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Nov 16 · 115
help me
Yazad Tafti Nov 16
help me i need your help
but asking for it these days is when i feel
Yazad Tafti Oct 24
this is how i die an array of colours flashed
hippy's tie die shirt glamourized before me
a 60s hendrix tripping vibe
too much deception, not enough communication
silence was the biggest killer...

after all most deaths are silent
and the dead don't speak

but who says they're not listening

a record collection of conversations stored in heathe ledger's memory files , the frontal lobe archives

just like the front side of the incoming car
just like the front side of the quickly approaching cliff ledge
just like the frontal assault i planted on myself,
but my pain is is everyone else i know who must bear it  for a lifetime if they discontinue this domino effect

(i'm not talking about domino's pizza) hut OBVIOUSLY

I ordered the extra large cheese with a side of jalapeno's because this one if going to burn with a cheesy ending

how could you miss it.... i wrote it in my death note.
sardines on your pizza....that's the real death note hahahaha jkjkjkj lelel **** mmmmm vjj
Yazad Tafti Aug 31
nail my coffin shut with corroding roses of a valentine pink rust
compress the woodboards until i comprehend that oak and fine birch are the smell of suffocation
crunch me into a cube as an awaiting student crushes his returned test with more errors on it than a 1950s military map of a recently constructed city

cuff me up in this coffin

I've been living in it ever since this office cubical has been my slowly disintegrating temple of economical sustainability
work ***** like a **** star
Yazad Tafti Aug 26
paved asphalt pass brimley and the 401 provincial highway
windows shy, hiding beneath mid door crevice
giving way for the combing wind
elvis's hairdue comes naturally at 120 km/hour
look in my rear view
her smile illuminates my world
radiates lumens past circuit driven tungsten (W)
corsets my heart into a reoriented rush of ecstatic cross spindled fibers
the joy of the bingo jackpot for the community center regular who plays their last card before going home
an "I 17" echoes through the air

but this card was misread, I 17 was a spot above the required
she was never in the backseat and she was doing us both a favor
just as the grocer who puts eggs at the top of the bag
her smile irradiated the room
her smile came straight from those high beams pleading for a head on collision

azides leaked though a break neck pillow
azides for my esophagus
leading to my sarcophagus
sodium azide is the salt responsible for the inflation of airbags ...cutting it short just like my fondest driving memory
Yazad Tafti Jul 21
rip all my hairs out hoping they access a brain cell to help me wipe my memory like a shaun white, snow tidal wipeout

strand by strand hoping to find a destresser to pull the plug of my brain's photobooks

you catalyze my grief and a cobweb nostalgia
silk an admired commodity yet **** out by a creature who has it handed to it at aggregated birth

stuck in this mess
but i have my fist clenched around a web which is as adhesive as a 48 hour hardened glue

glued to you but i'm acetone fused and it's only a serum's distance to an isle of distant cries , haunting melodies of  f# major vocal hymns and

a sand filled paradise where wild life flies and quick sand awaits to offer a gorgeous, satin, embodiment of warmth.

yours deceivingly..

that good old horrendous feeling
Yazad Tafti Jun 28
***** x2
***** x3

i slither down you gorge guided crevice
the walls ache
stalactites clash into still river trickled streams
sunken treasures deep in your bay
gold for generations to ***
ya baby i got all the gold for your treasure chest
Jun 19 · 68
heart stone
Yazad Tafti Jun 19
love carved and grazed
needled and etched
plastered and secured
through a fine cross section of a wormhole altered looking glass
beads pour down this sculpture as water droplets do on 10 minutes past showered jasmine petals
time stretched
wave warped
a benevolent hosting guardian
as water drips i have showered the land through these hosting lenses
and your mineral shaped circulating spectacle
a heart stone awaiting nourishment down to its
water grasping core
tree fell in the forest no one cared....we all got firewood
Yazad Tafti Jun 15
i like to sing lalalalalala
hopping through meadows lalalalala
me and my lift off ready propeller hat, suspended denim, wheat grazed overalls and that lollipop ...oh that lollipop that beacons the **** this kid get a lollipop as big as his head.....oh **** he got a lollipop as big as soviet think he'd be lifting barbells to carry a lollipop that big...yoooo arnold..... mr universe step aside we got mr ***** ****** cavity to be over here...

