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We get high to float out of the lows that we feel inside.
Our friendship died and has been buried. But I come back to the grave to reminisce on the good days we used to share when I'm feeling low.
Can anyone stick around unlike everyone before
Is this too much to ask for
Or is it bound for me to be a chore
Do I make people's hearts too sore
Or do they just get bored
I don't wear long sleeves. I'm not afraid of the judgment. I'm not a bad person for that ways that I've tried to **** my sadness.
Even though we're done, my heart still goes "!" when I think of you.
Cover up the pain.
Help calm my brain.
So my thoughts slow.
No one can know.
My sadness has been slain.
Starving Artist Dec 2019
There's a cloud over my brain.
The haze keeps sadness from causing a storm.
But this fog blocks out my ability to feel happiness and to enjoy the sun.
The overcast makes it so I don't feel anything.
I wish the weatherman would say it'd storm one day so that maybe I could see the sun again.
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