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TreyOctober May 2021
I always thought acceptance was key
take it as it is
& you'll be free

I say those words
but nothing comes out
How can you accept what is
without a doubt?

The pain digs much deeper
than accepting the hurt
It follows me around
it's stained on my shirt

Sometimes I tread water
Sometimes it weighs me down
The waves come and go
Other times I drown
TreyOctober Mar 2021
I tried to write this winter
but it was so cold
I couldn't find the words
I couldn't find my soul

There was no passion in my thoughts
or meaning in my life
The frigid air consumed me
As each day turned night

My hair grew brittle and dull
No comfort in my own skin
My wounds were split open
as I continued to grow thin

The things I once loved
Never seemed so far away
Until I was met by the vernal equinox
and longer became the days
TreyOctober Jan 2021
I'd love to tell you about my life
The pain, the sorrow, the sleepless nights
From the pits of my depression
To the fevers of my flu
From the men I've loved
To the heartbreaks that ensued

I'd love to tell you about my life
My love, my ambitions, the things I write
From the demons I've slayed
To the man I wake next to
From my happiest days
To the morals I value

I can't tell you about my life
But I can write it here and pretend its alright
TreyOctober Jan 2021
I could burn down the forest
I could burn down the trees
I could curse the sea
Deny reality
and not feel a ****. thing.

I could fight
I could stay up all night
I could sleep
or I could keep
Loosing my mind.
TreyOctober Jan 2021
God are you there?
I've fallen asleep in despair
Woken along the edge of a sea
Like nothing I've ever seen

A breeze so gentle
The sun so kind
With water so clear
Untouched by mankind

But the sand began to swirl
and it swallowed me whole
My paradise is gone
and I've lost control

God are you there?
I've woken and I'm scared.
TreyOctober Dec 2020
Your love is that of a dawn's initial glow
As the city wakes to a kiss of winter's first snow
As the countryside arises to the sound of a rooster's first crow
With all of this I know...
I'll love you today, forever, and tomorrow.
TreyOctober Oct 2020
I feel loneliness everywhere I go
I feel nothing
I have no emotion to show
Just when I think I've escaped
I'm as lost as I've ever known

I'm tired of saying I'm sleepless
And I'm tired of feeling alone
I'm tired of being emotionless
And having nothing to call home

I'm numb to my core
I'm cold to the touch
Nothing is ever enough
And it's all just too much
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