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Jun 2 · 50
You spend half an our writting poem and it’s once again lost in a 🙈. Gateway
Jun 2 · 51
Unbelievable 😭😭😭
Jun 2 · 45
No that didn’t work again lost in a gate way
Jun 2 · 23
I’m, back ? I hope I’m back let’s see how it goes
Nov 2021 · 63
Lost in a gateway ?
You have gone by by words I won’t be long
Sep 2021 · 56
The gardener
There is a darkness that lies ahead of me ,
In a world i have yet to see .
It’s brooding form it knows nothing else
And when I reach out
I feel the earth above
and the warmth of the sun ,
and hear the rains pitter patter of love far above .

But I feel stronger as the days have gone by ,
With every drop of rain ,
that passes by .

Like two shoots we grew out of this earth ,
Past weeds and stones and insects ,
We were so beautiful you and I ,
like every moon and sun lit sky .

But there is a parchment of a broken heart ,
When love tore you’re  soil apart ,
You’re roots were broken ,
and I felt you’re pain ,
and now I never want to live again .

For we grew together like two shoots in the ground ,
We bloomed with  the rays of the sun ,
and when the rains fell
down .
We stood together like two strong trees ,
blowing together in the breeze .
Yet to the gardener ,
You meant nothing at all .
And so why should I live ,
When I am alone in this hard stoney ground ,
Surrounded by a prison of a brick wall ?

But one day my roots were torn ,
not thrown away like the weeds on his lawn .
I was left In the same *** as you ,
Watered and fed .
Once more we were together
***** like two trees standing tall in the sun .

Yet too soon our time had come
and our work was done .

For one romantic night were we ,
Two red roses ,
and a glass of champagne,
and our world would never be the same again .
Sep 2021 · 69
The bird table
I could never love thee more ,
for if I had ever loved her less
then What hope is there. of my bequest ?
And all those things that charmed her most ,
was God the Son and the Holy Ghost.

So beit then the birds that scattered and flapped their wings ,
just as she was about to sing .
When the weevles forgot they had no voice ,
As all the insects and animals drew ever near .
Just for what they were about to hear .

And so the birds had flown to the four corners of the earth
to pick the rarest flowers and weeds .
And so the birds with all their enchanting ways ,

returned with their flowers and weeds ,
and placed them in a basket one by one .
In front of a forever ripening sun .

And so she thanked the finch ,
The blackbird and the

thrush .

But the magpie swooped down and stole her  heart ,
The most beautiful thing that set us apart
Just when I had set out our table for two .
She screamed as that  bird flew
And left that gold trinket in it’s nest of love .
For days it stayed perched above ,
Singing it’s sweet songs of innocence and  love .

And then one day she  flew away ,
and fell in love
With the most enchanting song you ever heard .
The black of the devil ,
The White ,
of God
And now demons and black angels ,
Can be heard flapping madly at my door at what they had heard .
but that voice that once tought my heart to sing
was never heard of again ,
and of that ,
Is the one thing
sure .
Is that no , no more .
I would ever hear her voice no more
I waited for the wretched seas one day to return to me .
Who gave  my love  her resting place .
And so I believed the wretched sea would some day
do the same for me

But whenst it came it came in with a whine ,
and asked me not to waste my time .
And so she left ,
and returned again ,
For she said
“ you’re love is dead ,
  now leave me be ,
  or even you might
  one day
  belong to me ?”             


that raging beast that took her life ,
when we were serenading by the banks of the Clyde

A mighty wave took her away ,
for that I am for sure .

And now she asks me ,
Lapping like a dog at her masters feet
When all I wanted  her to do was to  spit and howl .with rage at me .

O cursed sea won’t you please return my love to me

But now You come to me with open arms
For alone I see now,  her footsteps , and her charms ,
dissapearing  into an open grave .
Where not even a shivrless man that was so brave ,
would venture more than his toe to save.
And to wrestle that great beast upon the shore
the likes of which I would see no more .

But out there is where my beloved lies ,
below tranquil seas and dark blue skies
And if I am to see her again ,
Then i must sumon up the gates of hell .
And hense be noted before the brave ,
That in these once troubled waters ,
I did once lend my hand to save .

Then one morning
with a chirping of the birds ,
a body of a young girl once bound to the sea ,
was Surrendered and given back to me .

But I For one was never found ,
Thou in the winds and rains my voice
Can still be found .
Sep 2021 · 198
And there it goes again sweet words into gate 52 fly fly away zzzzz
This will be saved 😫
Sep 2021 · 363
There goes another poem to a bad gateway wonder if it will save this one
blue flies and butterflies all dance unttill  they sing .
They  dance
around flowers and corpses ,                                                                ­   flies and kings.
One feeds in palaces gorges on beef deer and game ,
the other on corpses from great victories all in the kings name .

Yet the butterflies see all these things ,
the dead and the dying ,
the gold and silver of kings .
And think nothing of either flying and fluttering on beautiful wings .

The man who has nothing left to beg for food in the street ,
the philosopher at a coffee shop who eats and eats and eats .

Yet the butterfly and the blue flies both feast on each one ,
What ever man has left over ,
Is what man has become .

