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5d · 32
love 5d
I wasn't wise but I was way before my years,
In the hollow doom, I wished to be a bird.
My feelings were perplexed, nauseating to the core.
The sympathy of the street lamps turned me old.
Through the folding and unfolding,
Of all the phases of the youth.
There was no correct articulation of who we were turning into.
Days were sharp but the nights filled with choice.
There was no malice in the verdict,
Trouble brought destiny and acceptance carried rejoice.
accept what is given to you <3. It will make sense later.
Jun 20 · 19
love Jun 20
The truth is vile but it is the one that we must see.
Every tears I cried , I cried within me.
I am proud of myself,
For I stood so large for so long.
But the gravity of my inner demon,
Isn't letting me move on.
I have come far,
I walked 100 miles.
And I have reached no where,
I have nothing by my side.
The choice is clear,
You can only give to take.
It's the feeble kind of choice,
Demolishing my everyday.
An empty vessal,
With colorful patterns painted in his front.
What is the use of it,
If it can't hold water nor sun .
love Jun 18
Creature of the unknown forest,
Where it fogs as it rains.
What do you see in the deserted,
While there stood fairest of the fairest.
I sweep old chimneys,
And I don't have a heart of gold.
One glory of the Sunday morning,
I watched two cuckoo birds turn cold.
There was once a prince,
Who invited me into the garden of rose.
I didn't slip a slipper or fall asleep.
So he disappeared like the mist you know.

Creature of the unknown forest,
Tell me what do you see in me.
Do you see me or the eyes of you?
Twisted branch and poisoned leaf.
Just like you, I was rejected and untouched.
I wasn't born there but I grew up in a mud.
And just like you, I wished to be seen.
Now that you see, am I complete?
A barrel filled with open baggage,
I have yet to take, yet to give.
Carry it past the mourning hill,
Where the villagers don't reach.
So take me there,
Be my friend or my foe.
Now that you see me I want to be unknown.
Jun 15 · 24
love Jun 15
A thousand stars burned  bright,
Crisp and flaky, my skin turned dry.
Waved at the sea, closed my eyes.
I held no remorse, pain was volatile.
They turned me into ashes,
No different colors, only black and grey.
Farewell to all that see me,
I hope to see you one day.
Jun 9 · 23
love Jun 9
Rainbow discolored,
Burning the ludicrous dream.
Set on the stone,
The story that repeated reality.

Regret was never gone,
She sat beside bearing a child.
Indecisive and fragmented,
An orphan, whose mother died.

The child was trouble,
******* the mother's breast.
Drained her into misery,
Deciding the final fate.

The mother died every night,
Child during the day.
Two head of a compass,
Two-point that never met.
May 14 · 18
love May 14
The embodiment of  imagination,
A dream, once seen by the sculptor.
The chisel and the hammer(the love child of two),
A catastrophe or the finest creation.

Polished skin with a little tint of moss,
Augmentation of the ether's divine.
Gods that were entrapped to that beauty,
Cursed her down, only to be preserved inside.

I stand and gawk, allured by the surreality,
Starstruck when I  pondered it.
Beauty lies where beauty bind,
Oh, was she the one staring me?

Before the song of the earliest bird,
Before the sun descends on the frost,
If a fairy were to sprinkle some life,
We would dance past this mundanity,
Oh! another tragedy of time.

But it was too late,
Too late I say.
Abandoned by her father,
No wish to make.

So I  sit beside her,
To make the loneliness still.
Until the morning comes,
Until she doesn't need me.
May 12 · 32
love May 12
Dear, you,
The lad of march.
Don't ****** the curves,
Tapping lets dance.

Twirl and Whirl,
A ditty-
Creation of love.

A moment saved,
For the two of us.
May 10 · 27
love May 10
Warm days, summer's stripe.
Drained heart's incomplete.
My eyes can't close for it sees what she sees,
Rough sketch of an oasis.

