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Sep 2 · 25
Yazad Tafti Sep 2
hopefully you die sometime soon
because i feel dead after each stare given
and each time ignored

hopefully you cry sometime soon
like i did when i'm kicked out
and a few words too share is too much to ask at 10 pm

hopefully you're defenses drop
you are a forgotten prop
this key to your emotions unlocked
the last time grew my ***** dropped

no devotion for your emotion
Aug 30 · 191
you are my
Yazad Tafti Aug 30
you are my smile you are my frown
you are the reason my world is never upside down
you are gravity you are air
you propel me to do things; never despair
you are my reason you are my life
you are my flower when i'm in pain
but i grab your thorns in this blood trickling rain
you are my sunshine you are my breeze
these days you breeze on by swiftly
i love you you are my soul
but i feel like i'm the sole soul
in this milkshake drinking duo

i'm shaken these days only half the milkshake is ever finished
Aug 26 · 57
Yazad Tafti Aug 26
i write with random thought
but every word slowly leads me back to you

i try to get away but every
second i type you define my stanzas

you are the structural font behind my every line
and description
you bring the heat no need for ignition

you are my verse 2, 3 and 4

and your name
your sweet breath fulfilling name

is my chorus to which i joyfully hum throughout my days
and evenings

just to have an evening with you my love <3
man ***** or not my eyes are always coming back to you ;)
Yazad Tafti Aug 26
bring me the horizon where
a vivid orange heat wave vibes into my iris
i'm more after you than the IRS
taxes should be applicable on you for looking so fiiine girl

she got an ***
suppress her sass
a contributing class

she got a smile that
lit up my eyes like a flashing turnstile

she got some eyes
that turn more heads than held in a booming enterprise

you got it all
even though your **** are small
and every time i look at you i remember what it's
like to be in a little piece of angelic heaven

i will always love you
Aug 21 · 32
Yazad Tafti Aug 21
i am so hurt
strangled in my sorrows
from every angle
eyes shut a redevelopment in my bone marrow
until i cannot breathe
i have left no more stamina
breath exhaled
bones crumbled to ivory dust
i lay with a soul now empty
the grease remain scraped up with a  spatula
just know i will always love you plenty
Yazad Tafti Aug 19
you are my songbird and i always
rejoice to your hymn
but recently your songs make me drift apart from
an altered spirituality
a renounced melancholic grin
Aug 19 · 24
my love
Yazad Tafti Aug 19
your eyes burn
holes in me
i'm not willing to mend them
but i will fight back and love
you with a fire just as deep
you know it's you
Jul 15 · 49
when your smile fades
Yazad Tafti Jul 15
when your smile fades my
heart drops just as your cheek bones do
and everyone's enthusiasm does
when your eyes sadden
my euphoria hides just as your
eagerness to welcome me does
just as an afraid bear cub does to a wrath swallowing winter  
when your smile fades
i cry in the corner and whip my self as if indiana jones did
shatter my crystal skull
granulize the pieces like the extinguishment of a burnt cigarette
my scars never fade
when your tears run
i run towards you to comfort you as beanbag chairs do
to channel flipping tv junkies
when your smile fades i will always love you
when your smile fades a part of me vaporizes
when your smile fades a part of mine grows
when your smile fades
i hope you know what it's like to be tortured
hurt and whipped
my scars upon my face just as the joker entertains
ensures my
smile never
my darling *****
Yazad Tafti Jul 10
irony and tyranny
ironic isn't is how photographers say don't forget to smile in photos when they hate their job

funny isn't is when a comedian jokes a bout a car accident on the 401 but the audience's daughter died apart of it

silly isn't it how dentist who make great money have just as great a suicide rate

crazy isn't it how I write immense poems but read as negligible amount

odd isn't it how aunt susanne would sow sweaters but had no children

aunt susanne was at the comedy show a week after her daughter died on the 401, each sweater sown would be the same size as sally would have been that year .