For all his wealth and power ,
his riches and his fame .
His ever constant struggle
to feed his starving children
don’t go hungry in their shame .

And still the blue flies and butterflies feed off what we leave
Behind ,
Oblivious to our struggles ,
Oblivious to our wealth
they wear pin stripe suits ,
and-ball room gowns .
To every ball that’s swinging in town .
Under. blood red skies and battle grounds ,
too feed off all the rotting flesh ,
that man cut down

For As life goes on ,
we bleed ,
die .
and so
the insects
begin to dance
and sing ,
And fly .
Sep 2021 · 94
The once green leaves ll
The once green leaves that are no longer brown ,
hath stolen nature’s golden crown ,
Thrown in a grave ,
bound for hell ,
these are  my dreams I remember. So well .
O repentant soul ,
dragged and bound ,
Prepare for winter ,
Steal thy body ,and thy crown .
So take care in all you say and do ,
for no one will remember you.

For My soul is in ******* to my body now .

With heavy chains draped all around
It weeps and wails and keeps me awake ,
Thou Day was once by angels wings ,
In the days when we could laugh and sing .

And darkness like an army marches in
With snarls and teeth ,
that grind and grin
Which stalks and prowls ,
I feel it’s presance and it’s stare .
yet see it not
But  fear it just as it had lived ,
so beit thus.

For in darkness I shall lay ,
Untill the sea carry’s my bones away .
for I shall at least not see decay .
for I am glad of some small mercies .

swept away by youre handsome prince for
You shall not remember this
for love has its own destiny
and can never again be apart of me .
so when you lay befor3 the night ,
befor you even say “ good night ,
dream of waves washed up upon th3 shore
and you won’t think or dream of me
no more .
Sep 2021 · 90
The once green leaves .
The once green leaves  are turning brown ,
as Autumn dons her golden crown .
In leafy meadows that Menander still ,
a  shrivel of leaves ,
down leafy hills .
For could you ever feel my pain ?
did  you and I ever feel the same ?
A cold granit stone is our reminder of where we used to lay
in tall green grass and fields of hay .

Yet  if this is where our love must end  
for at least a rotting corpse just has one friend .
She brings it flowers at weekends ,
to  mourn the loss of her once best friend .

But I don’t even have that of you ,
for all  I get is to walk and talk and think of you .

For what else am I supposed to do ?
For if love was ever meant to be it wouldn’t be for the likes of
you and me .

hanging rainbows from every cloud ,
ducking showers ,
getting wet ,
kissing just when it’s about to rain .
Yet her3 is where our grave yard lies
beneath thick black clouds and stormy skies
And this is where our rainbow ends
sat all alone on my sofa without a friend
Aug 2021 · 45
“ Oh sun “ said the. Moon “ who’s radiant beam is thy crown ,
surrounded by mountains and hills all around .
In daylight the flowers yearn for your rays ,
by night they are shrouded only by days.”

As the moon looked down on the earth
Just waiting to shine ,
all alone in the darkness abiding his time .

“Oh moon “ said the sun
“You are shrouded by day ,
but sometimes in the morning
I can still catch a glimpse of you’re rays “

“ What a tease you are said the moon to the sun ,
for when my night time is over ,
you’re day has begun.

But one day we will eclipse with each other ,
and turn their world into night ,
and there will be no more sunshine or what they call light .
and we will give the earthlings a terrible fright .”

By these words when the sun drew too close ,
when they were talking to their heavenly hosts .

But the sun soon realised there was nothing special about her friend
for the sunlight she gave him soon came to an end .
And so ,
the sun became sad
When moon turned away ,
for the only time the moon could be happy
Was when he reflected her gaze .

Then in one glorious moment they became one ,
The sun with the moon ,
The moon with the sun ,
and we on earth gazed up first in wonderment, and then in fear .
For we realised for the first time .
something terrible was about to happen down here .
Aug 2021 · 118
Many Oceans of light
Came from the silence that you gave .
And love with all its colours
and all its pretty ways
Spread longingly before my eyes
half Blinded by her sight
they danced as one before me
in radiant sunlight .

How could I have not seen this coming ?
How stupid a man can be
For Then everything turned black ,
and now in darkness ,
she still holds on to me .

Only now she only shows me what I cannot see ,
and not her glorious beauty that once was everything .
when her radiant beauty lay before my eyes .
Spread out like fruits in a basket all layed  out on the grass .
Not withering or  dying ,
but with vibrant colours spread before my eyes .
For at last I find .
How naked in it’s sunlight ,
but how blessed Is the prize .

How blessed is that sunlight ,
when in the dark I can only fantsize.
As. the first fruits of spring ,
started to move
into  her womb warm and still ,
a beetle crawls in .  as a
bud sees its dawn
on a cold frosty lawn
And it cry’s.out
for some light ,
but is soon choked
by the chill of the night .


But ..Then if we survive
grow strong roots
Until we thrive,
or waver
like tall trees in winter .
That  sway in the wind ,
and are cut down by our sins ,
and surrender all manner of awful things!

