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Surprised3ye Jan 2021
War is a waste, but to me, it adds value to peace.
Victory can have a bitter taste. A battle won brings a brief moment of joy, but it is only a lease.

The battlefield no longer has to be physical locations.
Our minds are now the prime destinations.
The eyes and ears are a road to the mind.
The constant fear-mongering in the form of news causing worrisome Ruminations.

I've fought the fight many times, and my victories were bittersweet at best.
I realized the only real way to win is to stay on guard. Your mind can never rest.
Understand that everything you see and hear and possibly a test.
Surprised3ye Jun 2020
Meeting new people shouldn’t be a daunting task, but it often feels like it. Intentions aren’t worn as ****** expressions, and kind words are just bait for prey. Friend or foe time will tell, but we will start with a smile and a handshake.
Surprised3ye Jun 2020
One candle on my birthday cake.
The room was filled smiles and laughter.
Everything is great nothing to wish for..

Ten candles on my birthday cake.
My father wasn’t there for this one.
I wish he was around more..

18 candles on my birthday cake.
I can think for myself.
I wish my mom wasn’t so controlling..

21 candles my birthday cake.
I’ve been self medicating before I was legally able to.
I wish there was another way for me to cope with my issues..

30 candles on my birthday cake.
Celebrating this one with wife and kids.
I wish for many more..

35 candles on my birthday cake.
Divorced feeling alone.
I wish I had some company.

40 candles on my birthday cake.
I think it’s time to blow the candles out.
I wish my wishes came true.
Surprised3ye Jun 2020
Backpack lightly packed sitting on the bed.
No plane tickets, no travel guide, no peer recommendations for this trip. Just a comfortable pair of shoes.  

It’s been real noisy lately.
Arguments over opinions expressed as facts.
My Television is unplugged. However my phone is wirelessly tethered. Socially trained by the media.
Even though I woke up on the right side of the bed. With a loud ping my phone notifies me of today’s outrage.

Power off!

Today I walk away. Heading north until I reach a quiet place.
Surprised3ye Apr 2020
War is glamorized in every way that
peace is a delusion. We wake
up prepared to be agitated.
So much so we're upset before
any thing negative occurs. Lets
fight for peace. Arm ourselves
for battle! were losing the Earth,
but hope isn't lost.
Surprised3ye Apr 2020
Love got between you being
the reason I smile.
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