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Teddy S Sep 2021
I have Forget me nots in my brain, that’s why I forget my assignments
I have roses in my head, they’re beautiful but the thorns sometimes wrap around my skull until I can only feel pain
The daisies in my head wilt a lot, no matter how much I water them
The hydrangeas take up so much space in the garden of my head, filling up my mind
The gardenias growing on my brain are slowly dying but on some days they’re the loveliest thing you’ve ever seen
The peonies grow so big, but are so hard to keep healthy
I’ll cough up it’s dead petals but at least I know that it’s still alive
Sunflowers strain in my skull because they want to grow so tall,
But there’s not enough space in the garden that is my head
Protea’s has grown for awhile but it started to bloom once I turned 13
Adonis keeps growing along side the dandelions
Buttercups that probably should have wilted by now still occupy the space in my head
White camellias grow and even though they are beautiful, I keep straining to see red
Cherry blossoms and their beautiful pink and white petals flow out of ears
Hibiscus fill up the space, pouring out of my nose in an attempt to keep growing
Water lilies grow behind my eyes, and when I cry they pour out of my tear ducts
Marigolds grow and grow in the cracks of my imperfection and insecurities
But despite this crowded mind full of flowers,
asphodel started to grow
The flowers keep growing and wilting,
Growing on top of each other, suffocating each other
But there’s still days when if you’d look into my skull, you’d sigh in awe
Because despite everything, they still look beautiful
Teddy S Jun 2021
Every day is comprised with little moments,
Good and bad
But I always find myself looking for The Moment
The Moment is when I’m content,
When my heart is filled with this little bit of joy
In just existing
I peacefully exist in The Moment
No more storm clouds in my mind,
But a light drizzle of rain
And in my heart,
It is sunny and warm
There is peace and I’m in the eye of the storm that is life
Just existing,
In The Moment
Teddy S May 2021
I wonder what it’s like to view the world from the stars,
To watch the world turn everyday,
To watch the Earth change,
To watch people change, grow, and learn
To watch people change the world
To see history be made,
Even though it may be insignificant to the cosmos, it’s still important to those on that tiny planet
You can see something entirely new be discovered,
You see the Earth’s greatest inventions,
You can hear the whispers of the people on that planet,
They’re wishes to you because they believe that you can do anything
The whispers of a thousand secrets as well
And the whispers of the other stars, sharing what they’ve seen
What they’ve heard,
The stories from the moons who know a million things,
The legends from the sun who remembers when the universe was new,
What is it like to be amongst the stars?
Teddy S May 2021
I want to be the light in someone’s eyes,
I want them to look at me like I hold galaxies, universes, and every beautiful star in the sky
I want them to look at me like I do no wrong,
Like every action I take is perfect even the smallest mistake
I want to the sun that shines in their life, the stars that brighten their nights,
I want to pull them like the moon pulls the tides
I want to be magnetic to them
I want them to think my middle name is an appropriate name for me,
Because I want to be as beautiful as a supernova to them
I want someone to treat me with as much kindness as I treat them
I want them to see me as I see them
Teddy S Jan 2021
Imagine being the moon
Orbiting not the sun but a planet
Because the sun may be bright but it nowhere near as special as the planet you dearly love
People on that special little planet looking up at you
For years and years and years
The most powerful,
Or influential
Or kind
Or intelligent
All of these people looking up at you in awe
Because somehow you are the most beautiful thing they have ever seen
From a distance you are glowing,
And no can help but stare
But up close you’d think you were plain
But you are still so special
And you control that little planets tides,
The water following your every command
Because you are just that compelling
Oh to be the moon
Teddy S Jan 2021
Yes, I may be in class
Or at a family function with less than kind aunts and awful uncles, with little children running around that I am expected to babysit
Or maybe I am being lectured for a mistake I made
But in my head, I am safe
I am dancing around a ballroom with a smile
I am wearing a beautiful gown that shines and glass slippers
My dance partner is smiling at me brighter than the sun
And the classical music is playing loudly
It starts off a slow pace
Then speeds up
Twists, turns, twirls
And by the songs end,
I can leave my head
Teddy S Jan 2021
I want to go live in a cottage in the woods
By myself with a few pets here and there
My friends would live not too far and would visit every day
My family would visit once a month and only on holidays,
Except for my extended family who would not ever come to my house, I’d only see them at theirs
I would have a cat, a bunny, and a dog
Maybe a chinchilla
I could bake cakes, cookies, and pies by the window in the kitchen
I could have a garden filled with flowers and fruits
I could have a stone pathway leading to my house
I could practice my witchcraft in peace and live happily on my own
I usually close my eyes to imagine this perfect place
Where I can dance in the rain and watch Studio Ghibli every day
I hope that I can have that one day,
To live peacefully on my own without a care in the world
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