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Teemers Apr 2021
I dare you
to say we weren't special
Teemers Apr 2021
lovely day
isolated and in tuned
you are always right
I'm emotional
and that scares the **** out of you
but that's alright
you have never been loved
the way I love
you have never felt love
the way I give you love
I dream of loyalty
Teemers Sep 2020
where do i write
where do i sigh
switching me up
show some love
show me some heart
the way you love on me
the way you come for me
don't ever let it
Teemers Sep 2020
dump truck
i practice what i feel
clearly you have me here
taking it all out
i mean it when i said it
1:26 am
mean it when i say it
i used to walk around
breaking all the rules
living best of both worlds
baby i am ready
to rock your world
Teemers Sep 2020
you looked at me
with so much desire
i hope you mean it
i hope you mean it
when you make love to me
I am not just another woman
i am the woman
please recognize my worth
before i have to remind myself
Teemers Sep 2020
why does poetry
come to me after midnight
come and take me
stepping stones
how can i
how can i be yours
you're my thrill
what do i want
i want to twirl to Billie holiday every morning
math my energy
dreaming of you
nothing seems to matter
here is my heart
on a silver platter
Teemers Sep 2020
we pretend
cause it feels okay
and that is okay
way up in the blues
i always remember the moonlight
that night
heart spells
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