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Ryan May 3
ignorant plants can never know
that improper sunlight
obstructs their growth

sometimes we have to give them ears
to make them believe things
they don't wish to hear
call people out on their *******
Ryan Apr 18
thanks for everything

for communicating your issues
in a stable manner
for being the face of self-growth
no matter what
for respecting my time
for valuing me

and they say
that sarcasm doesn't translate well over text
but what does it matter
when your whole life is a ******* joke

and this push and pull *******
taking energy away from me
it's not your eccentric personality
it's your ******* BPD

now my hair is falling out
i wonder where it's going
maybe if i search for it
i'll find myself again

you're not happier
but i'll be
cause i run off of spite
and whatever you say im not--
that's what i'll be
Ryan May 2022
is wondering why she always texts back when you're thinking of her

until you realize

it's because you're always thinking of her
Ryan Mar 2022
soundless trees
unkempt breeze
the world sits still
entropy at a freeze
the call
the spark
the beat of the wing
brings life to the stars
and makes everything

beautiful <3
the koa butterfly - one of only two butterfly species native to Hawaii - with deep blue wings reminiscent of the vastness of space - and the opportunity for spontaneity :)
Ryan Feb 2022
actors abound
stifling coffee stains
muffled sound

and you ~

seeing yourself
on the screen
feeling judgment
hard to believe
the voices
are they your own?

always never alone
the mailbox flag at half mast
rearrange the letters
of the alphabet
it's a blocked exit

lest you forget
the fourth is a broken firewall
and when he snaps his fingers
the theater will burn ~

and although i'm not a star
i know
i'll return
Ryan Feb 2022
i think, therefore i am
mentally unstable
Ryan Jan 2022
this could be the moment
your daydreams come true
you'll place your order
for endless love
and he'll wrap his arms around you

hours passed by
before you made the call
your biggest fear
was that none of the scenarios
would ever play out at all

trembling hands grasped the phone
oh, the social anxiety
maybe i'll be forever alone?
you thought
well, that's the story of me..

with teeth gritting and eyes shut
unaware there's no one to please
"hey thanks for calling pizza hut"
"yea can i get two large extra cheese?"
..she had all the scenarios played out to confess her love to the pizza guy whom she'd never seen before

upon confrontation with reality, no action was taken. she ate her pizzas in sadness while the pizza guy walked away

..and he walked away longing for the day when he'd find love

for he, too, was a hopeless romantic..
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