ahhh such a warm vignette of a sight captured on my negative stained film reel.

those ******* golden, luminous, norma jean hue

all altered piece by piece composition due to video editing after effects

the raw footage...oh the unfiltered, unsteady, dim lit, yet sharp as a boyonette ready to taste invasive fibers raw footage

me watching the world pass by as i drive my car off that unmarked, unused bridge exit, just knowing my car isn't going to assemble into a submarine...

did i mention there was light jazz playing to compliment the cool gravity propelled breeze....if only my propeller hat was worn...but it was a fedora kind of day :/
i think kids are cool cause they're so ******* happy ..imagine myself as that kid cliche ..happy cliche
Yazad Tafti Jun 2
it's been a while
i feel like the mildly growing mold over grout between the old ceramic tiles
slowly all the molecules compile forming molecular sieves
established in a matrix as complex as keanu reeves
the grief, placed by the thief, who longed relief, while he took all his treasures from that broken down coffee shop and placed them by the reef,
what they didn't know was in the basement lied a fortune that was a generations worth of priceless treasures
and i sat and watched from the shore line
no reports
no incident claims
no shedded spotlights
i merely out grew the incident from my memory,
as mold out grew grout between a forgotten coffee shops fermenting ceramic tiles
Yazad Tafti May 6
ceremony spiraled down into a coniferous cone like - gesture

raise your glass make a toast

deliver the speech our ears have been yearning to gracefully hear

your words, oh your soothing, pain dissolving words

they solved every problem we ever encountered in a lifetime...

for the moment being


the moment fades just like our memory of your  soul lifting elocution (speech)

but we do remember the smiles gathered and shared

for we all know --what's her name again...i only remember her face

said every person ever to hazily recall another
face and her **** bruhhhh
Yazad Tafti Apr 16
today i feel like putting a gun to my temple
colt .45 ravaged my cranium only so i don't have to go to temple
no more sins i need to have confessed
polished sleek glock; my prayer ejected through the chamber
hold on, the last time i come to terms with contraband
am i filled with love,  joy, despair or anger?
all i need is my reverend spirit to unclothe its self
i no longer succumb to the falsity of needing to have impressed

cut the gesture man
you just be playing chicken
but when i quit playing
you'll hear me squawk
one shot you'll know i've been stricken
farmer Joe tell him this is his last wake-up call
and that bright light in the mornin bruh
we all know sunrises don't last for a split second  

POP! muuu fckkkaaa
really it's a rooster that squawks in the morning
i feel better
one way in one way out baby
Apr 2 · 77
i'm gonna blow
Yazad Tafti Apr 2
i'm mount st helen and i'm about erupt and spew this magma all over your  sacred, unchallenged city
yosemite national park am i and this geyser is about unleash steam deep into your ****** pores
you'll get a steam cleaning better than most nurturing spa's give in their treatment
you're that piece of slightly scuffled down fabric and i'm a needle dying to put my thread through your ever so narrow orifices
i'm the whale and i've been submerged in water long enough to have my blow hole spray like an 18th century stone sculpted fountain
i'm a landmine waiting to be triggered and you just miraculously stepped on my area of the turf
i'm the colours of holi and you just walked through an empty corridor paralleled with balconies of festive celebrators in your brand spanking new WHITE nikes and plain white 'mother says don't get your new shirt ***** or you'll be handwashing this with a gallon of detergent' t-shirt

i'm at peace once again,,, but i'm - a - building it up just again

Yazad Tafti Mar 25
summertime quarantine
an infectious summer
vaccinated by its rays of semi-life evoking sunlight
lathered in a thin sheet of SPF
those eyes glazed,
window sill eye lashes
her window i saw ever so gracefully
but a window only shows the frontal view .
i want to observe every latitudinal angle
and beyond the periphery of my peripherals.