she loved sally .
Jul 1 · 37
twit and a twat
Yazad Tafti Jul 1
morning swift tides upon a bank of swiss wind eroded rocks
rock your world because no chocolate is sweeter than your smile
milk pitchered chocolate leaving a streak of vanilla as a sunburst yellow horizon streaks on the water
i love looking in to your eyes
that's when time freezes and i chill like
an eyesicle
Jun 24 · 33
training day
Yazad Tafti Jun 24
i'm training
blood staining
body engraving
organs paining
and all you wanted was to see a smile
walk 200 billboards worth of repelling miles
worse than grocery spills
no clean up in aisle 4
and this clean up is for you
Jun 24 · 43
freely flowing
Yazad Tafti Jun 24
freely flowing across the sea of processed refined
flimsy, takes the shape of breezes just as my
ball point breezes across this cotton gestured framework
paper dented
skull shattered
fragments spewed like a precracked glass stencil
your body laid out
and i'm not loving it but
something had to be done
no more running
Jun 11 · 46
stfu and smd
Yazad Tafti Jun 11
days come when my eyesight simmers and i go all googly
eyed upon your presence
- dropped jaw left a mark in that concrete -

your presence is your greatest present

as the sun dismounts its self from the sky
Just as an ornament debranches from the tree upon boxing day

you are mi corazon
the fusion reactions which support the sun
the uv rays which nurture plants
the roses i pick for you upon the brightest moon
the sweet summer dance i shared upon you in the month of june

you are the most fond melody
only justice woulb be brought when played by a symphony

you are my heat waves and i am your
cool summer drink
get on your knees
like lemons fall from lemon trees
like bass notes drop on a timpani
i'm about to lemonade in your mouth babe

Jun 6 · 24
how to not be a bitch
Yazad Tafti Jun 6
don't give a ****

don't fall in love

don't be kind

back the *******

stop trading your life for theirs

don't fall head over heels for them

don't go on joy rides around the city

don't give them your time of day, i'd give them every second

stop waiting for them

stop asking them out

**** off all relation

don't be the ***** of the relationship
Jun 6 · 128
waterfall ricochets
Yazad Tafti Jun 6
i see your swift current grasping waterfalls


you make me melt

you are the bean bag chair to my acid trip

i want to feel deserving,

lack of purity on my mind

was it that difficult, a burden, to simply visit me for once?

i'd travel mountains but you can't travel on a simple streetcar

ya ....

the only ricochets of this waterfall are not your eye based ones to mine

but me leaping headfirst down your current led waterfall

hit the bottom


i ricochet
Jun 1 · 29
butterflies to fly to
Yazad Tafti Jun 1
the butterfly's wing
sing's too me like a seldom symphonic melody
my ears are always listening
for the sweet archaic remedy

as it brushes on my cheek and
circulates my chrysanthemum
all pollen has been found
all pollen has been brawling

sweeet aromas vaporize
gas flash points
and i'd flash to you in an instant
blinded by your beauty
the sun is reflected
your presence detected

in your graceful butterfly wings
May 27 · 41
Stomach flu
Yazad Tafti May 27
Ever feel your stomach churn and realize
Crocodiles eat my insides
Devour my organs tooth,  ink jetted pen stabbed in a notebook scarred, by tooth
I shake too much to drive , I change lanes all the time without a signal because I never got one from you
Pavement feels like I'm off terrain  
The afterlife is now just something I call life ,
At least here no one lies but buried beneath we all lie

Did you ever care or would you just yell at my departure that great **** of a man didn't even have the manners to say bye.
Friend to scapegoat
Friend to I wish I knew :/
May 25 · 65
ruby red raindrops
Yazad Tafti May 25
blood trickles down my forearm as fresh rivers of water rush through cracks formed by earth's shifted tectonic plates

i scream for your name, i scream in vein

eye's strained veins obsessive as a jellyfish tentacles grasping my iris tied down as captured safari animals net retained dragged away form their children

i search for your image, eyes search for your image

as a ghost french exhales souls of names once spoken and wafts the syllables which define your name

i grasp your conscious self in my arms, i lose your conscious self through wielding armed arms

the days I long to hold you my dear
to hold you
in my arms only nurtured
by your

ruby red
r                    .
a                 .
   i               .
     n       C>
Apr 29 · 194
Yazad Tafti Apr 29
your eyes are a crystal ball
i see an infusion of colours and an array;
of my time transmitted self