A whimsical story, woven in air,
Dreamcatcher's fairy tale.
Years ago -the glitter and gold.
Kaleidoscopic panorama fades.

Under the cursive time, outside the window,
Collected the dust, of yesterday's storm.
But even in the highest of earth's altitude,
There is no room sculpted for remorse.

The sanctum of the four walls,
Is where the little bird died.
You poor and unfortunate soul-
Daughter of the seven skies.

To detach from the demonic faces,
Is to dive into the elixir that's hoarded.
Chase the stardust sprinkled on the horizon.
Then come and reflect.
May 4 · 26
love May 4
(If veins were to rupture, could they scream out the agony?)

Written with the ink of solace, binding thousand poems into letters.
If only strength was held more than between these fingers,
I would distribute them, refreshing the velvet clouds.

Lurid to the gazer, its perplexity intertwined to their eyes.
They would stream down, drenching the orb with its tide.
On the lap of the inhabits, who would breakdown like the romantics.
Like a child with unutterable words trying to decipher its meaning.

But saying that would be enough, would be treason- a lie.
Because nothing could dwindle the ruffle precipitating through the burden of this mind.
May 2 · 61
love May 2
Moonflower, Moonflower,
Cuddled beneath the sanctuary of her father,
Formed by the virtue of love.
Moonflower, Moonflower,
"Let the white lilies bloom!"
Under chastity, bathing in elixir.

Moonflower, Moonflower,
Humans live inside a trojan horse,
Camouflaging, be aware of the feathers of a hawk.
Moonflower, Moonflower,
Nacked-embellished in a silver platter,
Oh!moonflower was so young.

Moonflower, Moonflower,
"You should have let the white lilies bloom,
Preserved  for the spring to come."
Moonflower, Moonflower,
Epitaph wrote in the stone
"Moonflower was so young."
May 1 · 24
the end
love May 1
Ruptures with melancholy sending down a million drops,
Sought to rejuvenate what has been deemed lost.
I set my eyes on the brightest pearl-
I set my eyes on the final thought of us.
The change, its turbulence, hindering the highest monks.
Land cleaves, lightening bolts-firestorm from the sun.
The chopper sinks, limiting all hope,
All the artefact lunged to its mother's womb.
Harbouring all  ships below the leg of the mourning mountain,
They sing a song to their father-judgement disbanded.
While space is distorted, the land gets barricaded,
The dreams of the lost child thinly evaporated.
Still held, still clutched- the ashes in the sky.
Me and my pearl, we sail past the twilight.
Held under my *****, sharing warmth amid the ordeal.
We rode home in our chariot beading a farewell to the unseen.
All that, and their greed slowly dispersing as clouds.
What remained was love that glimmered throughout.
Apr 29 · 48
love Apr 29
I wait for a song,
The sweetest to wash my tears.
So when you say you have come
I am not burdened with another goodbye.
I brace myself as your touch,
Withdraws from the places it had once traced.
So when you say you have come.
It will be as if they never existed.
Apr 25 · 35
love Apr 25
If my soul was to leave this body, would you set my love free?
Would you let your heart grow tenfold, making it big enough to weep?
What prejudice did she serve? That she had to be pinned on her knees.
An injudicious conclusion made by a deluded. Can't you hear your gods plead?
Why were you cursed with love, my dear?  If those hands could never dare to pluck her.
Her naked body, held in your lover's eyes. Staying adrift until you draw her.
If my soul were to ever leave, would you let her bloom like the Aster?
Let her bloom and scout every nook of your heart, and settle in the corner.
The aroma of her modesty will give you the courage to hold your lover's hand,
Kiss and touch the bare bodies until there is no goodbye traced on the palm.
And then when my soul finally peeks down from heaven,
It would look at two lovers, not strangers engulfed in regrets.
My body would prosper with glee, the eighth wonder of the world would be called love.
Then maybe and maybe it wouldn't be such a sad world to live on.
Apr 24 · 36
love Apr 24
From heaven- From earth.
Beloved's ashes in air.
Tears dry-drown poem.
Apr 20 · 24
Starry night
love Apr 20
From the oblivion
A star draws a tangent
Dusting off its tail,
Falls across the horizon.
A thousand wishes were made,
Upon the starry night.
And the best of the memories,
Were brushed across the sky
Apr 15 · 18
Hold and pause
love Apr 15
Hold and pause-
Let your luminance be captured by these weary eyes.
This moment might drive down the hill.
But I will keep them safe above the finish line.