i'm always in social isolation when my eyes are locked in with yours.
these windows don't need NOOO windex ! :D
Yazad Tafti Mar 13
you are the LEDs on my christmas tree
the candles on my menorah
during diwali the flame on my divaa
the flashlight for the lone camper's midnight stroll
the headbeam for the train pursuing it's iron railed tunnel

you are the sun for the albino person
you are the laser to an innocently peaking child
the 1,000,000 lumens to dracula
the grenade to the amputated war veteran

you are the reason for my pupils to dilate

you make me wish my iris never stopped constricting
i did ******* again ...smh **** what a waste of this ****** life
Yazad Tafti Feb 29
pain numbed
enchanting melodies hummed
rudimentary snares drummed
to the essence of which my ear drums fund

crackle tackle and hit the snare
animal skin (synthetic) to which the chemical hunter dared
take the long isle of steel caliber
skin tarnished
blood glistened
bullet varnished

beg your pardon
ripped apart like the tender egg shell carton
for when my finger triggered that trigger
it triggered an offset in me
a lack of principle sympathy

the warfare javelin which struck the wind
a screech of F#
a melody left my ear drums thinned

and for all who know
this is what i fear the most
no more mr. nice guy
he's stuck in comatose
rhyming weeeeee
Feb 8 · 162
Yazad Tafti Feb 8
the dichotomous tree which branches
out; line by line a descending waterfall of ancestry
C'est une histoire excavated from the roots of its emergence
trickle by trickle
sibling by sibling
heritage by inheritance
i look upon to see the branches which all led to
this great fortune
Yazad Tafti
here i stand
waiting for my spring to further blossom
the branches which beg for my approval
a new valence awaiting further bonding
baileys truffles did it
chemistry lingo
Feb 8 · 69
ode to a death wish
Yazad Tafti Feb 8
cap pulled off this one also roams around my head
skull bare brains
dreams of a neurologist shattered
the root of my knowledge castrated i'm better off
as fortified as a stable fine thread
paint these walls a shimmering laminate of crimson
the crime on me an ode to a death wish
but yet wished upon by others
from james and taylor and christie with love
so pull that cap slowly to my head
'fitted' one size fits all
what a beautiful sight as that flash seduces me
50 shades of grey matter
just let me live baby
Feb 7 · 46
Yazad Tafti Feb 7
lick tongue sealed the chronic condition of this flimsy envelope
glue made mobile
tongue devours all that made the flavour of that sweet additive of
ever so luring adhesive
taste me
taste me
seal me like your lips after i brush my fingers down your sifting hair to your hypnotic hips
conceal me and i'll seal you with every taste
glue me down with your formulating lip gloss
a message you'll carry around with you that was never spoken loud
this envelope is sealed and is waiting to be dropped at its destination
P.O. box
123 love me like i could have loved you
mail is outdated but we kept it stylish
Jan 29 · 64
Britains got critics
Yazad Tafti Jan 29
simon cowell you just rant at others
for attention and the mentions
unravel your critiques on their dreams of stardom just make them realize
just make them realize..

the start are right there ...
just on the other end of that lovely black hole
dare to enter?

