr 2019
We are monsters
You and me
Those non believers
The real life dreamers
They can’t conceive us
Too blind to see

We are monsters
We live below
Blackened mirrors
Cold dark shivers
The pretties don’t hear us
Our hearts can’t glow

We are monsters
We sleep alone
We dance underground
Our hearts wrapped around
The silence of sound
We’ll never be known
Mar 2019 · 73
My love
victoria Mar 2019
My heart needs nothing but you, my love
My dreams of castles and fairytales are no more
For you fill my head completely, my love
You are my fairytale
and my castle forever more

My soul no longer searches for its mate, my love
For it now resides within your soul
My fear no longer engulfs me, my love
For you’ve replaced it with a love I’ve never before known

I would die without your love, my love
My mended heart would shatter
and wilt
You are the glue that keeps me whole, my love
My broken life you have beautifully rebuilt

I yearn and ache for the day, my love
When you ask for my hand for life
There is nothing I was born for more, my love
than growing old as your faithful wife
Mar 2019 · 68
victoria Mar 2019
Hot sweaty nights
Half a life gone by
Second semester
Just wanting to cry

Happy to anger
In 0 to 10 seconds
Want to control it
And kick someone’s head in

Skin filling with lines
Showing up all flaws
Weight out of control
I hate you menopause
Very quickly written ******* poem
Feb 2019 · 86
Submissive 2
victoria Feb 2019

Peel me raw with your voice
Undress my mind with your wit
Scrape my bones with your laughter
******* blood, so I submit

Pluck out my heart with your soul
Rip through my spine with your mind
Extract my juice with your eyes
Make me love you, till my eyes go blind

Devour my essence
by employing your wisdom
Engulf my anger
inside of your skin
Siphon my love
urging your inhale
For you my angel,
are my only sin
Jan 2019 · 304
victoria Jan 2019
A lifetime of aging
A head full of knowledge
A heart heavy with regrets

Time cannot be slowed
Knowledge is never saturated
With time the heart forgets
Dec 2018 · 105
Wet hair, warm towel
victoria Dec 2018
Wet hair
Warm towel

Arms wrapped around
my tiny shoulders
You were my first love

Wet hair
Warm towel

My daddy
My whole world
You were my only love
Back then
I didn’t see
Anyone else

Wet hair
Warm towel

Yesterday you died

Wet hair
Warm towel

My beautiful memory
My dad died on Saturday the 1st of December 2018... after a long, hard and heartbreaking battle with motor neurone disease. He was too sick for his original plan of assisted suicide and was left unable to speak, eat or move for the last 6 months. My early memory of him was him washing my hair in the bath then wrapping me in a warm towel... now he is a peace without his broken body
Nov 2018 · 142
Your love
victoria Nov 2018
Your love is the lining around my heart
Its the sugar I stir into my tea
Your love is the chill on my finger tips
And my tears as they fall to the sea

Your love is the blanket to keep out the cold
It’s my mind when it’s impossible to sleep
Your love is the petals that worship the sun
And the wooly socks I wear on my feet

Your love is the first of the morning frost
It’s the passion that drinks up my fear
Your love is the candle that helps me to pray
And the memories I’ll always hold dear

Your love is what drives me to wake up each day
It’s my favourite book to re-read
Your love is the sea as it calls my name
It is all the love that I need...
Sep 2018 · 207
victoria Sep 2018
I’ve been looking at the pavement lately
Too scared to look beyond
Too frightened of scaring the future
By bringing my past along
Aug 2018 · 581
The wrong skin (revisited)
victoria Aug 2018
My outside doesn’t reflect my in
I’m sitting here in the wrong skin
My heart it aches
Though I project a grin
I’m sitting here in the wrong skin

Can you imagine how it feels
Could you even try to begin
The pain when the mirror
reflects the wrong skin

I want to feel free
I want to feel it deep within
That I’m finally here
In front of you all
beaming from the right skin
Jul 2018 · 616
victoria Jul 2018

I want to live in nature
I want to travel the world
I want to live in a forest and hold hands with Mother Earth

But I have arachnophobia
My phobia is so strong that I’ve turned down jobs, trips to beautiful places even dinner parties at known spider houses!!
Jul 2018 · 306
victoria Jul 2018

Go gently to your resting place
Go knowing that you were loved
Go with the Heavenly Father
Go watch over us from above

I know this is a better place for you
I know your body will be free
From the pain and frustration you had on earth
Where finally you can just be

Be able to walk, run and jump
Be able to speak at will
Be free from all restrictions
Be free from all the pills

God will have a beautiful garden
For you to tend and help thrive
I know this was your strength on Earth
It’s what helped you stay alive