Yet some will find love  ,
and pick  it’s fruit from its orchards above
and will ripen and grow ,
in fields without snow
only to pick the fruit from the orchards of a stranger .
when the evening shadows. fall
up to her room they will creep ,
only to darken the rooms of her chamber .

And when winter kicks in she will turn to her honeysuckle sins
With her apples she picked in September.

only to  
break the heart of the one she most loved ,
because she fell for the arms of a stranger .

Yet others will mourn from the day they were born
and sorrow and vice ,
for they will never think twice ,
and so reap the sickle of the ravens daughter .

And then the oaks branches will break
for the cruel winds will take ,
and lighting will bear down ,
with black clouds all around
and  strip from her Maine
And the strong winds will  prevail
and call out aloud ,
“ I will soon have you’re trunk
and your branches .
And if all else fails I shall
call upon the one who Maims
and it will tear down you’re roots from your
Mountains .
And so then toss them
Into the seas .
And so separate the skies from the trees
and shake them by hand .
from the mountains.

But the strong winds soon left ,
for they thought it best ,
as a suckled the breast of her daughter.
and the birds were so blessed
as the trees shoots were covered by the leaves of the old oak tree
as a mother sang her sweet lullaby’s to her daughter.

And then Autumn came
as acorns started to fall from her branches .
again .
Aug 2021 · 26
Heavenly sorrow
Her black wings of sorrow started to sprout from the muscles on her back ,
all laden with their sorrow
for she cant find a way back
The sins  of those who taunt her ,
with their loveless evil ways
for on this dark and terrible night .,
It feels they will stay with her always ?
For heavenly sorrow is her name ,
for she weeps for those who only have themselves to blame ..

So terrible are her sufferings she can bear their guilt no more ,
alone she now lies dying for she can’t find a cure .

For The black raven is her judgement ,
he holds a Sceptre  in his beak ,
above there lies an Angel ,
that once God turned to stone .
Who  once led the heavenly choirs ,
Whome. God banished from his heavenly throne .

For it is with black wings she sings ,
but never speaks .
“ soon you’re judgement will be O
It won’t take very long
and  no words will you speak ,
for now worms will crawl
from out of your belly
and come out of you’re beak !

So can anything now save her from this dark and
terrible fate ?

Then flew in a sparrow who saw watching from afar ,
said “:I will take your fallen wings and hang  them on a star .”

And the raven and the angel with black wings flew away ,
they  fled unto the tower ,
and had nothing more to say .

And the girl still goes horse riding ,
where the angel and raven fled ,
and looks up. longingly  to a loop hole
Just to make sure that bird is being fed .

     “ But I want to talk to you of things that are immortal ,
        and things that are free ,
          so as you hanker over your sin and sorrow
        don’t you ever bother me “
         said the sparrow ,
          who was chirping from a tree .
Aug 2021 · 35
There is a black heart in a tower full of hurtful harmful things ,
and the rains pored down for hours
And there are flowers and black orchids.                                                yet none of them are ripe
And so the seed that I once planted Have all  been  trampled in the night .
by the jailers who now guard me,
with prongs and knifes and hooks .

But you once said you love me,
but that was two thousand years ago .

But There is a black heart in a tower ,
guarded by a thief upon a cross ,
he sat me down ,we talked for hours ,
about  love and what I had lost .
But there is a black heart in a tower ,
and it’s calling out my name
like the rains which are now incessant they are  driving me insaine .

But you once told me that you loved me ,
Oh won’t you say it again ,
this time not with hearts and flowers ,
but by calling out my name,
Play a love song to my heart ,
sing the songs of the lyre
Oh won’t you set this heart on fire ?

I want to feel those nails inside me ,
to take this heart and turn it to white ,
to feel that love forever ,
in this God forsaken night .
To all the friends who we have kept and lost ,
to all the ones we loved the most ,
to every heart that’s ever bled ,
to every tear soaked. sodden  bed ..

Because For every rainbow there is always a little rain ,
and every flower that’s been pulled up,
their weeds will remain.

For it is those that we will never see again ,
we will never forget their names
For every seat that has not been sat ,
we leave a flower to remember that .

And to those silent nights that remain forever still ,
a train pulls out ,
that never pulled in .
we sleep alone ,
in these dark passages of time ,
with dreams we can’t fix
that play around in our minds .

And as for those we might never see again
We just hope we can borrow some time ,
to be alone with them again

For now and again that bird has to fly ,
far away into that sun set sky .
Aug 2021 · 37
Four silver bells ll
For his bones God made out of silver ,
for his bones God made out of gold ,
but in these most beautiful treasures
There was nothing he could hold .

So he sort out the bones of the dead .

But these bones were made of marrow ,
so he left them on a shelf ,
and bartered for their silver ,
and stole for their wealth ,
and kept some for his sorrow .

But all he really wanted ,
was a woman he could hold.
for a heart that was as pure
as the love he could not

So he died with tears falling
for a love he could not keep ,
so many tears falling ,
he could count them in his
Sleep .
Aug 2021 · 32
Four silver bells
He pulls a Cadaver behind him on a cart
full of bones
with only a lantern to guide him                                                             as as Shame and sorrow are holding pitch forks and ropes .
On dark  cobbold streets made of stone ,
his dark arts of brutality and bone .