simon cowell
with your silverfox hair tinted
how much do you demand the light operator to keep the spotlight subtly grazing your hair fix
britains got talent
and you got the hair do that overwhelms crowds

simon says
but we don't want to listen
simon cowell
hands cloaking an astonished appearance of awe
you do tell us how it is
and we will choose to make it how you want it to be

good guy
i am the fuckn critic here
Jan 19 · 123
Yazad Tafti Jan 19
when it comes to my mind
i'll know what to write
but for now i dont
just because
put me under pressure
and i'll sneeze for you
bless you
don't be sick
the end
Jan 19 · 101
Yazad Tafti Jan 19
she snuggles next to me
always inflames my nostrils with that scent of over so whelming freshness
she is the car freshener which makes me admire long country side drives
she keeps saying hello...oh so beautiful and kind
i don't want to share
i'm a selfish *****
but she is not mine for the taking
she is a gift and i was lucky enough to unlace the first scarlet ribbon
happy ish pretty gurl mon
Jan 8 · 615
aromatized vanillin
Yazad Tafti Jan 8
sculpt you in the palm of my hand
chisel your most fragile features until i feel your raw
coarse frame
let your hair dangle until is grazes my ever so nourishing skin
that aroma...ahh the aroma of fresh cappuccino hinted with
a vanilla scent
you looked gorgeous in that lavender threaded outfit,
glitter and gleam for me my bedazzling
but why?

why did i splash just a hint of coffee on you this morning
help realize
the infinity of persistence
persistent cruelty
keep the coffee cold.
Jan 8 · 130
one size fits all :)
Yazad Tafti Jan 8
sculpt you in the palm of my hand
chisel your most fragile features until i feel your raw
coarse frame
let your hair dangle until is grazes my ever so nourishing skin
that aroma...ahh the aroma of fresh cappuccino hinted with
a vanilla scent
you look gorgeous in that mahogany tinted outfit...fits you splendidly
your heating up . skin must not like the material.
remember when you said you lost my favorite pair of jeans at the dry cleaners?

my scolding coffee looks better on you than still in my cup.
coffee stains.
Dec 2019 · 37
Yazad Tafti Dec 2019
circles my brain all day
it is the planets to my solar system's sun
every statement ends with a question mark
talking in voices
which others categorize as filtered out noises
left me to be shunned in the corner
yet i sit in the middle of the room
moronically genius ideas i have
yet my stupidity helps me laugh at all my flaws
except the flaw of being stupid

happy :o
Dec 2019 · 224
Yazad Tafti Dec 2019
today i worked with a thousand lines
these were not of track lanes
not of pencils
not of illicit substance
not of merchant queue
but code in which everything can be rewritten
laptop...soon i'll write a poem in only code
Dec 2019 · 52
daily chores
Yazad Tafti Dec 2019
today is a day;
not meant for sweeping or mopping
but for keeping and stocking
unless your sweeping my pulled out hair and my tears off
hard oak laminate platform upon which i stand
keep my tears stored away on your prized display
moments where his heart was shattered like the glass eye of the kid's face i punched
brass knuckles ...but i got glass in my knuckles now
no one deserves this
i should have never laid a finger on you
for you lay me down to rest and i love to rest on you :)
just a bit of ramble ramble...the insider
Dec 2019 · 41
Yazad Tafti Dec 2019
why can't you come back and share fun
Yazad Tafti Dec 2019
a tree planted deep in its roots
could not blossom or spur
but flourish
for the caretaker always watered and the sun
the sun always shined
look up and check, if you become blind
you know it's true
but who watched the care taker
just the stalker across the street
peering through the windows with binoculars
jotting down the actions and deeds committed
she just put her attention upon trying to formulate
what it meant to be a good person
what it meant to care
what it meant to be a caretaker