i see my future and it's not just in your eyes
it's you <3
Yazad Tafti Apr 17
saffron frontier of bewildering junipers
aquamarine formed leave me breathless and scorned
rip up my heart tie is down to a steel slate
and watch it delaminate
peel piece by layer
ungluing spindle stuck fibers tear
sweetheart's credit expiry date
intiate your soft precious acid lounge lips
perspicacious lad when you sway your hips
hips that make me trip upon your sunkisssed garden
you blue my mind like saffron
im ***** as a juniper
you are my love and my moon
and i long for Uranus.
Apr 13 · 225
i love you
Yazad Tafti Apr 13
i love you
i love you
when are you going to let me love you
Apr 11 · 145
the law of attraction
Yazad Tafti Apr 11
you pull me in so deep
until i don't want to find a way out

you say make myself at home
and then i start redecorating all the walls

you are a magnet with a north pole
but i remagnetize both my poles to only be south

you welcome me with open arms
until i recognize that as the only form of greeting

you say my clothes are yours
and i reinvent your whole fashion line

you say what's mine is yours
and i write my name on everything to commemorate

your eyes are the ones i stare into
until they are the only ones i still recognize

and when you say LEAVE
i say you are the one in

comfort in uncomfortable territories leads to discomfort for the comforter
don;t comfort someone you aren't comfortable with :::DDD
Apr 6 · 24
Yazad Tafti Apr 6
the question is not how much poetry i can write about you?

the question is how much poetry may i write about you!

because i can write scriptures to fill libraries until shelves are stacked upon shelves
just a note
Mar 23 · 459
walnut eyes
Yazad Tafti Mar 23
sometimes you just make the world stop spinning
and my heart stop beating
and my eyes stop searching

i'd search for you all day and night just to see those

Mar 18 · 273
living room portrait
Yazad Tafti Mar 18
a portrait painted in my mind

watching you in the living room with another living being

i've had ******* comedowns which killed me a bit more,

but this comedown off of you in my expectations

this room suddenly doesn't make me feel like living anymore

sink in to the couch and never come out ( i may just be soft) lel
Mar 3 · 48
this sucks
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
help me understand
sit me on that chair and pierce my ******* with your metallic stinging clamps
bite down until my holes are seen
rip them off blood and an under layer of my bleeding red muscles
hooks pierce my eye lids sideways
scars growing as land splits into two
skull cracked and etched
beat me with your baseball bat home run
i told my self i wouldn't write one of these but i chose to
it isn't emotion
Mar 3 · 155
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
soak up that summer sun
drenched by the H2O
soak up the winter breeze
drenched by the slush from trees
soak up the fall colour
changed by the inspiring scholar
soak up that summer sun
spring into action and all.
Mar 3 · 36
breaking down
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
i'm a ******* monument
ready to be tipped off a loading dock in to a havoc filled ocean or razor shard milk cartons
Mar 3 · 43
cherry red lips
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
when someone else bites why do i bleed?

how much blood can seep through me

when she takes her jaw and rips out my artery

isn't that enough or do i need to give you

your own blood as well?
people jeez
Mar 3 · 39
oh baby
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
oh baby
ya maybe
hide me away under your swade blanket -- shady
cut me out just like my first lady
divorce witchery of all sorts
sign the papers
mmmm taste the video tapers
**** ****
Mar 3 · 49
weight loss
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
who's got that knife scavenging the tourist attractions of my insides
such a pretty sight
let me and my friends join in
ohhhh a nice slimey liver i can make that thing swell up
just a overblown balloon waiting to be pinned
ahhh such a new addition, a river fabricated
flow my lovely , in to the depths which hades invites me so willingly
that pancreas looks mighty fine
let me touch it up
ohhh yaa now you look beautiful
just a sight for the masses
hurry get a peek while the attraction lasts hahaha
rarer than an eclipse
the one my uninformed volunteer sees is permanent
Mar 3 · 25
no care
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
caring *****
i don't care about your ****** opinions
throw them in the trash can with the crumpled paper ***** and the tarnished banana peel
waste disposal
go get it
Mar 3 · 25
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
chinchilla eyes which gleam like luxurious sand vulcanized marble
pouty lips
dripping with gravy
on your poutine lips
Mar 3 · 22
blank page
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
i'm ready to write and then i read another poem and i dont' give a ****

trimming the hedges , just go straight for the roots

carved axes etches blade like fingerprints in raw unprocessed paper pages

pages me and this blackberry has died

no water has been poured and a concrete slab has smushed it as a thumb pushing through the fine...
Mar 3 · 25
fuck a bitch
Yazad Tafti Mar 3
bend her over and stick your **** in real nice

you know that high frequency pitch you hear when you think electronics are on the fritz

it ain't

it just me ****** my girl real nice
Yazad Tafti Feb 13
melodies flowed through the air but were only heard by the select few willing to decipher

do you remember that tune I hummed life times ago across the pond's still waters as we tilted our hats to the sway of the suns waves.

