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TreyOctober Aug 2020
Take me to the ends of the earth
And the depths of your sea
Show me your world
And the things that set you free

Tell me what you bear
And scream what you hate
Reveal your fears
And what makes you shake

Proclaim what you love
And describe all you adore
Wrap me in your passions
And everything you stand for

Shower me in your knowledge
And the things you want to do
I like to be on the other end
Listening to you.
TreyOctober Jul 2020
This place has a red sky
The air is bone dry
And there's no one nearby

I found a cursed bird who couldn't fly
His wings broken by a passer by
He sang a lullaby, a war cry
A warning of an evil eye

I heard a piercing outcry
A familiar sound I've come by
Yet, I could not identify

I chased the cry
Along the horizon of the sky
Until the sound began to intensify
At an old house I had come by,
A place I dare not glorify

And there, I found the guy
My blood began to solidify
Because it was I,
The evil eye!
TreyOctober Jul 2020
You ignored my words
Never asked about my dreams
You weighed me down
Until I busted at the seams

I threatened to leave
I lingered far too long
You thought id never go
You were so wrong

I gave you more than enough
I gave you all of me
I sacrificed my love
Including my sanity

When I left, I knew it was right
I belong here for the first time in my life.
TreyOctober Jul 2020
Today I breathed in the ocean air
Felt the salt in my hair
And drowned in the waves I wear

My sun kissed skin only wants to sleep
In water so deep
And listen to the ocean weep

I watched the sun set over the bay
Said goodbye to the day
And it only felt ... okay

Vacation is a break
But I cant seem to shake
This quake
This feeling.
TreyOctober Jul 2020
I do not want this sickness
Madness & pain.

The wind burn
The stomach churn
To no return

The fear
The waves
The craves
The maze

Looking up lost
To no cost
To no exhaust.
TreyOctober Jul 2020
What would my last words be to you?
Words so few
For a man I never looked up to
That I never put my faith into

I'd say I love you
Words that may never be true

Please say I could forgive you
Words way overdue
For the life you've put me through
Full of anger I could never undo.
TreyOctober Jul 2020
I'll let you burn
I wont look back
& I'll never return

I'll let you burn here where you stand
Bathed in ash
I wont lift a hand

I think i'll let you burn where you stand
To suffocate in your wasteland
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