But For this love he would give the heart of this man ,
who once walked these streets with purse strings in hand ,
For now his bones are all accounted for in the price they might fetch .
Each counted seperatly and left on a shelf .

A for a few shillings more and  a great deal of wealth ,
A crypt for the dying
a statue of stone,
for their wealth .

Four Silver bells he would ring ,
just before tea
as their servants made room for his lady and me .
and placed before us a banquet of meat ,
that no one was ever  quite sure ,
Where it was from ,
but  was always a treat .

And every night the clock struck ten ,
With sorrow and shame ,
he would leave again ,
with Four silver bells this time ,
just to make sure
to leave one inside ,
for the rich and the poor .
For every corpse has his bride
and if she dos’nt ring ,
a ting a ling ling ,
he will be out digging once more ,
that is for sure .
Aug 2021 · 35
Stones and crosses
I once saw a bird of paradise. that was  as wild as the sea ,
spreading out
her wings towards you and me .
Oceans as wild as an eagle who kills ,
who Stole all her eggs
and took all of her things .

Yet her heart is as wild as the seas she adores ,
Like  spring has its time before the courts of the Lord .
So delicate and fragile ,
sometimes as rugged as the sea ,
yet always patient,
and kind as can be .

And if love can bear all. these  things ,
like losing a Son ,
to bury a red rose ,
before the rain and the sun ,
and then
To nourish that soil with the bones of the dead ,
So that red rose might blossom and grow in its bed .

Then let death have its glory ,
It’s herses and horses ,
Flowers and wreaths ,
as man is laid to rest ,by the
words of a priest .  

So then let God be our judge,
Our attorney ,our friend
as five stones are enough
to lay to rest the thoughts in our heads .
and all the things that we have said .
Beit Our words and our deeds ,
Our friends we betrayed,
all will be seasoned with herbs ,
and the leaves ,
and what is left will be gathered into one ,
and burnt under the sun .

And love in the end beit a stone or a cross ,
a flower will grow out from its weeds ,
to remember the lost .
Aug 2021 · 254
Waiting for the stars ll.
Our world is moving further away ,.
Two worlds that once became one .
and here we are on two fluffy clouds ,
drifting further from the sun .

letting go of our silver strings
set before the stars .
Set  before an ink well ,
writing poetry for one .

And then we saw two stars burn out ,
and die,
before our very eyes ,
two lost galaxies lost in time .
And then before a rising sun,
form magestically into one .
Aug 2021 · 41
Waiting for the stars .
If love could fly on silver wings ,
pull fluffy hearts on silver strings

And no dark black clouds could shooo them away ,
and we could live on marshmallow hills ,
sprout silver wings ,
and fly away .

But there is a cold bitter wind in September ,
and the green turns to yellow in the trees ,
for that is when the harvester comes ,
to blow away the leaves .

And you and I won’t matter ,
at least that is what you said ,
but There is a cold wind in September ,
and  it’s freezing in our bed .

Only the Angels stole our wings
from us when we
we’re flying high ,
and those marshmallow hills now seem far away in the sky .
and our silver strings got caught up in our Mandalay ,
and now we have been   left  , strung up    in  the   clouds .

Now here we are ,
all caught up in strings ,
with fluffy hearts ,
and   no diamond rings ,
waiting for the stars to shine ,
Suspended in love ,
forgotten  in time .
Aug 2021 · 43
Love at first bite .
A spider now hangs from my wall ,
it bears no malice to me at all .
And if I were to ask if why it was here ?
It would simply reply ,
“:I’m just hanging there “:

But what about that web .? Said i ,
The spider didn’t have a reply .

But later on I spoke to a fly who was watching me eat my lunch ,
from the corner of his eye .

Now i was afraid to ask ,
for nothing seems to ever last .
So I asked the window with the creaky catch ,
was the spider that crawled inside have a ***** look ?.
or was the fly just passing by ?

So when the fly had stopped buzzing about ,
It ate my lunch

and spat it out ,
Then it It turned its attention to the spider on my wall ,
“ won’t you come to my web and we will have a ball ?
“ it said .
which was unusual to say the least for spiders can’t speak ,
or at least that’s what I used to think ?

But then I saw  a startling sight ,
that love really is bite at first sight !
Aug 2021 · 46
She rides in glory
On a Chariot she rides
With love and beauty by her side ,
Sworn to rid this world of sin ,
so love and beauty might enter in .

Devout in her glorious deeds ,
though evil stands ,before her,  ride . ,with sharped claw,
she comes face to face before ,their gods ,of war .
Of those who pedal bigotry  and hate ,
for even they will be slain ,
by the nostrils of Bodicas horses and fiery Maine

For she who rides with beauty and love ,
fights   In valour
for the silver glove .
and with the heart of a sufferget. that is sure .
For every woman who feels oppressed .
To rid this world from It’s dark nights or vice ,
and ****** .
Never again to be afraid to walk the streets at night
through twilight dances in the gas fire light .

And so with lances that glisten and torches that burn
to oust what man once called his slave .
For her Lance is called justice ,
and from her torch integrity burns for
many who are forced to work in chains .
to rue the errors of their ways .

