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Ryan Mar 11
is my pursuit of the absurd
as a restless endeavor
a result of the scars
where my heart's been severed?
it is so much easier to be silly in life than to face the risk of rejection from someone close
Ryan Mar 7
back when it was important to be better than everyone else
i neglected myself
what was mental health
but a distraction from goals that couldn't be quelled
hourglass countdown
mousetrap shout now
never again
"never" is when
he grabs my arm
shirt sleeve tearing pieces stored in box
unbelievably his eyes lock with me
as he shows me the clock
it's 10 PM
do you know if your children's interests still revolve around the weaknesses of others?
keep it that way
keep them under your thumb
digging into their skin
blood laden monkeys paw unfurled
it's the only way they'll ever really get ahead in this world
you see, individuality is just a sin
concocted by philosophers
what keeps your maverick apathetic
they call that fabric softener
black water
coffee packed crying in father's cup
we all know how the story goes
the nail that sticks up
Ryan Dec 2023
two worlds disjoined
your feet far apart
two inches a year
a hundred miles at heart

may you gain courage
enough to choose a side
absolve yourself of this double life
leave the rift behind

may the ash dissipate
so you may see clear
that our love for you stretches
across the lithosphere

it's not your fault
you had no choice
where to begin
but if you must,
with grace,
the volcanoes within
for a dear friend // may peace be in your future
Ryan Nov 2023
enslaved by fire
forced to watch, our souls
collective masochism
hive mind tragedies
the hand that feeds
whose existence is ceased
singing no more
melodies, somber
softly if any
a wince in the ether
beacons deceive her
ripples of light
rorschachs of sky
tearing our pages
erasing guests
laugh at,
mass extinction
Ryan Oct 2023
cover my eyes with foil
my ears with lies
cover my arms with birdseed and honey
watch me collapse
as i roll down the valley

my new friends take my energy
and fly away
so carelessly
but i can't complain
it's the way things are
those who come near
will always run far

a heart once gleeful
now i'll never ask for help
im tired of people
and of myself

if the earth is always
moving through space
if every day occurs
in a different place
then why does it all
feel so same

i am stuck to the ground
asking for change
Ryan Sep 2023
doom impending right at our fingertips
world ending from lunatics
dissonance amidst
the left and right twix
what bliss
what a spectacle
the venn diagram between climate deniers and conspiracy theorists from the top down it's helical
electric vehicles
made to save an industry
to keep folks from working public service
so that they stay in factories
political pageantries
ocean acidification
chronic substantiation
they still don't believe
the data don't mean nothing to them
cause they never learned how to read
oklahoma senators bringing in snowballs
cause they got no ***** to admit
what they perpetuating is all false
factory farms with fake causes
free admission to the zero emissions show
with zero promises
corporate underbellies with no structural integrity
ignoring somber melodies
eating BP and jelly
in a dismal schism
no light for my prism
prisoner to capitalism
dreaming to cope
in a grayscale class
if i drop the soap
just greenwash my ***
Ryan Aug 2023
Sometimes I wish I was a cow
Blessed with ignorance
Unaware of sorrow
Of anger
Of violence
Of remorse
Sometimes I wish I was a dog
Incapable of rage
Forgiving to a fault
Free from the burden of regret
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t at all.
written by a good friend
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