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Teemers Sep 2020
A Sunday kind of love
And if you don’t like my love
Then teach me how to
What do you like?
Show me how to make love to you
I just want to make love to you
Hold me like there’s nothing else you wanna do
Real recognizes real
Poetry with a couple of glasses of wine
Tell me I’m summer time fine
Tell me my insecurities are benign
For you are mine
At last
11:25 pm

Teemers / Beti
Teemers Sep 2020
are like onions
the deeper you get
the sweeter she gets
but you have to know
as a woman
how sweet your core is
to protect it
cause every men
want the tootsie pop
you don't want to do the work
so please ****
real recognize real.
Teemers Sep 2020
searching for you
I'm dedicating poetry
that's all I can offer
but I promise you
you will never need anything else
but me
and you deserve me baby
you want me baby
you need me baby
a good man has blessed me
with his love
and I hope
my emotions don't evoke
but my heart is processing this love
I got you forever
Teemers Sep 2020
sweet bliss
sweet memories
sweet tricks
you have my tongue
riding with you
pure bliss
kiss me again
I cant get enough
I'm full
but I'm still hungry for your love
thank you
for always looking at me and saying
I appreciate you shorty
vice versa my love
I am falling in love with you
please catch me
Teemers Sep 2020
he makes me feel confident
he makes me feel safe
he calls me shorty
he kisses me every chance he can
he holds my hand
he asks about my day
he feeds me
he loves on me
he makes me smile
he makes me laugh
he numbs the pain
he is my poetry
he is my muse
he is my romance
and could this be
true love
twin flames
baby I want to be yours forever.
Teemers Sep 2020
what we do
is not ordinary
what we do
is magic
I am far from perfect
where would I be without my baby.
Teemers Aug 2020
3:01 am
in my thoughts
in my words
releasing serious energy
can I have you
I want to have you
need you
on the late night
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