you wore a denim, deep blue dyed,

- deeper than the stare you first gave me into my glacier blue eyes -

hat,                                                          ­                as i tilted mine to your
                                                                ­shoulder opening
                                                                ­            a landing pad for my
                                                                ­    petunia welding sun
                                                             ­                   hat.

we glared across the bullseye pond meadow  

tenacious a moment i could not let go

ten ages since that moment and i did not let go

do you remember the song i hummed all those lifetimes ago

well you hum it every night so,

               ­                             i know you know
Jan 28 · 752
Yazad Tafti Jan 28
was god made with insecurities that

he had made us with insecurities to

make himself

feel better

--- maybe imperfection was the biggest insecurity

. but imperfections relieve the pressure
of expecting

and that makes my life perfect
i love god and to me imperfection is the most difficult perfection there is ....9999.9999% is imperfect to someone's eye and perfect to another's

Yazad Tafti Jan 27
i wonder i

really really wonder

why does nothing seem wonderful anymore.

your smile is not as warm as it used to be lil wayne said i got ice in my veins

morning snow gave me a cure turned my frown upside down

the beauty of fresh silk cast upon naked grounds by the master weaver himself

the real beauty lied in the characteristic of it's ability to rush my blood to my skin, make my temperature drop below body regulation, a prolonged decision of hypothermia

in extreme cases of hypothermia, victims undress themselves and are found naked in the cold due to biologically responsive effects

we are born naked , why not die naked too

at least we died cool (pun)

it makes me wonder
i really www -ww-woo-w-onde

(slows breath)

poetry or not i like gfetting me thought ouuuut
Yazad Tafti Jan 19
words which squeezed out veining the neck of the bottle

the bottle storing all my honest, sincere, compassionate words that no one wants to hear

the epitome of abuse just seems so used up

i've been shaking this bottle filled of chamPAIN for months now

slowly a mushroom cloud forecast has been developing

incinerated indium

violent violet

the cork popped

accompanied by the entirety of the split second mosaic bottle

and as usual honesty fed the beast

to live miserably ever after :( :)
Jan 8 · 39
Yazad Tafti Jan 8
spread wings as the sun's

a sulfur tinted spotlight caught by the anatomical heat sync aliased as  a pair of spread wings

-- i emit the rays for a potential son to the mistress who spreads her legs just as wide--
a monday routine built in relation to a 0  → π sin wave echoing an arch of its own

stained glass portraits seen through the amplified projection of a wing shaped lens

-- reminders of stained glass cathedrals , dipping a bit of vibrant light into our monocoloured lives.
a place where religions aggregate from legions --
an exhibit exhibited

but really when was the last time you were watching
Yazad Tafti Dec 2020
it hadn't been since aunt martha gave me the gift of a warm cinnamon  hinted hot chocolate on that brisk winter day, had I felt such warmth from a kind hearted soul...hands heated, warm ceramic reviving my icicle ******* (slow) blood flow

the cinnamon sparkle that gleamed and aromatized my gibbous eyes giving me a sense of acknowledgement
helping me to reach a state of full illumination
emit unprecedented light

such kindness and welcoming feelings
Wonka had encouraged me this way as I chewed my way through his half eaten golden ticket
a delightful treat but my taste buds hadn't treated it toooo delightfully

thank you for giving me your time and many thanks for permitting me to give you mine

the best part of my day is seeing you

and if i ever said i wasted it away....
out of the 7 billion people (1000 i really know)
                 i chose
                            to waste it away
                                                            ­  you.


citronella and sit down with me cinderella
***** whooooo ya babbbyyy
Dec 2020 · 75
tantalizing sun
Yazad Tafti Dec 2020
how they say you are the brightest part of my day \

but it is you who i cannot look at long enough to confirm that fact.

