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The Father of the Earth awoke,

And gave a gift to each of his sons.

The first was knowledge,

So that they might triumph.

The second was will,

So that they might rage.

The third was hope,

So that they might endure.

And his sons gazed on high to ask,


And the Father was silent.

For no answer could justify the pain that would be his final gift,

So that they might see what it is to be alive.
 Apr 21 Mathew P Nangolo
When the fire
that used to ignite
our hearts burns out,
Would you still
caress my skin?

When the moon
that used to shine
for us vanish,
Would you still
look at me
as a your own?

When all the constellations
that used to be
the a sign of our love
hide behind the clouds,
Would you still
kiss me?

When all the lights
that we used to stare at
all died down,
Would you still embrace
my frail soul?

When all of this happened,
When everything that
makes us so happy
went wrong,
My love, am I thinking
too deep?
My love, answer me,
Would you stay?
—am i thinking too far?
 Apr 21 Mathew P Nangolo
Fear will always be there.
Following, tied to your ankles

In the brightest days one can see it so clearly,
In the darkest nights it becomes the hard air to breathe

Fear knocks on your door
The more locks you get, the louder it knocks

Fear sounds like birds chirping on a Saturday morning
The harder you try to sleep, the closer they seem

Only once one takes a breath of air,
Embraces the dark,
Opens the door,
And sings with the birds.

When they give in to their fears,
The will become free from them.
Got a headache
Bought on by stress
Bought on by heartache.
 Mar 22 Mathew P Nangolo
disappointment in the doubts
of dreary days,
my fingers and toes
are chilled but
sorrow burns my throat;
there's never been a time
my expectations for love
have been met, i
pick open old wounds
for strangers to lick
but they always leave,
things always get too
my disappointment makes me
bitter sweet on the tongue
of lovers and heavy in the hands
of friends—
when a heart broken
pours out all
her feelings and
translates them onto
words. something
beautiful gets created.
appreciated by many but
never the one
she's always written her
heart out for.
 Apr 2019 Mathew P Nangolo
No mountain
could stop me
from starring at you
no busy road
could keep me
from running to you
nothing on this earth
could keep us apart
because this isn't my world

you are
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