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Sep 19 · 248
TT Sep 19
I know you love me
I feel it
As you sway beneath me
Every word,
Every touch
Attempted to break these walls
At first it was bliss
What once felt fun,
Now feels foreign
I don’t want to be here
I can’t be here
I’m sorry
Sep 4 · 34
TT Sep 4
I’m your final attempt
At love, at commitment
You are growing older
So you asked me a question
And I answered, willingly
Though, I can’t help but wonder
Is it us against the world
Or you,
Alone against the world
Racing against the clock
Aug 18 · 90
TT Aug 18
My feelings lie
Somewhere between
Freedom and devotion
Do I let myself fall
Or fly
Do they mean the same
When you’re involved
Aug 15 · 36
TT Aug 15
I would rather be told
If your thoughts shifted
To another
If my baggage
Became too heavy to bare
If the road ahead
Was gagged and full of obstacles
If your thoughts
Were suddenly negative
I would rather know
If you no longer loved me
Aug 7 · 40
TT Aug 7
Your soul sings a melody
One that makes me feel
Safety; love
I picked up the pieces
Glued what’s left back together
Now I’m handing it to you
No longer broken
Jun 27 · 67
TT Jun 27
Going through the motions
Becomes harder everyday
Anything to make me feel sane
I have found that it’s easier
To live life without living
When your heart folds
And your story
Is left untold
Jun 26 · 122
Conditional Love
TT Jun 26
Today was the day
When intuition has come to fruition
The love has left your eyes
Silence graces your lips
I feel you pulling away
From the fighting
The games
You are no longer mine
It’s a hard pill to swallow
When love still lingers deep inside of me
It’s dark and lonely in here
In this place of sheer solitude
Alone with my thoughts and vulnerability
Where do I go from here?
Jun 26 · 148
TT Jun 26
And finally I realized
I don’t want us to hurt each other anymore
Jan 28 · 174
TT Jan 28

Emotions we feel
That separate us from other beings
While simulatenously
Tearing us apart
Jul 2018 · 1.2k
Emotional Decay
TT Jul 2018
Sensitivity is negative
Or at least that’s what they say
Sadness, anger, love
Must be hidden away

Buried deep between the lines
Emotions must stay
For the world is not ready
Leave your feelings at bay
Aug 2017 · 988
TT Aug 2017
I am closed
My heart, barricaded
Molded together by unequivocal fear and total agony
It lies in bleak solitude
Pulsating with every emotion,
Yet left it it's cage, utterly dissatisfied
There are times when my heart can hear
It can hear the beckoning call of my suitor,
Begging this troubled heart to mend his pain
At times, it might understand the misery
Though, it is reminded readily,
That these walls are not meant for destruction
That these walls, shall instead last a lifetime

My heart cannot fix you,
My heart cannot fix this
It is unable to mend your wounds,
As mine have yet to heal
May 2017 · 172
Feels, Baby
TT May 2017
There are days when I curse God for giving me these feelings
All feelings,
Both pleasant and dreadful
It seems they cut deeper than most
That these emotions are somehow "more than"
I wonder why it is
Why am I beckoned to feel so much
Why does the person next to me seem to feel so little
Sensitivity and empathy combine to form self destruction
The worst part?
I feel it happening.
May 2017 · 194
TT May 2017
I look to the stars
In moments of weakness,
Or serenity
The stars share their wisdom,
Their delicacy
Those that recognize this
They seek the beauty in the darkness
Flourish in the moonlight,
Bask in the wonder

So each night,
I look to the stars,
And they help guide me home.
Apr 2017 · 8.0k
TT Apr 2017
I wished to explore all parts of you,
The gentle sway of your torso
The ***** words falling from your lips
I was inspired by your movement,
The profanity

It was a romance between millennials,
One fueled by intoxication and lust
Sparked by passion
Ignited by jealousy

We might even share words,
Stories of our past
Hopes for the future
But they'll always be just that

These moments won't last
Youth and spontaneity comes with a price
A price we must pay,
And a love we must sacrifice.
Mar 2017 · 482
TT Mar 2017
The memory of you is engraved in my mind
Your tender touch
Your faded smile
The thought of you seeps deeper into the hole in my heart
I find myself longing for your kiss towards the close of my night
I wait up
Dreaming you will knock on my door
Realizing the love we could have together,
The life we could have together