Never again able to read or write ,

wear beautiful garments paraded in their most beautiful light .
So please don’t fear ,
thou deaths claw may soon come swiftly to knock at youre door

For she still rides in glory,
Once ,
and ever more .
Aug 2021 · 240
A swollows song
A swollow died ,
but as it did it began to fly
for a thousand wings now lay upon its breast .
And upon that breast lay   It’s  head ,
and upon that head ,
a golden crown.,

And upon that crown of burning fire ,
Plumes of smoke were lifted higher .

And then from. that shrill from that birds beak ,
came unspeakable anguish that languished deep .
For death was sprinkled everywhere.
In falling ashes that lit up the sky ,
came winds as fierce as the swallows eye ,
More deadly were the winds that blew ,
that fanned the flames from that swallows crown .

And so life can never be the same ,
as what man uttered to clear his name .
Of all his fossil fuels he lights that burn carbon
into this burning night .
With all the coals that forever burn
Poisious gas that choke and wheeze ,
that brings the child upon her knees ..

A swollow dies his wings are singed ,
It still sings a song no one can sing .
But if they could what would we say ?
for another Forest has. Been burnt today .
Aug 2021 · 31
My  grave is where I dig each night ,
above me hangs one gas. fire light

But if love was ever meant to be ,
It wouldn’t be for the likes of you and me
and when i think of what i once owned ,
was nothing but a butterfly.

And if that butterfly had wings ,  in all my hopes ,
fears and dreams .

And if those dreams turned to flowers,
that wither and die ,
but still last for hours,
and as those hours pass ,
at the bottom of a
hour glass .

And if those hours turned into days ,
perhaps then that might save me from this grave ?

But days were never meant to last ,
and one day they will become a thing of the past .
And so in my digging I came across a fly ,

and that fly was trapped by a  web ,
and in that web a spider lay which was eaten by
a bird in May,
and the birds then flapped their tiny  wings
and got eaten by a cat who did naughty things ,
Who scratched the dog
who chased the cat that ran around and around
my neighbors flat .

And so it began as if for days ,
The never ending ceaseless din of praise .
that in this world nothing ever wins ,
and all must one day be taken up ,
beyond this grave ,
Or  get swollowed up,
by a giant whale
And so , as moths gather around a fire ,
and a  fisherman mends his nets ,
catching fish ,
only to save them from an open fire .
Aug 2021 · 38
One fallen rose 🌹
A fallen rose without a name ,
will the world ever be the same ?

A falling tear that falls from you’re face ,
just before you’re warm embrace ..

Both of these things I will do ,
all in memory of you .

For i will  hold in my hands the Autumble showers God has planned ,  and when rain clouds appear  from afar ,
I shall awaken the morning star .
With such beauty such as this  ,
from which I was blinded from such a kiss .

Which is why I never saw you’re rose of nameless  grace ,
fall in silence before my face .

And I never saw you’re tear ,
thou I was forever   near .

But I will still hold rain clouds up in my hands ,
for that is what God has planned ,
for I felt you’re hug when you were near ,
and for that I will hold up
the world ,
my dear .
Aug 2021 · 32
The candel blows
(/Woman )”:;O charm me sir so that I might never sleep ,
with you’re words so beautiful and sweet .
bewitch me with you’re poetic words
However daft or obserd.
And love me thou my pale is dry,
that you might fill it Untill I over flow with joy .
That i if I were to awaken you’re love ,
In the pure essence of a flying dove .

Then spindle or twine
Let Love then.  Spin the final twine.

And upon that Twine a needle be thread ,
stitched in red into  the garments of my bed .”

Man ) “But alas I cannot spin or thread or weave ,
for all. You’re practices are to deceive .
And to capture thine ,
for that Would be a waste of time .”

Woman);”Then read me that book you were writing just now
In soft white sheets I will listen some how ,
whilst the candel still burns bright .
For I will weave a spell that will fill you with
all the desires of hell .”

Man )“ But that will cause my words to arouse ,
and the wind and rain will begin  to howl .”

Woman )”Then let hell awake for I shall lie on this bed
Untill you’re softly spoken words have been said “

Man ) “Then be gone with you
my candel blows
and when the wick is out ,
Then Satan himself will be cast out .”
Aug 2021 · 27
Story time
Earthly  shadows fell
as  black clouds in slow procession started to meander
across the sky ,
as  grave yard  tombs started to cover  my eyes ,
the moment you’re presence left my  bed .

For you’re love for me that which once lit up my  skies
in radiant colours of you and I ,
a furnace that once set the moon ablaze
in so many different ways .
And  comets burnt the atmosphere that
was set ablaze in falling rays ,
the moment you drew near .

For you touched my heart in so many ways ,
like when we walked as if for days ,
across  planitory realms of space
shooting stars of amazin grace .

For  we would watch the sun fall and rise
in glorious colours before our eyes .
“ For there lies infinity”  you said
as you squeezed my *** just before bed .
from which billions of stars are formed ,
and then die
each one set
before our eyes ,
like in some cosmic catastrophe,
like a story time that didn’t rhyme ,
as children cry themselves to sleep ,
in loving memory of little Bo Peep .

