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Homer Jul 2018
"We the people", have the definition of Humanity all wrong...

It seems that people think humanity is about how humans treat other humans or animals...with kindness....
No this is not Humanity.

The first and primary definition of Humanity, is the state of being human.

A Human, is an earthborn mortal.

People, is defined as, a GROUP of humans linked or assembled toward a common interest.

Humans DONOT and NEVER DID exist for Humanity.

Humanity exist for Nature.

Nature exist for Humanity.

Natrue, is the physical world and everything in it(such as plants, animals, mountains, oceans, stars, etc.) that is not made by people.

NOW, think about all the things that people have created.
Why did people create them? What is the common interest?
Was it necessary? Most of all... Is it Natural or Human?
Homer May 2018
It seems very seldom that someone will ask for some help...

Perhaps they don't need help.

But no, Thats not true.

What they need is the right help...

The help they seek, should not require us to pay, we should not owe.

The right help, should not require us to sacrifice or give up freedom.

Help, is not something to be tossed around or just given or handed out to any random person either.

Dont just give help to others...

You should Help yourself,

And others like yourself.
Homer Mar 2018
What was, has been.

What is, has become.

What isn't; has yet to be.
  Dec 2017 Homer
to me you are a star of gold
a glowing asterisk
I wish I could hold
though you seem so far away
I truly wish we could meet some day
but alas we shall only meet
through our words,
spilling and falling across this page.
we are the unseen family
bound by art
which is better
because we dwell in the heart
Homer Dec 2017
ME: "Oh... so... you don't see it actually happening then? "

THEM: "your chances are slim to none..."

ME: "Really?How?"

THEM: "All you wanna do is be better than everyone..."

ME: "Is that right?"

THEM: "But, there is No Way... you're to stupid..."

ME: "I dont know, Ok...I guess."

THEM: "All you do, is copy others and try to be like them, stop being like the rest..."

ME: "What?... Who do I seem like then?"

THEM: I just don't see it happening..
No, not the way you are doing it..
its wrong...
just look at you're mistakes! You won't get it right! Trust me..."

ME: "Trust you?"

THEM: Well, yea...just look, you lose all the time...

ME: "Is that what you think? Alright.
Well, can you tell me what you do? Whatever youre doing; its helping you be a winner, right?"

THEM: "You can't do it, like I can do it"...

ME: " Yup, I guess not..."
Homer Nov 2017
Single in this world;
I Stand for Independence...
I do not wish upon my death;
Although, I cannot live without Liberty...

To stay free from the forces;
At many times, I don't agree with those who impose...
For they only depreciate my values;
And make use of my imperfections.

Justice doesn't always mean, someone has to lose.
Justifications, can be beneficial for all.
Mistakes are irreversable; still, they are not useless.
Those who prosper, are those, who make use of the experience...
Homer Nov 2017
I am an easy to approach person;
My figure is not immediately repulsive.
I tend to attract a sense of eminence when you are around me.
I have an impressive charm.
Majestic, like the beauty of the Earth.
All that you discover…
Will hold more grace; Than you could ever measure.
Not by minutes,
Not by hours,
Not by days; or years
The Immeasurable magnitude of my richness; that could be apparently Infinite,
Is only limited because;well…
Its this representation of myself.

Something in the way that I sustain my life…
Will tend to convey others into antagonizing, my resolutions.
I, myself, am not sure, if what they thought I did or was doing, has any justification..
But, what I am sure of…
Is that any soul who has suffered; already recognizes that there is a need to endure;
whatever pain or struggle,that is.
Just like any soul that has suffered, also knows;
that all souls, are susceptible to a constant and never changing sentence of fate, leading to our death…
What we survive, represents how we have fortified ourselves to what seems adequate;
But only in our own perception.
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