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I wanted you to fight for me, i wanted you to say you’d rather be alone than be with anyone else. I wanted you to show me how much you loved me , even if I kept pushing you away I wanted you to say that you’d always stay. I wanted you to say that you’ll never let me go because to you I was someone worth fighting for. I wanted you to want to be the kind of man I deserved. You don’t get it, I still wanted you.
When you push someone so far away that they think you never loved them but truth be told, you did and it hurt. And he’ll never know.
it's the way he held his cigarette between his fingers, you just knew he was up to no good. All you wanted to do was inhale all the toxic gas cause he was killing you and you loved every second of it.
How am I supposed to resist a bad boy thats a good man?
It kills when you lose someone who meant the world to you even though you meant nothing to them but then again the fact that they let you go so easily says a lot.
Maybe you’re better off without them, maybe it’s a sign.
It never mattered how far away I was
because you were my home.
Whenever I felt lonely like I didn't belong,
hearing your voice would make me feel like I’m back home again.
Now you're gone and I’m lost
You think you know somebody,
You let them in, the good and the bad.
Thinking nothings going to send them away
Thinking forever is what we had
You think you know somebody
And just like fireworks, his true colors start to show
Proving how wrong you were all along
You think you know somebody
You thought wrong my friend
We’re in the stars in the sky,
in the alps way up high.
We’re in the streets of love,
in all of paris.
We’re in the city of angels,
and in a land where dreams are made of.
We’re in the colors of a rainbow,
shining brighter than ever.
We’re in the tears of a child,
wishing he’d only smile.
We’re in the roar of a tiger,
cause we’re a fighter.
We’re in the battlefield fought between countless countries,
in the enemies greed for more blood,
in the hearts of the families lost ones.  
Me and you,
We’re everywhere.
I want passion.
I want adventure.
I want a little danger.
I want out of the ordinary.
What do you want?
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