for when the caretaker was no longer able to nurture
the naturalist could fill the caretaker's shoes
stalking is just a cover up for taking interest upon a person
(this may not be poetry..but my thoughts atm)
Yazad Tafti Dec 2019
sit back
pull out my pack of 24 lung burners
light it up, enough chemicals to outdo the periodic table 50 times
the amount of cells i've killed are life crimes
leather jacket /pierced
got tattoos until i feel the ink drip down my sleeve
leave a puddle of resin, blue aquatic disbelieve
take a stride flick it all into the ashes
post dramatic stress disorder
overplayed every departure from separate classes
Nov 2019 · 110
system rehabilitation
Yazad Tafti Nov 2019
emphasis on this cyst growing in my head
dear sister can you help me help my self
who knew oxygen and essential fluids could give death to life
my system is no longer apparent
this systolic pressure is compressing my heart to a cranberry
cranium buried
help me relive life to it's potential
i'll help my self
personal assistance is a myth... i communicate in fables
get er done buddy
Nov 2019 · 99
Yazad Tafti Nov 2019
i love the Frost fingerprinting my bedroom window
laminating a translucent sheet
Jack seen only by his palm prints
the widow's window of opportunity
covered with frost
turbidity caused from a loosely stranded past
she never sheds her winter coat
frost is always clinging on her summertime pane
in winter she wears extra layers
jack was here
Nov 2019 · 52
grim is the real closer
Yazad Tafti Nov 2019
sometimes all we get is a faded memory of the person and the words we never got to say
an imperfect circle left open for air to enter and leave
words which never were promoted but rather concealed by replies
i'm reporting you,
this is harassment
neglect is a form of harassment too
unfortunately this one is left silent and unseen by others
an addiction which was never satisfied
come on the dragon is right there
arms reach but my arms never reach far enough
blind sided
demons are overrated
i call them motivating factors
anxiety to a pious entity is my flaw
Yazad Tafti Nov 2019
these days ****
you were the ******* part
i loved feeling like ****

let me go
let me be free
amnesia can't be that bad
i need help
love life so fml must just be in the moment
what happened to sml
Nov 2019 · 59
Yazad Tafti Nov 2019
not much to write
so i sit here and type
the different attributes which surround my day
cultivated like a pottery wheel bearing clay
my hands are molding that which has limitless possibilities
to my perception of this perfect vase
bantering and yelling leading to shattering
redecoration of modern home decor
a righteous cause
tear out the couch cushions and rip the paintings open
Oct 2019 · 45
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
total ******* *****
Oct 2019 · 180
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
shove your **** in my face
let me lick them uhhhh so ******* big
******* hard as diamonds cut my jugular
from the lack of blood we'll call it ******* asphyxiation
let me lick you ***** like ice cream
shove those **** in my face i'm gonna milk you cow lady
smack that ***
******* derek jeter smack that ***
this is going to be a good time as the crowd goes wild :)
feels good ya baby
Oct 2019 · 95
ode to grief
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
i sit in my demise
dim eyes
shadows lurking
delusions swirling in this typhoon
pull me under but i can't go lower
the bottom is just the beginning
i'm already dead inside
Beethoven's other half with perfect hearing at 40
Oct 2019 · 115
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
i can't stop writing about you
i value what we had and i think your friendship was more than i could ask for
i just was selfish and wanted a relationship, which wasn't detected by this light house
your ship was translucent in this fog medium
i fogged up
i want to make memories not struggle to remember them
i'm abusive and i lost it....light house shine
Oct 2019 · 42
self greed
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
i don't need help
i need greed
to keep myself sustained at peace, balanced on this tight rope
(someone's neck is balanced by this tight rope)
i don't need to fall into my warm foam like cushion
just let the confetti glitter and sparkle, spritz out
let me look in awe
off in disbelief
Oct 2019 · 47
still vase
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
i have nothing left to write
some feelings are better left in than constantly expressed
especially when our ****** gesture is expressionless
my pencil is broken and i'm not chopping down trees for any more
**** me ******* ***** **** too much to convey
Oct 2019 · 83
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
poetry is so ******* gay
write about stupid **** no one cares about
i must be a ****** because i always write passages
**** those butterflies
cut off its wings
emotions just a waste of chemical signals
neutralize my brain chemistry for joy atm
just one of those days hahaha
Oct 2019 · 65
sleepy head
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
put my head on the pillow let me defrost my day's load into the form of dreams
i can perish to lengths unknown
where 30 cm rulers go up to 30 miles
let me slumber through melatonin infused days
where a mental collapse is inevitable
eyes shut
breath *******
mind eased
imagination wild
a stretch where oceans are just lakes in this unknown galapagos
birds glaze the tropical air with journeys declared by delayed shutter speed
they are an endless array of shooting stars