I know it is wasteful to think in this way,
To think of you
But every time I do
I pray someday,
Will love me the way I could have loved you.
Mar 2017 · 248
TT Mar 2017
Darkness brings demons for everyone
A threatening shadow in the corner of a room,
Faint, distant noises from an old decrepit home
The incessant cry of a child,
Steady whimper of a widower
All-consuming thoughts of anxiousness and worry
The unknown
Such demons leave darkness as the adversary
But what if darkness,
It's demons
Was truly heavenly light escaping brutal reality
Mar 2017 · 228
TT Mar 2017
It was fun at the beginning
Our bodies,
Consumed by alcohol and drugs
A deep sense of intimacy,
Derived from our compatible nature
We quickly became creatures of the night
Causing chaos,
Entertaining our limits
Laughing in the face of embarrassment

Though suddenly everything changed
The language you spoke became unrecognizable
As if the words leaving your lips were not your own
I wondered hopelessly how this came to be
How your heart and mind separated from your body
How our schemes lost meaning

I know that I cannot save you from yourself,
From this impending loneliness you so desire
Or the overarching fear of falling in love;
Of love's inconvenience

So I begin my descent
Deep into the walls of my own depression,
In a last chance effort to save myself
From failure,
From euphoria,
...From love altogether.
Mar 2017 · 199
Beat Beat Beat
TT Mar 2017
This heart in my chest,
It is beating again
Each note strikes with sharp conviction,
It's rhythm unscathed
My lungs work exhaustively
Each breath taxing
This song is composed for a single man,
For a man who cannot assume it's worth
So soon this melody will fade,
The powerful beats will subside,
And I will begin my search for another victim
To muse it's apparent flutter.
Feb 2017 · 343
Cradle To Coffin
TT Feb 2017
I was shown the world through a creative lens,
One where superpowers were real
And laughter was endless
Somewhere between the innocence and experience,
Life happened
The hero's began to fall
The sun forgot to rise
Soon, imaginations were misused
Actions misguided,
Though faint memories of juvenility remain--
The undeniable feeling of believing in something amazing
Of something beautiful
And I remember,
For a fraction of a second, I remember what it feels like to be *free
Feb 2017 · 148
sunshine and rainbows
TT Feb 2017
We are taught to look around us,
At the radiant sun gently falling beneath the surface
Or the wrinkled edges of an elders laugh lines
We are taught to look around us,
At the child whose laughter fuels our freedom
Or the motivational poster claiming "You can do it!"
We are taught to look around us,
At the lives of others
Or the destiny in which they have fulfilled
We are taught to look around us,
And maybe that's the problem
Nov 2016 · 172
Sad Boy
TT Nov 2016
You lay to my left
Your body,
Cold and motionless.
I trace my steady finger across your spine
A sensual motion,

I consider how it was before this moment
You once wrote me of happiness;
Of pleasant intimacy
Yet you choose to lie against this chilled, defaced wall,
Rather than within my tender grip

It must hurt
To feel so alone in a world full of people
I wish to show you love,
But we both know you'll be leaving soon,
And the world has no time for lessons of love
Oct 2016 · 159
TT Oct 2016
Your heart is my playground
Your body, my mission
A sinister touch,
I've marked my position
This child of night,
I am your musician
I'll play you a song
Of my own volition

Love is not love
For if you are near
Happy men
Riddled with fear
Your mind is sharp,
Your hair a mess
Please give us his heart
As it beats in your chest
Aug 2016 · 149
Seconds, minutes, hours
TT Aug 2016
It is becoming clearer, now,
That the burden of time is essential
For if we had no limit,
We would have since learned nothing
The general disregard for indispensable knowledge authorizes a sense of lunacy
A familiar place in which dreams do not exist
And failure is a past time
To surrender to such commonality,
Is to have simply died without living.
Aug 2016 · 149
TT Aug 2016
People speak of the exciting moments,
The ones in which we feel alive or troubled
Exotic adventures
Each story, either tragic or remarkable,
Extends across boarders.  