But for a time we lived,
and died ,
in such a short span of time
like shooting stars before our eyes

Goodbye my love
as I touch you’re ghost ,
but it’s what I want to feel the most ,
the soft touch of scent upon you’re skin ,
as if some day  we could start again ?
Jul 2021 · 37
The Gobolix
Love is like  a flake of snow that falls gently  from the skies ,
and dissapears before you’r  very  eyes .
For it was never meant to last ,
like morning due on a blade of grass.

Yet How sweet the tulips song in spring that dances on a song birds wing ,
and disappears in the falling rains
from  where the black butterflies and Gobolix  came .

Where Deep in the forests there’s is  a bridge of dreams
Where everything isn’t always what it seems .

Where love is all ******* in a bow ,
with forever hearts,
and a lovin glow .
For It is a place you don’t want to go .

For when the  black butterflies clouds  the skies ,
for they will one day drain the colour from you’re eyes .
For Gobolix   have wings that fly
and Steal dreams from every sun lit sky ,
and from any lovers walking, by drawing shapes of hearts
in the sand .

For if you see one with flashing tail ,,
and searing eyes
as  the zephyr   start to howl and
and the winds start to wail ,
and the rains begin to spit venom as if
from a cage .

For one day  the due will pass ,
for it was never , meant to last .

But if it does  and you see no fear ,
then Hold fast to love ,
My dear ,
for then you will know the gobolix
Is forever near .
Jul 2021 · 39
The blessed vine .
O darkest night
that spake not in loves fairest white flowers descend
that fall  in fragile pieces ,
perfumes that ignite   into. loves never ending   flame .
But is so then dashed upon life’s cruelest shores ,
where seagulls who’s heads were smashed against the rocks
died in agony once more .
once again to be denied life’s sweetest joys ,
against that now blood red shore .
And loneliness is but like a feast to every pedetory bird ,
and beast ,
that swoops
lurks and
feasts ,
Upon every lonely  soul
Who walks this earth
Who’s ghostly apparitions dine alone ,
as a Spector is at a  feast
where lovers  gorge on wine and beef .

O darkest night without a friend
Where lovers walk
May shadows end ,
So I alone might be so near
so as to hear every lovers heart felt chear

even so ,
they can never be
ever so belong to me .

of Thine ,
which are
Pruned back from
thy blessed vine ,
can never be forever mine .
Jul 2021 · 44
The poets dream
The poets dream
Is to gaze in wonderment at fields unseen
and to be inspired by what he has seen,
in every rain drop ,
and tear that departs ,
inspired by a falling heart.
In every rock that blocks our way,
to more happier and forfilling days
to become more jagged and rough then we were before ,
yet pure .

And as that field of green grows white with snow and with every starry night ,
that violates nature’s vibrant glow
that one day soon
It might. Become ripened by the rains and sun
blossom and become fruitful
again. as one.
Jul 2021 · 57
From such madness
From such madness then should I appear ,
bound in sorrows darkest fear ,
that in my judgment I brought forth thy name ,
forever to be held in chains .
To cast thy shadows from my pen ,
that I should never subscribe again
Fortunes of a lesser god that idolatry breeds
In pits of blood .
That man might in fists of rage
Beat his head ceaselessly against a cage
as flies in mortal days are spent
above the excrement man has left ,
that man might forever be ,
Spent bound in sins dark adultery.
Jul 2021 · 34
Corn flower blue
I have left a love note for you found in a book bound in blue
Found in pages torn and brown ,
left on a shelf just for you .

And if you find the words I wrote ,
cant hold back the tears ,
as you begin to choke .
as you begin to wipe a tear from you’re eye .

And if you find my words   ,lost in a moment ,
trapped in time ,
all  bound in blue ,
all neatly ******* in a package just for you .

A love token of my deepest regret ,
of how we did not kiss when we first met .

But now my words have long since passed ,
and I thought I would write them down ,
just by chance .
That you might one day pick up in a book ,
that I wrote in corn flower blue ,
a note in the back ,

that it one day might remind me of
You .To my forever darling
Corn flower blue .
Jul 2021 · 53
Untill the roses are red
I might be dead tomorrow
Then where would we be ?
Would  you
dance a tango ,
in Paris
under a full moon with me ?
Or would you watch from afar
clutching the wet bedsheets
Where my stiff corpse once lay ,
soaked with you’re tears somewhere far away ?
For I am in love with you ,
where ever you are .

And if by the morning sun rising should be shot down by a star ,
Beit near  beit far ,
I will still be in  you’re loving arms where ever you are .

And if that same moon should rise again
beit the half shadow sunlight that. somewhere lies half hidden in you’re eyes ,
then a waltz we shall dance
Untill the fog has parted ,
or the roses
are red ,
and a warm comforting sunlight
arises from our bed .
Jul 2021 · 30
The birds are approaching in their thousands appear ,
now sit down here and let me lend me you’re ear .
For the harvest is ripened ,
and the birds steal  it’s grain ,
for man toils in sorrow ,
and nothing will he gain .

For  His sons and his daughters are starving
and the church takes his land ,
his crops
for the kings subjects own nothing ,
and die in their shame
for monistories and land
Holy war crusaders who march without debt,
for all the kings horses ,
Power and wealth .