Can I hold and pause?
Let me linger on your shoulder for a little while
These hands might grow cold one day.
But I will keep them warm above the finish line.

When you turn away,
Just let me know.
So that I can hold and pause.
Like two paper planes while will drift away,
Into this dire void tasting the salt at the bay.

I will hold and pause,
I will keep us afloat,
Until we reach the finish line -I'll hold and hold.
Apr 6 · 684
love Apr 6
The wind ruffles,
The city sleeps.
This judgement isn't yours,
But is made to keep.
What does one wish?
Upon the eternal moon.
To wash away its sorrows,
With the rain of monsoon.
Apr 2 · 32
love Apr 2
The remnant of the luminance,
After the body disbands into the sky.
Gloomy heart forever wounders,
How far you have reached this time?
Creating a fissure
You crumble through space and time.
In the loom of  treasured moments,
Beaded a sinful goodbye.

How far can this lone man reach?
Standing at the edge of the line.
It's a disease that shreds you from inside.
Periodic memories stern you back,
To the beginning of a finish line.
Here you are contemplating the deceived heart.
But these eyes would never be subjected to tears,
If it could depict the true meaning of being apart.
Mar 31 · 30
love Mar 31
A beautiful symphony.
I see you write,
You're running out of the air to breathe.
If heaven could ,
That's how it would speak.
Watch how your pen twirls in your will.
I sit and gaze,
A mesmerizing sight.
Cosmos may collide,
But you would still write.
I look at my hands,
Could they ever write like that?
Blunt nib; broken stand.
Holding onto a crumpled piece ,
Between a finger gap,
Is where you and me stand.
I look at you,
And my gut gets thronged,
Words that could never reach my throat.
A beautiful symphony they are.
The artist and impression.
Colliding with a bang.
Mar 28 · 39
love Mar 28
They come with a lot of faces.
Those of the Black, Brown;
Blue and Green cases.
Nor could soak the lips,
Like the cherry wine.
Forbidden sweet,
The taste of the time.
Mar 27 · 22
The line
love Mar 27
The line, it was your favourite one,
I wrote and  I rewrote,
So you could say this is the one.

The biggest of the oak,
Couldn't shade the sun.
It was you and your smile,
So I wrote a line that became your favourite one.

Rainbows were nice,
But it was you who carried all the colours.

Softest eyes,
Dreamlike days,
The ocean- your favourite place.

Shined like the star,
But you were the moon.
You loved to dance in the rain.

It's bizarre how subtle the destiny is,
It's bizarre how the brightest burn out quickly.

You kissed a goodbye from a distant place,
I felt it come and sleep on my chest.

I can't forget you,
I won't forgive the lord.
Reminiscing it all on the back of my head.
At night, I am staring  awake,
So I could read you the line,
The one that was your favourite.
Mar 26 · 30
A letter.
love Mar 26
I watched the clouds.
A soft mumble the heaven echos for my lips.
Though I was pleased to hear its beckoning call,
But tonight I leave my baby for the sea.

Oh, my dearest,
I placed you so close for so long.
Afraid to let go,
I was hurting to move on.

But its time,
Oh yes, its time.
I sheltered within you,
With no roof on top of mine.

I will pave my  way,
Like you did with yours.
Walking through,
The garden of unknown.

I will try,
I will always try.
To cross this  river,
So I can reach the sea in time.

Through every morning,
And the dawning sunset.
I will remember,
Remember the strength.

The strength,
Beaming through those eyes.
Baby, that's how I survive.

