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Teddy S Jan 25
Imagine being the moon
Orbiting not the sun but a planet
Because the sun may be bright but it nowhere near as special as the planet you dearly love
People on that special little planet looking up at you
For years and years and years
The most powerful,
Or influential
Or kind
Or intelligent
All of these people looking up at you in awe
Because somehow you are the most beautiful thing they have ever seen
From a distance you are glowing,
And no can help but stare
But up close you’d think you were plain
But you are still so special
And you control that little planets tides,
The water following your every command
Because you are just that compelling
Oh to be the moon
Teddy S Jan 25
Yes, I may be in class
Or at a family function with less than kind aunts and awful uncles, with little children running around that I am expected to babysit
Or maybe I am being lectured for a mistake I made
But in my head, I am safe
I am dancing around a ballroom with a smile
I am wearing a beautiful gown that shines and glass slippers
My dance partner is smiling at me brighter than the sun
And the classical music is playing loudly
It starts off a slow pace
Then speeds up
Twists, turns, twirls
And by the songs end,
I can leave my head
Teddy S Jan 19
I want to go live in a cottage in the woods
By myself with a few pets here and there
My friends would live not too far and would visit every day
My family would visit once a month and only on holidays,
Except for my extended family who would not ever come to my house, I’d only see them at theirs
I would have a cat, a bunny, and a dog
Maybe a chinchilla
I could bake cakes, cookies, and pies by the window in the kitchen
I could have a garden filled with flowers and fruits
I could have a stone pathway leading to my house
I could practice my witchcraft in peace and live happily on my own
I usually close my eyes to imagine this perfect place
Where I can dance in the rain and watch Studio Ghibli every day
I hope that I can have that one day,
To live peacefully on my own without a care in the world
Teddy S Jan 14
My best friend Spider is the most unique person I know
They have clear blue eyes and glasses
They are tall and always have been taller than me
They have always been braver than I am
They would cut their own hair once
They always seemed confident to me
We are polar opposites in style but I think that makes us more fun
They love their cat and dogs so much and always send me pictures of them
They know how much I love animals
They are always there for me
They are so talented and always have been
They can draw the most beautiful pictures
They are always there for me and others
We go to rival schools
We were in a coven together
We’d always talk about ****** in art class because we love ****** mysteries
And everyone talked about weird stuff in that art class
Because our teacher didn’t let us do much
One of the first things I noticed about them was their hair
They would dye it
I remember when they dyed it blue
They cut their hair too so now we both have short hair
They were always friendly to me so it’s no surprise they have a lot of friends
They may not think they’re great sometimes
But I can’t think of anyone more perfect
Teddy S Jan 14
Today, I watched Avatar The Last Airbender,
I always loved that show,
My sister and I would always watch it in the bedroom of my grandmother’s house,
I remembered watching the episode when I was younger, on the bed that took up most of the room, my sister right next to me
My attention span was so little that I could not focus on the show,
I was focusing on something my sister or cousins were saying,
Trying to watch the show as well,
Not understanding a single thing but still enjoying the show,
Sometimes you miss your childhood and the innocence that comes with it
But I do not,
You should always look to the future because the future always holds the promise of being better than the past
Teddy S Jan 14
At my grandmother’s house,
Down the street,
Spring and summer are always my favorite times to be there
At the front of the house,
There are so many flowers,
Hydrangeas that her, my sister, and I would always cut from the shrub and put into vases
The hydrangeas were always in different colors,
Beautiful baby blue, lovely shades of light pink, and nice shades of light purple
There are pansies of various colors, but mostly deep purples
And bright orange and yellow marigolds
My grandmother says that marigolds are her favorite flower,
They have been ever since my sister and I gave them to her,
She planted them in her front yard and backyard
In her backyard,
There is a wide range of flowers,
With a variety of bright colors,
My favorite in her backyard are the marigolds
Because they bloom in between the cracks of cement,
And more and more bloom each year
In a sense you can say it is symbolic,
That no matter how hard things are you can always get better and will eventually thrive,
That nature will always persevere against the increasing industrial world,
But they are just my favorite in the backyard
Because I love how they bloom in the most unlikely places
In the front yard, the hydrangeas are my favorite
Because hydrangeas are important to my family,
They are in the front yard of my grandmother and the back yard of my other grandmother,
They are in the backyard of my great grandmother,
The backyard of the house that she stayed in once with my great great grandmother who everyone remembers fondly,
And they were important to my other great grandmother
It’s a family flower, with great memories of happiness
And it’s great to remember good when things feel bad
Teddy S Jan 14
Everyday is stressful
It’s hard to talk, I’m anxious all the time, my grades aren’t good enough,
The list goes on and on
But at the end of the day, I can relax
Night is my favorite time because no one bothers me
No sisters always in my space,
No moms and grandmothers who keep asking for things from me over and over when I have work to do,
No constantly helping people through their problems,
No constantly trying to please everyone,
Just peace by myself as The Office plays on my TV deep into the early morning,
Just time for me,
I read my favorite books,
Watch my favorite shows,
And turn on my favorite music as I get lost into the rabbit hole of an amazing fantasy world
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