Go gently to your resting place
Go knowing that you were loved
Go with the Heavenly Father
Go watch over us from above
Dad wanted to go to dignitas in Switzerland but sadly the paper work wasn’t finalised before the motor neurones took over his ability to go... he’s very very sick now after 2 strokes so I’ve been asked to write a poem for his funeral... it’s still in draft form so I may change it, especially the gardening bit... his garden is what kept him going
Jul 2018 · 213
Broad bean
victoria Jul 2018
Broad bean

I wish I was a broad bean
All cozy warm and safe
Wrapped up in soft fluffy white
A place to hide my face

I wish I was a broad bean
Growing bigger beneath the sun
Chatting with the other beans
Relaxing having fun

I wish I was a broad bean
My only purpose in life
To be as tasty as I can be
Then eaten with a fork and knife
Just messing around
Jun 2018 · 226
True love
victoria Jun 2018
Sometimes if your dreams come true
You should make sure they always remain true....
Happy ever after doesn’t exist
Find your dream
Immortalise it
In that space in time
Then get rid of anything
That can feed it progression
Conserve it as newly born
Development will **** it
find it
Remember it
**** it
Jun 2018 · 258
victoria Jun 2018
A smile?
Not an option
A broken heart?
A definite
victoria Jun 2018
I saw a white horse and a wood pigeon today so quickly wrote a poem about them, the horse was under the tree that the wood pigeon was resting on.

The white horse and the wood pigeon....

I saw a white horse and a wood pigeon
Talking like old friends beneath the trees
The pigeon with feathers of autumnal grace
The white horses mane blowing in the breeze

The pigeon asked the white horse, if he had wings, to where in the world would he fly?
The horse replied “To heaven of course”
“I’m just waiting for time to pass by”

The horse asked the pigeon if he could gallop, what would his destination be?
The pigeon replied he’d gallop the world, then lay down to die by the sea

A toad near by was listening, and asked “Why do you both dream of death”?
“I don’t wish to fly or to gallop, I’m just thankful of each tiny breath”

The toad loved his life in the pond, and spent each day feeling blessed
Of the beauty and the life he’d been given
Never thinking of eternal rest.

True the horse and the pigeon had great beauty, and felt it right they could gallop and fly
But the toad had beauty running under his skin
Filled with love and happiness inside.

The horse and pigeon finally made it to heaven,
but were sent away to learn more of life
The toad was accepted with open arms
Reunited with his beautiful wife
Jun 2018 · 163
Too full
victoria Jun 2018
I have to run to the sea,
my love
Or my heart will explode into space
Instead it makes waves
for all to feel
my love
And leaves a warm smile
on their face
Almost 41 and only just learning to love
Jun 2018 · 128
With you
victoria Jun 2018
With you

I want to play on the slot machines
I want to stroll on the pier
I want to feed you fish n chips
And smile from ear to ear
Happy times ahead
May 2018 · 194
victoria May 2018
What do you feel as you circle my mind?
The new happiness within me?
Or the love I’ve finally found?

I know that you’re waiting for parts of me to drop
Down onto the street
My mind for you to pick
Parts of my soul for you to eat

I watch you day after day and your song annoys me at the start.
Now it soothes me
Ive fallen for you hungry gulls
And your ever hungry hearts
There is always something or someone waiting for it to fail... if it’s not you, it’s something or someone else...
Mar 2018 · 398
victoria Mar 2018

I love rainbows
I love the fact that I’ve read how they are formed
Yet I select delete to forget it
To keep them magic
To keep the belief that they are caused by the sky’s happiness
To believe that the *** of gold
is a metaphor for love

I love rainbows
because it’s a faith that holds no judgment
A belief that requires no war
A vision that only gives warmth
and creates pleasure
A lightness in the sometimes days full of a dull dark grey

I love rainbows
because they are safe to love
And safety and love are what this world needs the most
If life was lived believing in the magic of rainbows
What a beautiful, colourful and wondrous world we’d be living in.

I love rainbows
Mar 2018 · 244
Washing up gloves
victoria Mar 2018
There’s a hole in my marigold washing up gloves
The water just seeping inside
I noticed it just now standing over my sink
My hands wet instead of staying dry

These’s a whole in my shoe
A very small one
It lets in tiny stones from the beach
But I still keep on walking
The sea that I’m stalking
My happiness almost in reach

Now the whole in my heart is getting smaller
A real love is all that it took
So the other holes can let in the water and stones
All it took from him was that first look
Love. Hope. Getting better
Mar 2018 · 399
Losing to Switzerland
victoria Mar 2018
Assisted suicide...