And then came famine and war ,
Pestilence and plague
death and disease ,
like never before .
“;bring out you’re dead ,”:
as  England’s pleasant lands were stripped of their . Wealth .

O,wreath of the nations where brave men hath trod
and carried the cross ,
for those who have nought .
And brought reforms where once slavery was rife ,
to the families who have children ,
a home and a wife .
And held up banners at factory gates ,
where machines and smoke brought nothing but death on a
Plate .

How tender the years that brings but tears ,
that brings forth the grain ,
with the sickle and shear .

For once the grains have been harvested
and the birds have all fled ,
the farmers wife still
brings home nothing once her family’s been fed .

Jul 2021 · 28
O boundless love  that has no framework  of time ,
who’s love has no boundaries.
Who in cloudless skies floats

and. then  rises
and drifts  for miles
where heavenly dew drops fall ,
and are lifted up just as the sun is about to rise ,
then fall ,
and rise .
And  in doing so rest
upon garlands of radiant flowers ,
far beneath

that reach up to the sky’s like heavenly towers ,
before our eyes.

Then I felt no sky or earth sea or land ,
far above me ,
or down below .
yet I could see for miles ,
yet no mountains or streams lay before my eyes

or above ,
or below .
to fall or rise ,
and rise and fall ,
and flow,
Just the warm basking love in her beautiful  eyes .
And as i looked up
and saw
the murmering of trees catching  the wind .

And so we ate pork and ham and cheese ,
and Mrs Beetons sweet puffed pastry treats ,
until there was nothing left to eat .
before butterflies and daisies ,
wild dandelions and bees.

And somewhere in the distance a castle awaits ,
with its towers moats turrets and gates .
And we ran up that hill
so fast we could fly ,
to look down where others had failed ,
and suffered from boiling  oils and being impaled
Then we sprouted wings as if to fly like Agemeneons in the sky
far above those moats and castle keeps ,
far above way up high ,
to set candles alight in the skies
Jul 2021 · 168
Gates of Ethereal
O ineffable love that is now all mine
far beyond knossos wings that span the mystery’s of time ,
I have found .
A temple of stone and of  purest gold,
an Ethereal of love ,
at her beauty behold ,
and at her  temple prostrate ,
only to charm the ghosts of loves greatest fate .
bound  in chains never  to lose thy  love ,
.at thy temple gate .
Where  roses and peonies flower and bloom
and the ghost of Afroditi. can be found
unmercifully and forever bound .

And then to enter in as her gates are flung open wide ,
and with  her defences lay adorned  and broken by my side .
Only to awaken her golden crown ,
where her unlocked treasures are to be found .

For theifs have tried and all have failed ,
to capture the love of Ethereal .                                                              Fo­r they have all left ,
and bowed at the knee ,
to the beautiful charms of Ethereal ,

Only to leave chronicles of words unspoken .

But you my tempest of sweetest joy ,
surrendered to me thy gates employ
Where once lions and wild beasts all  
have roamed ,
for even they shall lay  at my feet ,
forever now,
her eternal throne .
Jul 2021 · 64
Lilly pond dreams
Tonight the evening primrose dies ,
with softer blue and elequent eyes ,
she casts her boat to wider  shores
where she can bathe ,
in lakes as pure .
Where  Lilly white  and Snow White doves ,
bask together  in her lake of purest love .

A place that exsists only in dreams and bygone tales
Where hermits still hide away in caves .
and are never seen except in lillypond dreams of love here and ever after .
A place where only lovers abide ,
and walk hand in hand side by side ,
and talk only in silent whispers to each other

With cherries red such a fruitful bed ,
she picks the fruit in Autumn it is said ,
only to give it to her beloved ,
for she sees a boat  with a flower herein
Where primrose lyes ,
and gently leaves the flower in between her thighs .
And so primrose  opens her eyes ,
as the lovers sail down the river .

And so a tear falls from cicisbeo’s. eyes
for they know not or how or why ,
to comprehend these feelings ?

For a stranger dew ,
hath  fallen .
For a whispy huw of feeling blue ,
has  covered them ,
as falling ash now falls upon the water .

For evening sky’s have now vailed their eyes ,
for  Lilly pond  dreams aren’t always ,happy ever after .
Nothing reminded me more of you than the way you said “ I love you “
And as dawns chill now gives the sky strength to its bow ,
and the scabbard lends the sword  to its chilling blow .
That love in this theatre of dreams ,
might. not always be what it seems ?

And yet i have cast you in the leading role
and love at times makes the jester a out to be a fool ,
In everything I say and do .

But I played such a simple part ,
for did I not love thee with ,
all my heart?
Now everything reminds me of you in everything you say,.. and do .

the evening clouds are darker now ,
you played  you’re part so well some how ,
and the ghost of love gives its final bow ,
it’s flowers never fade or wilt somehow ?
It stands there as a chilling friend ,
for it will stay Untill the very end .
As an unwanted guest .
It sits in the corner ,
on an old armchair ,
Untill the curtain falls .