With time,
Abates at each phase,
But tonight I put my baby to rest.
Mar 26 · 21
love Mar 26
Imagine an Image like that,
Above the translucent free-flowing water.
Beneath the colour of horizon.
It's you and your tinted green eyes,
Like an unhindered pearl, they would gleam tonight.
Agitated by this mixture of emotions,
I would take a pause and close my eyes.
A walk to touch your hand,
But would reach the soul that's inside.

Imagine an Image like that,
The air that fondled with my body,
Throwing itself deep into your lungs.
The chirping of the bluebirds,
Coherent to the flute playing our song.
A place with your favourite sunflower,
In the grassland filled with dandelion.
The story we could never tell,
Unfolding in this imperishable moment.

A journey that didn't end in the sky.
With our hearts pinned down to the earth,
Can you imagine an Image this time?
Mar 23 · 23
love Mar 23
My whole world,
Was build around you.
When you came out walking,
Down it came, crumbling too.

Its ok,
I convinced my heart.
So I build a wall from scratch.

Granular cement,
Plastered over my body.
Layered bricks on top of me.
Under the concrete,
In a tomb, I slept.
Surrounded by roses,
Laid in a thorn's bed.
Mar 20 · 17
love Mar 20
Navigating my thoughts,
I wish to breathe a sigh of relief.
A momentarily pause,
I seek a home to sleep.
A pounding heart,
I have no versatility in my hand.
A red rose,
That bleeds black.
Non- existent in your lap.
I am not neglecting,
But truly,
I have been doubting for too long.
If I am all that I have,
I am not prepared for the next storm.
love Mar 19
You have your hands around my mouth,
That's ok because I don't need to shout.
I have patience in me,
That transcends with tranquillity.
What you are trying to breach,
Isn't woven in my sleep.
You can't devour,
The wrath of my silence.
This fight you give,
Stand alone,
With swords of your violence.
Shielded so tight,
A loner in the battlefield.
A gun- you coward,
Words are what I weave.
Solitarily I stand,
On the brink of my ruins.
A pariah mould,
Knows not to fix what's not broken.
Mar 16 · 41
love Mar 16
The one that logged beneath me,
Leaching to my ethereal body.
A voyage,
Steered by an eclipse.
My thoughts that clogged her spirit.

I put my baby to sleep,
Feeding her a spoonful of hope,
Dormant her little screech.
I put my baby to sleep.

Hush baby,
A mother knows what she knows best.
A dragon that breathes fire,
Lying under my breast.

Hoarding the treasure,
With pride, she naps.
Memories of distance love,
Rejuvenating what she had.

My baby is sleeping,
So I try to keep it quite.
I stand with poise.
So my baby can sleep tonight.

I can hear a crumble,
Of the new that is awaking.
I am getting old and frail,
And she is showing her teeth.
Mar 14 · 42
love Mar 14
Cuddle me,
Under your embrace ,
Beneath the tender sun .
Huddle in,
Just a little closer.
Till passing of this unknown strom.

Be gentle,
Try not to scrape,
My healing wounds.
Be calmer,
You are with me,
We will get through.

We are hurting,
We are healing,
Sewing the sweet pain.
You unravel,
We are unhinged,
Show me your cruel face.
Mar 13 · 35
love Mar 13
Why are you so near?
Standing so close to me.
I don't have anything prepared,
I am an overspend prophecy.

Why do you want to touch?
A  river-
That will scotch you on the surface.
Don't bring the courage to dive,
Who is going to carry your remains?

You desire to fill the plate.
With the treasured moments,
That your inner heart weaves.
But why should I give you my hand?
Am I that incomplete?

Venturing, you are,
With the best interest.
To restore and bring back,
Accommodating every step.

I lean but I don't ignite.
I see what you strive.
You are asking for more than,
What you are willing to fight.
Mar 13 · 34
love Mar 13
I turn around the page,
A new chapter,
Beckoning new days.
Little swam,
Leaving their prints on the lake.
I don't wish to be forgotten,
Shying away, form the grievous days.
I carry my two legs,
Ride them on my back.
I walk with my soul upfront,
So, I don't dare to take a step back.
Mar 12 · 35
love Mar 12
If you were to come back,
Your footprints on my front porch.