i still remember my last dream of you
a scarf and an unknown conclusion
i thought you jumped but we all know angels fly
redefine my interests and i'll redefine your world
Oct 2019 · 132
happy almost
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
happy almost birthday
happy almost smiles
happy almost good times
you'll read this eventually
happy almost friendship
happy almost....
but almost isn't enough
almost doesn't finish the race
almost is a lack of fulfillment
almost doesn't cut it
you deserve a complete life
happy birthday
happy smiles
happy good times
whether i bring or take away the almost is up to you
incense keeps us in our senses
Oct 2019 · 75
$h!t stain
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
wipe my underwear rag
**** stain
fall in the dog's **** product
**** stain
listen to bono from U2 in my ears there is a
**** stain
stick my **** in her *** to fast
**** stain
that baby stunk up the car again
**** stain
my name on the attendance record
**** stain
too many tacos with hot sauce consumed
**** catastrophe
plain jane did it ... call the plumber **** = #2 = doo doo
Sep 2019 · 95
because i wanted to
Yazad Tafti Sep 2019
that day you really hurt me....i can't forget
do i even want to write this ...i guess
no i don't.. it's not worth mentioning
i know you'll see this
i know i didn't need to point it out
but somethings are better out than in
and unfortunately stamped into our memory as a postcard that reminds us of the vacation we were never apart of
why...couldn't i have picked you up that day
i guess i trusted you, but i've learned never trust a carefree soul
because they won't care when you care the most
they won't bother to make amends on a bridge they wouldn't mind cutting the suspensions on, because the way down would be fun.
that bridge was the reason for my waking and motives every morning
this doesn't need to continue
it was my birthday that day and you were the present that i never had a chance to open
you were my wish when i blew out my candles
you weren't there
hope you had a swell time with your 'friend' you got acquainted with
alcohol ******* *****
alcohol is killing you
that day it killed apart of me
lol i sound like a Boring Insecure Taunting Conversation Hound
but really... i should have picked you up that day
this one was personal...but i guess things happen
Sep 2019 · 150
look at me (luv)
Yazad Tafti Sep 2019
look at me
keep looking
i didn't say to look away
look right
now look left
now look inside that tim hortons at the person in the flannel jacket eating chili with buttered bread (love chili)
now look back at me
look at my shoes
now look into my eyes
you just checked me out
look as deep as when eyeing the unmixed sugar in the bottom of your coffee mug, too far to get your fingers on....
keep reaching....fixed at the bottom
look away.....
just know
i'm still looking at you
;) :))
Yazad Tafti Sep 2019
tonight i don't write
tonight i scream silently onto paper with vocal cords of graphite
i say my woes and watch them come down at me like a javelin diving into my esophagus
i don't ponder tonight...i merely accept my actions
for these actions will eventually lead to someone's satisfaction
hello poetry
goodbye confliction
better indirectly out than directly in
Sep 2019 · 911
fast food miss
Yazad Tafti Sep 2019
green eyes like pickles
brunette hair like the bun toasted to the crisp
smile and a warm feeling like nuggets out of the fryer
compliments just as the best customer service
we ordered 5000 cheeseburgers
but when i joked about being 35 you left just like the customer who left their stale burger on the table
whateva...i'm eating it
Sep 2019 · 253
i hate you
Yazad Tafti Sep 2019
because i love you
******* cutie
Aug 2019 · 75
Yazad Tafti Aug 2019
light dispersion
through a carved glass prism
array of colours emerging a from a single beam
a fraction of me dies
a faction of me dyes
that's why my hair now has highlights
colloquial phrases
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