Immense joy and overbearing pain continues to trump serenity
As we seldom speak of those moments in which we feel useless
When the world seems to be spinning around us,
Our bodies senseless to it's movement.
These are the moments that make us human
The moments in which we are the most connected,
Yet our need to feel either happy or sad denies it's significance
And once again we find ourselves alone,
Alone in this life of neglected unity.
Jun 2016 · 157
TT Jun 2016
My nails are painted as black as the midnight sky,
My hair, cut short---bleached
I sit comfortably on my hardened mattress
The words on the page begin to look the same
Red, red, red
The blood drips slowly from my fingertips.

I would like to say that I feel lonely in this place,
That I feel misery has finally found it's company
Yet I find that even alone,
I am suffocating
These walls are slowly closing in on me,
And I can't find a reason to stop them.
Jun 2016 · 309
Rape Culture
TT Jun 2016
It constitutes a plethora of emotions
Whether it be by virtue of relativism,
Or basic humanism
We all feel something towards the word ****.

Though when the TV flashes wildly with a new case,
A white male's innocent face plastered across the media
Any previous notion of humanity is tainted--
Doubt and confusion, its captor.
But he's a respectable man--
A scholar,
A Stanford swimmer?
"He is not a ******"

So we find ourselves back here,
Staring lucidly at the word "****"
Feeling those same shuddering feelings,
Yet still searching for a better explanation.
Jun 2016 · 278
Short Dreams
TT Jun 2016
The filthy peasant approaches me;
The one in which I had hoped to see
A love declaration;
A serious consideration
Eternal popularity is all I may say
Eternal popularity;
The price I must pay
Dec 2015 · 173
TT Dec 2015
How sad,
When goodbyes release the pressure
And sudden loneliness helps you breathe again.
Nov 2015 · 251
TT Nov 2015
He lies,
Peacefully wrapped around my frozen skin
Grumbling as he steals the sheets,
Simultaneously dragging my heart along with them.
His lips press against my own
I feel happy,
Wanted, even.
Though I know deep down that this warmth--
From his alluring touch,
From this beautiful bed,
It won't keep me from running.
... nothing can keep me from running.
Nov 2015 · 199
TT Nov 2015
The world is burning
Yellow, red... black
I hear your screams for validation
Yet, I lay here, immobile

The flame resides at the foot of my bed
Intensity, pain... beauty
I burn within her core
For this fire is my creation,
And I must die loving her.
Aug 2015 · 216
Star struck
TT Aug 2015
The sun has fallen,
The moon rising in its decent
I watch,
As the stars come into focus
Their stories,
Painted on this canvas
I am not alone,
I can feel you watching this too
Though your view,
Is far greater than that of mine.
Aug 2015 · 276
Shine On
TT Aug 2015
My eyes dialate
The darkness of your voice, their trigger
I pull away
The constant ache, it seems unbearable
Yet I always find myself back here
In the midst of your agony, I reside,
Collapsed within the center of your crisis
For within your pain,
My resilience lies.
Jul 2015 · 330
Tick Tock
TT Jul 2015
Underneath her trembling vocals,
Lies an undesirable, untouched, beating heart
Pulsating beneath her fragile skin
It takes time to see such beauty,
To witness such a powerful love,
It takes time
The right man will eventually come
If the waiting doesn't **** her first.
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Now 999
TT Jul 2015

Fat 'ol ***
Big 'ol *******

Side ***
Main chick

Erectile Dysfunction
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
TT Jul 2015
The image of you is engraved in my mind
Each piece is essential to your being
I wouldn't compromise a thing  

I will familiarize myself with your likes and dislikes
Push your buttons just right,
In order for you to hate me just as much as you love me

Mystery and suspicion thrive within my tense bones
I just want your love
And your tears
Jul 2015 · 336
TT Jul 2015
Tiny missels cut across the nighttime sky
Each earth shattering bang continuously rings in the ears of thousands,
As the colorful aftermath delicately tapers off into the distance.
Once again, the sky is clear
For these shimmery bulbs of light have fulfilled their destiny
One combustion
One reaction
One disappearance
And worst of all,
They make it look easy
Jul 2015 · 582
Party Party Party
TT Jul 2015
Girls get wasted on the slightest possibility of love
Boys get drunk off of cheap beer and a little cleavage
I stand, cold, at the center of the room
Strangers pass
I want so badly to speak up
Something stops me every time  
Something I have yet to understand.
For now, though
I am closed off
And I'm just fine with that
At least I think I am.
Jul 2015 · 411
Wednesday Night Blues
TT Jul 2015
She is outgoing
Beautifully suave
Confident in all the right ways