With the awakening of spring,
I wonder how nice it would have been.

I would battle with my head,
For my eyes to be fulfilled with your glims.

But you are gone with the summer rays,
I wonder how you have changed.

I am floating on the surface,
And my heads not even in the cloud.

Dripping through every moment of the rain,
I wonder if I will ever see you again.

Down beneath our dormant memories.
Lies a paradise, that you and I build.

With the creeping of brisk cold weather,
I wonder who is going to keep you warm forever.
Mar 11 · 32
love Mar 11
This redundancy is exhausting,
Gliding through the infinite line.
Dancing with the rhythm of your sweet soul,
Let me find a place to rest inside.

If this is where my density is placed,
Cuddle me underneath your breath.
Shivering, from this unutterable cold,
Let your body be a warm embrace.

Through the collision of tribulation and hope,
I found a piece of the moon,
That I want the cosmos to know.

Through the bitter anxiety,
Of surrendering and letting go,
I found you-
The one who found me a home.
Mar 9 · 26
love Mar 9
She placed the sun,
Dearest to her heart,
Who longed for the moon,
couldn't care about the star.

Would bind them closer,
Watch him distance her even further.

The night folded into the day,
Within his orbit,
She revolved at each phase.

Patched the broken parts-
Wove and Stitched.
Forgot about her wounds,
Crying with disagree.

Bursting bubbles,
The igniting flames,
If only they were to collide,
The universes they could create.

Thousand years,
A blink of an eye.
Couldn't get closer,
It was like the first time.

Never-ending faith,
But now her disjoining heart,
Colliding within herself,
She swamped into the dark.

No one reached her,
Not even her sun.
The lonely star,
Died when she was young.
Mar 9 · 33
love Mar 9
Squeez me,
Empty out everything.
My body is tired,
I need a little resting.

A flourishing  grassland,
With blooming little dandelion,
Place me on its lap,
So I can rest tonight.

I can't breathe,
With my heavy- empty lungs,
I can't breathe,
I try to trace every bit of oxygen.

My eyes are dry,
Burning from inside.
I can't stop aching,
Filled with pain,
And tired eyes.

You see colours in me,
All I see is black and blue.
I don't need anybody,
But sometimes I want you.

Don't want to move a muscle,
How long should I hide?
Smile and lies,
Rotting from inside.

I want to go back,
Revert back to time.
The days when I was young,
I would cry to my mother's eyes.
Mar 8 · 21
Dear you.
love Mar 8
How many more words,
Should I submit in your name?
When the ink dries,
They all go in vain.

Lucky I was,
With that feeling of loving you,
Lucky I was,
When all of it disappeared as hue.

I cry a tear,
let it run down my chin.
Little orb of glass,
I wonder how you been.

Through the agony,
Bestowed down my heart,
I think about you,
The one that moved on.
Mar 8 · 17
love Mar 8
Love the word,
It's after taste.

Loved this bizzar cocoon,
But now your halting the way.

I should take a step,
But now I am taking a leap.

The way I fall for you,
You are mine to keep.
Mar 7 · 34
love Mar 7
And use me like a chalk.
Slowly and Slowly,
Turn me into dust
Mar 7 · 27
love Mar 7
***** and bolts,
I tighten them up.
Rusting but still working,
Don't want to be the next to run.

The song comes,
Like a sweet jazz,
Hitting like a drum.

The strength of today,
Will keep me moving,
When tomorrow comes.
Mar 7 · 19
love Mar 7
If every word I scribbled,
Made you a little close to me.
I would be writing on your lap,
Not far across the seven seas.

Not with a vision,
That's getting blurred,
In the peak of every night.

Not with an ink,
That's drying,
Trickling through time.

