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TT Sep 19
I know you love me
I feel it
As you sway beneath me
Every word,
Every touch
Attempted to break these walls
At first it was bliss
What once felt fun,
Now feels foreign
I don’t want to be here
I can’t be here
I’m sorry
TT Sep 4
I’m your final attempt
At love, at commitment
You are growing older
So you asked me a question
And I answered, willingly
Though, I can’t help but wonder
Is it us against the world
Or you,
Alone against the world
Racing against the clock
TT Aug 18
My feelings lie
Somewhere between
Freedom and devotion
Do I let myself fall
Or fly
Do they mean the same
When you’re involved
TT Aug 15
I would rather be told
If your thoughts shifted
To another
If my baggage
Became too heavy to bare
If the road ahead
Was gagged and full of obstacles
If your thoughts
Were suddenly negative
I would rather know
If you no longer loved me
TT Aug 7
Your soul sings a melody
One that makes me feel
Safety; love
I picked up the pieces
Glued what’s left back together
Now I’m handing it to you
No longer broken
TT Jun 27
Going through the motions
Becomes harder everyday
Anything to make me feel sane
I have found that it’s easier
To live life without living
When your heart folds
And your story
Is left untold
TT Jun 26
Today was the day
When intuition has come to fruition
The love has left your eyes
Silence graces your lips
I feel you pulling away
From the fighting
The games
You are no longer mine
It’s a hard pill to swallow
When love still lingers deep inside of me
It’s dark and lonely in here
In this place of sheer solitude
Alone with my thoughts and vulnerability
Where do I go from here?
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