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Jul 2018
"We the people", have the definition of Humanity all wrong...

It seems that people think humanity is about how humans treat other humans or animals...with kindness....
No this is not Humanity.

The first and primary definition of Humanity, is the state of being human.

A Human, is an earthborn mortal.

People, is defined as, a GROUP of humans linked or assembled toward a common interest.

Humans DONOT and NEVER DID exist for Humanity.

Humanity exist for Nature.

Nature exist for Humanity.

Natrue, is the physical world and everything in it(such as plants, animals, mountains, oceans, stars, etc.) that is not made by people.

NOW, think about all the things that people have created.
Why did people create them? What is the common interest?
Was it necessary? Most of all... Is it Natural or Human?
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