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Theamage Nov 2018
I am standing still,
But I am in a long walk,
While going away,
There is beautiful music in my head.

There stands no one but you,
The perfect weather and all,
Its all no ordinary,
Cause you hold everything for me.

The reality made me walk really,
Maybe next time in another walk,
Maybe I get you when really walking,
The real happiness is in thoughts of maybe.
Theamage Nov 2018
The light is bright,
I still feel the darkness,
The day is sunny,
But I feel cloudy.

You know it won't last,
Nor it will go fast,
So with darkness and cloud,
I am still trying living,

I don't know what is written,
Cause there isn't anything,
Its all your will,
Its all you did.
Theamage Oct 2018
I feel there is nothing to be written,
Cause I am all null,
Actually, I  feel nothing,
But I somehow feel the void inside me.

Dug to the deepest,
I found darkness,
I found brightness, a lie.
Not a lie cause I had it.

Pathetic you are when I am high,
Sober I feel the pathetic I am,
I could grasp that fresh air though high,
Sober I feel no wind.

I got superpower and,
Two heads fighting,
Not sure who is right,
I can't be myself.
Theamage Oct 2018
Again I am trying to fill the soul,
I am trying to spread the positivity,
At some point in life we all die,
But however, we tend to feel the life again.

But once darkness gets you,
Once the darkness loves you,
You can't betray it,
Cause you can't ignore it.

We all feel strong when darkness is new,
We all feel high when darkness is getting into,
We all feel sick and crazy when it's into you,
When its really into you we all seek help.

Overdoes the darkness you,
You shall not live happily after,
Over the darkness you,
You shall never see a light again.
Theamage Oct 2018
We all were dreamers,
We all felt wild,
We all went crazy,
We all were young once.

You hold something,
I hold some another thing,
We holding differently,
Though we all were young once.

It's now the time for the end,
Wild, Dream, and Crazy is trash,
We all want same again,
The peace.
Theamage Sep 2018
I have had hold breath for a sleeping part,
I strived for it every time the part,
There is air holding me back,
I smell the air around me without intent.

I must feel before getting hard into it,
But I can't feel the desire of it,
I made up my mind but not making for it,

I see the darkness in front of me,
Because I feel no tireless and stressed,
I see it often but I often undo seen it,
Cause I manipulated to live only in present.

There is the rage about something,
I can feel it literally but can't express it,
I am the train which always moves the wrong path,
I soon will be of no use or else right path.
Theamage Sep 2018
The sound of darkness yes,
It moans and calls my name,
I try to escape from it,
But even on a very sunny day, it comes.

Guess I am a crazy person,
Cause I create the darkness,
Cause I sometimes let go myself,
Cause I don't have brightness in mind.

I don't fear anyone now,
Though I know there are tough people,
Cause once you get the darkness,
You feel like you are the one.

Darkness I might one day escape,
I might one day see the slight light,
I might one day see the actual brightness,
I might one day feel alive again.
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