The white coats are waiting
Little pills to stop the pain
All’s needed now is to swallow
To sleep and stop the shame

A shame that didn’t belong
A family left to morn
A journey already written
A body broken and worn

Go gently to the white coats
Keep my hand till you silently slip
Swallow down your shame, my father
I’ll remain till you lose your grip
Another poem relating to my fathers impending assisted suicide in Switzerland.... and I wonder why insomnia is my friend
Mar 2018 · 177
victoria Mar 2018
My friend insomnia

I know you love me insomnia
I know you get restless if I sleep
I know you hate it when I take a pill
And lie here counting sheep

But I need my body to rest, my dear
And my mind have time to dream
The sleepless nights spent by your side
Leave me angry and wanting to scream

Please my friend let me still my mind
And my sub conscience make sense of my pain
I just want an hour of switching off
Or I feel I may go insane
I’m so tired these past few months that I’m not reading because my brain and eyes hurt and I’m writing very little.  I’m behind on all of your beautiful poetry and I’m sad that I missing out..... I hope that I’m able to read all of your wonderful words soon. Apologies, life is getting in the way and Mr Insomnia isn’t helping ***
Mar 2018 · 157
victoria Mar 2018
And all of a sudden
Without even knowing
         This new love showed her...
That all the men
Who had broken her heart
          Had never deserved her....
Mar 2018 · 147
victoria Mar 2018
My angel boy

I’m drowning in you
I can’t stop the flood
Brain is scrambled
Blood starts to thud

You’re under my skin
You seep deep inside
I shield my love
But my soul I can’t hide

You encompass my heart
You engulf my mind
I’m lost without your love
Without you I am blind
Mar 2018 · 130
Falling fear
victoria Mar 2018
Falling fear

Like swallowing glass
I begin to choke down
Your vicious notes
Though I fear their sound

Like fading in the sun
Like falling through a cloud
Impaled onto your sharpness
Left to bleed on the ground
Mar 2018 · 120
victoria Mar 2018
I want to feel you inside me so deep that I never feel that hole in my heart ever ever again.
I want us to become one when you’re deep within me so that I never ever feel lonely, because a part of you will live inside of me forever.
I want our hearts to dissolve into one another so they beat in unison and we never feel sad when we’re apart.
I want to kiss you so passionately that our souls combine and we become a brand new whole that no one can pull apart.
I want us to whisper “I love you” so sweetly that the wind carries it away and whispers it in our ears whenever you are away from me.
I want to laugh with you until both our stomachs hurt and we fall over giggling and then make love on the floor where we lay.
I want to be the best decision you ever made so that you love and adore me even when I’m old and grey.

I believe in you, I believe in us and I believe in this love
Feb 2018 · 397
The laundrette
victoria Feb 2018
The laundrette

There is something about the laundrette
That makes me feel at peace
the warmth of the dryers
soft humming of the motors
tucked away from the busy streets

I like to watch the other people
who are sitting just like me
I like to wonder what they’re thinking of
as they sip hot takeaway tea

Do they let their worries wash away
as the colours spin round and around
do they think about the kids dinner
or the new boyfriend they’ve found

I think I’ll come here more often
as it seems a nice place to write
all warm, safe and relaxed
I could stay in here all night!
Sitting in my local laundrette... forgot my book. People watching and feeling all warm and happy
Feb 2018 · 954
Waitress (waiter)
victoria Feb 2018
Waitress (waiter)

You don’t need good grades to be a waitress
But you do need a heart of gold
Correct grammar is certainly not necessary
But you must love the young to the old

You’ll require a smile that’s genuine
Even if your heart is blue
And a passion to make the whole world feel special
with a soul that’s honest and true

They are days you won’t feel like smiling
and times you’ll just want to cry
But the people pleasing side of your nature
Leads to stories that you glorify

You’ll tell stories that make people happy
And stories that make children smile
You’ll tell so many jokes and so many tales
But their reaction makes your efforts worthwhile

Sometimes your days will be funny
And others days maybe quite rough
But knowing you made someone’s day special
outweighs the days that are tough

So next time your served by a waitress
And you think she didn’t listen in school
Remember she has skills that you would find hard
If you don’t see this then you’re clearly the fool!
Very quickly written poem just to clear out some issues surrounding my job. Some days I forget to feel proud that I’m a waitress and instead I feel ashamed
Feb 2018 · 164
victoria Feb 2018
So sad

It’s time my beauties
for me to say goodbye
Please don’t blame yourselves
Or ask why

It wasn’t right anymore
for me to stay
My head all messed up
My heart not ok

I want you to know
It couldn’t have been prevented
It’s been coming along time
Just know I consented
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