I am alone
Eating microwave pizza
Imagining a life I don't have
Jul 2015 · 521
TT Jul 2015
You have a gun
He has a gun
She has a gun
Now the power you once felt while holding that metal death machine is faded away by the power of his
What now?
Jul 2015 · 261
TT Jul 2015
Certain individuals dedicate their lives to achieve such a title
Others simply idolize those they wish they could be while standing shyly in the shadows
But most,
Most people just want to be accepted.
Jun 2015 · 324
TT Jun 2015
As a race,
We were limitless
Unstoppable, even
We took life by the horns.
We matter very little
It's a dog eat dog mentality
Human life is consistently disrespected by its inhabitants
And this is not the way it was meant to be,
It is the way we have made it.
Jun 2015 · 497
This Love
TT Jun 2015
It was her
Her gleaming eyes became irresistible to him
His underlying emotional demeanor was obvious to her
She slid herself into his heart
It was not just a game,
It was a way for her to find love
For her, love meant taking hold of another mans heart,
Suffocating it
Squeezing it
And finally, crushing it.

She was it
She was that girl who hurt so badly that she could never love again
She destroyed every decent man in her path
This vicious cycle became a quick fix
For at any point in time,
She could always fish for more.
Jun 2015 · 268
TT Jun 2015
One step, two steps
Steady breaths
Emotional thoughts
More problems
Better solutions
I can see the finish line
And finally,
Jun 2015 · 483
Coast to Coast
TT Jun 2015
Lack of self confidence
We morph into the people surrounding us
Then they ask us who we are

I think of all the horrible events in my life
Isn't that the answer
Everything sad or traumatic
So we can continue to sulk in our pathetic lives
"My pain is worse than yours"

But what about our successes
It seems almost unnatural
In a world tainted by weakness and destruction
Why can't we absorb the light?
Jun 2015 · 322
TT Jun 2015
It's hard to watch her suffer
Tears streaming down her face
Collecting at her cheekbone,
Then falling onto the bedsheets all at once

She's crying over you again
I suppose it's a mixture of the lying and cheating
I wonder if I should tear into you like an unwrapped Christmas present
Though, I suspect Karma will suffice
For she's not creating these rivers of tears for nothing, my dear
Good luck.
Jun 2015 · 268
Amplify Acceptance
TT Jun 2015
Maybe the answer is not to fight the word,
But to change the stigma placed upon it.
Jun 2015 · 307
Sloppy Dreams
TT Jun 2015
I dream
Of the twinkling stars
The glowing moon
The dewy grass

I dream
Of my future
My extraordinary career
My beautiful family

But most of all,
I dream
Of you
Holding me under the dark sky
And creating a perfectly messy life together
Jun 2015 · 588
Bed Rock
TT Jun 2015
*** silences my emotionality
For thirty minutes,

We don't have to like each other
For thirty minutes,
There is no love to discover

For thirty minutes,
Nobody is asking for honesty

One day I will figure it out
But for these thirty minutes,
You're all I'm about.
Jun 2015 · 710
Hello, Cake Face
TT Jun 2015
We worry about the way people perceive us;
Pounding makeup into our overworked pores
Claiming the raunchy clothing makes us happy
And praying to God we don't embarrass ourselves.

It's as if societies configurations of who we are holds the immense power to truly define each and every one of us,
That their words, their intense language, controls our destiny.

Unfortunately, only you hold that power
You can opt to listen to the voices of those who wish only to see you crumble,
Or you can decide for yourself, that you will be much more than that.

Choose wisely.
Jun 2015 · 192
3 am
TT Jun 2015
Sleep deprivation is knocking at the door
It asks to come inside
"No, most definitely not!"
For I must lay here, awake
But you are tired ma'am, you must sleep
"No! If I were to sleep, I will dream of him"
You are only hurting yourself, ma'am.
"I couldn't possibly hurt anymore than I do right now"
Then why don't you sleep, ma'am,
*Why don't you sleep?
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