   fudge is the sweetest dish of a lifetime

but after all the chewing i cannot preserve my teeth to further taste you

   drums the one that brings the most groove

but i am crippled and i sway in chair ,,moving with my wheels

   the most important files known to man

but my life is on the line and i am no man who would want to know them

                                    tantalizing sun
my sun glasses tantalize you back
an eye for an eye ,,,,a view for some uv protection
Dec 2020 · 49
Dec 2020 · 45
Yazad Tafti Dec 2020
pinch me
squeeze my cheeks
notify me that i'm not dreaming
dig your nails deep into my knitted textured pores
pour my arterial creations into your donation cup
this charity is based off a blood drive
and your driving my blood all the way down
a waterfall
with jagged rocks awaiting a chance to repaint and give my face
a makeover

but this makeover will make me want to turn over forever....away from everyone

now that's how you get some peace of mind
just some bs (bob sally)
Dec 2020 · 334
Yazad Tafti Dec 2020
NICE ****
looks like i know where i'm going to **** all over next ...

that's right

right in your *******

hahahah  never saw that one cuming
back door or no door
Nov 2020 · 145
help me
Yazad Tafti Nov 2020
help me i need your help
but asking for it these days is when i feel
Yazad Tafti Oct 2020
this is how i die an array of colours flashed
hippy's tie die shirt glamourized before me
a 60s hendrix tripping vibe
too much deception, not enough communication
silence was the biggest killer...

after all most deaths are silent
and the dead don't speak

but who says they're not listening

a record collection of conversations stored in heathe ledger's memory files , the frontal lobe archives

just like the front side of the incoming car
just like the front side of the quickly approaching cliff ledge
just like the frontal assault i planted on myself,
but my pain is is everyone else i know who must bear it  for a lifetime if they discontinue this domino effect

(i'm not talking about domino's pizza) hut OBVIOUSLY

I ordered the extra large cheese with a side of jalapeno's because this one if going to burn with a cheesy ending

how could you miss it.... i wrote it in my death note.
sardines on your pizza....that's the real death note hahahaha jkjkjkj lelel **** mmmmm vjj
Yazad Tafti Aug 2020
nail my coffin shut with corroding roses of a valentine pink rust
compress the woodboards until i comprehend that oak and fine birch are the smell of suffocation
crunch me into a cube as an awaiting student crushes his returned test with more errors on it than a 1950s military map of a recently constructed city

cuff me up in this coffin

I've been living in it ever since this office cubical has been my slowly disintegrating temple of economical sustainability
work ***** like a **** star
Yazad Tafti Aug 2020
paved asphalt pass brimley and the 401 provincial highway
windows shy, hiding beneath mid door crevice
giving way for the combing wind
elvis's hairdue comes naturally at 120 km/hour
look in my rear view
her smile illuminates my world
radiates lumens past circuit driven tungsten (W)
corsets my heart into a reoriented rush of ecstatic cross spindled fibers
the joy of the bingo jackpot for the community center regular who plays their last card before going home
an "I 17" echoes through the air

but this card was misread, I 17 was a spot above the required
she was never in the backseat and she was doing us both a favor
just as the grocer who puts eggs at the top of the bag
her smile irradiated the room
her smile came straight from those high beams pleading for a head on collision

azides leaked though a break neck pillow
azides for my esophagus
leading to my sarcophagus
sodium azide is the salt responsible for the inflation of airbags ...cutting it short just like my fondest driving memory
Yazad Tafti Jul 2020
rip all my hairs out hoping they access a brain cell to help me wipe my memory like a shaun white, snow tidal wipeout

strand by strand hoping to find a destresser to pull the plug of my brain's photobooks

you catalyze my grief and a cobweb nostalgia
silk an admired commodity yet **** out by a creature who has it handed to it at aggregated birth

stuck in this mess
but i have my fist clenched around a web which is as adhesive as a 48 hour hardened glue

glued to you but i'm acetone fused and it's only a serum's distance to an isle of distant cries , haunting melodies of  f# major vocal hymns and

a sand filled paradise where wild life flies and quick sand awaits to offer a gorgeous, satin, embodiment of warmth.

yours deceivingly..

that good old horrendous feeling
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