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233 · Apr 2021
I tried to pray
Stéphanie Apr 2021
When I was seven years
I tried for the first time to pray
On my knees, hands folded
Thanked him for all the richness
But no response to my covey
Maybe he is busy right now
I will come back another day

When I was eleven years
I tried once more to pray
Sat down with my rosary
But God wasn’t there at all  
He still had nothing to say
I figured, he doesn’t exist
There is no one to repay  

Then I was sixteen years
And instead of trying to pray
I tried to find all the richness
Again I couldn’t find God
Yet I found out that day
I have to thank this universe
As much as I can anyway
Please let me know what you think!
143 · Jun 2020
Sometimes I dream
Stéphanie Jun 2020
Sometimes I dream to be a bird
Live without limitations
All I have left is mine
And I have an existence full of exploration

Sometimes I dream to be a bird
I feel free without chains
The lively forest is my home
And no one will interfere with me

Sometimes I dream to be a bird
Wings take me to hidden places
I make my own extraordinary chorus
And I can bring myself everywhere

Sometimes I dream to be a bird
In the sapphire blue sky out there
But I know, this dream is complete fiction
For I don't even know how to whistle
Hey i’m new here. I’m 15 years old and live in the Netherlands. This is my  first poem on this great site. Hope you like it (i know it is not a really good poem)
74 · Dec 2020
I'll remember it
Stéphanie Dec 2020
Peace in my body
Don’t know how that feels
I chase it in the darkness
But it never reveals

I paint myself a portrait
With my lingering eyes  
Getting myself entirely lost
Every time I disguise

Maybe I like it that way
Maybe the rush is all for show
For being without peace fuels me
Something you will never know

But that’s what I tell myself
That I’m chasing with all my might
But deep down inside I know
That not catching gives me delight

I know that if you give me my peace
I will be the one to quit
So please give my body a bruise
And I’ll remember it
26 · Sep 2021
Empty sky
Stéphanie Sep 2021
Empty sky
Silent time
My thoughts play
Our pantomime
The cry in space
After our creation
Enemies of the wind
Lost in destination
Slow moments
Volatile being
Still waiting
For that feeling
Like wind directions
We pass each other by
I always wave at you
But you only see an empty sky
let me know what you think ;)

— The End —