To finish what I started,
And walk into sth new.

But destined,
To crippled down in pieces,
Before I could write ,"you".
Mar 7 · 39
You would be back
love Mar 7
I knew you would be back,
After the fall of night,
Thin parting of ice,
You would be back.

To rest my sollown bones,
To pamper the aching heart.
You would be back.

Transfer of cold breeze,
To warmth and sunshine.
The sky not only carried storm,
But rainbows and butterflies.

To tease me with a new taste of love,
To bloom on my concrete trust.
You would be back.

I knew you would be back.
Mar 6 · 35
love Mar 6
I have been sleeping for so long,
But my eyes are still weary,
Collecting dust and the ruins.

Flutter with their reminisce.
The sweet taste,
Butter in my dried days.

I am sleeping,
But I am tired ever since.
It's not the day you left,
The day I forgot my existence.

Holding on to a spoonful of hope,
Sip and sip,
It's empty and no more.
Mar 6 · 29
love Mar 6

A tapestry,
Posed to show.

Bottomed up,
In depths of your arm.

Wishes are feeble,
Good like sand.
Mar 5 · 41
love Mar 5
The withering soul,
Until explodes.

Nor warm nor cold,
Washed to the shore.
Mar 4 · 42
love Mar 4
Simmering sunrise,
And your wide-open eyes,
Bittersweet agony,
Left by my side.

Screeching my heart is-
Scraping my lungs.
My tongue,
tight and twisted,
My words are numb.

Not bewildered,
By that decision.
Not constraining,
The wheel.

If there was a silver lining,
This is where it would end.
Mar 4 · 36
love Mar 4
I asked for something,
To your soul-less eyes.
You wanted me,
I wanted your time.

Your validation,
Could never dictate my future,
But tell that to my heart,
All it wanted was approval
Mar 2 · 38
love Mar 2
I want to write you,
Like you draw me.

You pick up the pencil,
I will pick up my pen.

Fill me with colours,
I will fill you with words.

Two artist combined,
Perfectly deserved.
Mar 1 · 108
love Mar 1
You are choking on ego,
I am soaked up in self-love.
I can't ask for what we had,
But give me back what I lost.

In the verge of insanity,
You are weeping on my chest,
If you loved us so much,
Why did you put it to rest?
Mar 1 · 33
love Mar 1
Little bird chippers,
In the warmth of your sanctuary.
Feathers, blue and purple,
Her home your sanctuary.

The bulb on your desk,
Her, sun and the moon.
Hill, she would love to conquer,
The bed in your room.

Your house,
The galaxy.
The streets,
Her universe.
Little bird chippers,
For the food and the shelter.

The rails, her window,
Cold steel,
The warm bed.
A field of beetles,
you forgot to fill today.

Little bird chippers,
In the warmth of your sanctuary,
Feathers, black and grey.
Her heaven your sanctuary.
Mar 1 · 27
love Mar 1
I am sitting on your fading Utopia,
Dispersed in the Saturn's rings,
My home,
Your cold shoulder.

No need for permission,
You love the grenade's smell.
The rage,
The bullets,
Penetrates -
I  am wounded but sacred.

Fleed from your captivity,
But I am still a part of you
I will carry my broken limbs,
Disjoining, to find sth new.

A concrete tomb,
I will make it my home.
My body can rot,
Sprinkle perfume,
To hid the truth.

Hid in the creeks,
Hid under the moon.
But will never  divulge,
To your utopia's rule.
Feb 29 · 93
love Feb 29
I savour you bit by bit
Every drop,
Making me want a little sip.
In the verge of destruction,
Foul voice of victory.
You were the best taste,
life could give me.

My teeths are rotting,
Chewing the shards of your delight,
Sweet and sour,
Twisting my tongue,
But it's alright.

Bleeding to stay,
A night in your arms.
Bleeding to say,
Lift me up to the dark.

Your lips ,
Your touch ,
could just slice me in two,
But your love is what gets me going,
Even in dead I still desire you.
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