So the sun has left, our  evenings guest ,
and you with bow and arrow ,
with dark clouds hath awaken me .
You’re  sleeping guest who
exits stage left ,
as if you’re heart could ever break me ?
Jul 2021 · 134
July morning 21
Oh this is such a happy morn ,
the grains are ripe and her beauty is bliss ,
for this morning she planted a kiss upon my lips .

O beauty that is as ripe as the day ,
the July morning sun will rise ,
In greatest spender,
before our eyes .

For we shall  lye before it shall appear ,
in fields of sunflowers dancing here .
And you will wear
nothing but a smile ,
for grains were ripened for such a time as this ,
to avail her beauty before my eyes ,
just as the sun is about to rise
Jun 2021 · 30
Summer solstice 2021
I wrote a poem today ,
but now my words have flown away ,
slipped off the paper and said ,
“ once we were part of you ,
but now we are dead “

Just like the summer to Autumn this day
‘ where hast the spring gone ?
for one day Autumn will appear and give breath to my song .

And Autumn with its baritone  voice
will end my  soprano harmonies ,
It will be said .

And so my virtuoso performance must end ,
and after this night a little darkness must descend..

But if those words should one day appear ,
I think they would be most happiest here.
Jun 2021 · 44
The lake
my twin in the mirror didst I see standing alone in front of me ?
a shattered piece of glass ,
taken from a piece of art .

But if that piece of shattered glass wasn’t me ,
than who on earth could it be ?

I gazed upon its reflection still
and pondered who and why ,
could this be ,
forever looking back at me ?
For if that glass wasn’t me ,
a stranger then must he be ?

And if I had seen my reflection still ,
a shard of glass ,
from which my
blood should pour Untill it fills my kitchen floor .

And if i saw my reflection still ,
a man before me so pale and ill.

And so.i. took a boat to row across a lake ,
and staring back was the man I saw ,
In the waters but not as he was before .
I smiled at him ,
and he smiled back at me ,
could this be my twin ,
Staring back at me ?

And as i rowed there came a thick pea fog ,
and the lake felt like a soup ,
then came the mud
and then came a thud !
And on that island I fell in love with the moon ,
her beauty shone down ,
and showed me in her fairest light .
And so now and again her beauty would fade ,
and cast me back to my darker days .

And i never again saw the man who stared back at me ,
and to this day ,
I can never figure out how this could be ?
Untill one night staring back at me ,
did I see my own reflection in the sea.
Apr 2021 · 37
Lost my poem
Lost my poem oh what a shame ,
and now it’s time to start again ?
For if you find it sing it a song ,
for what I’m doing won’t take long
Apr 2021 · 33
Earth and sky .
If love has never ending dreams ,
If some should die ,
and some should live .
If Earth and Sky should be as one ,
then melt into the setting sun .
If ghostly shadows of our past,
should reclaim our souls at last .
And hopeless dreams could one day become .
like earth and sky ,
Moon and sun .
And as we walk ,
by our selves or with a friend ,
and the world looks like it’s about to end .
A baby cries ,
not one but two ,
a girdling and spluttering now splits
the earth in two .
And  enters  in
a new born babies cries
New life for that. Poor  mothers crying eyes ,
once red with pain ,
now in her eyes hide a softer blue ,
now as deep
as only her babies new .
Apr 2021 · 30
Smile ll
Won’t you sit with me for a while ,
and read the words written long ago ,
In books of profetic words of love .
that shine down from a world above ,
to every child that walks in love .
To every soul that is in distress ,
let it be their  s o s .
So when the world looks black and grey ,
a light shines in hope for another day ,
To every child who wants to grow ,
a smile will greet them this I know .
Apr 2021 · 128
Don’t let me fall beneath the crack ,
for if I do There’s no way back .
For they are not the happy ones ,
the blessed smiling all knowing ones. .
And if there are times
When nothing works ,
and life is seen as nothing but a curse .
Then read with me just for a while ,
for that alone will make me smile.
You might not remember my name ,
but i am still the same .
I am The bright sunlight before the morning cloud ,
the silence before the storm ,
the wicker and the worm .

I am in the bough of a tree ,
that whispers through its falling leaves .
that branch when you were a child when you used to seesaw on
me for a time .

For I am The word that sharpens you’re tongue ,
before a sentence has begun .

I am the arrow that is plucked from you’re bow ,
that tells you’re target where to go .

For I am the oxygen you breath in the night ,
You’re unspoken  thoughts both in the day and of the night .
like you and I on a carousel on a hot summers day ,
those dreams will fly away .

I am in the rainbow that
that spreads far and wide ,
that tell the rain clouds
where to hide.

I am in the words “ I can’t be there “ ,
when that train pulls away ,
and you’re clasping thin air .
When the fumes from the train ,
fill you’re lungs full of smoke .
and the cabbie says “ just you my dear ?

For when you are alone by the grave of you’re friend ,
I will be in the honeysuckle that flowers .

And when you’re world is full of sorrow
I am the binding that holds tomorrow.
I will be the silver lineing when the clouds are still there .
I can be the ray of sunlight that beams from afar ,
that hears you’re prayers ,
that shines down on you’re coffin ,
when heavens doors are ajar .
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