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Nov 2020 · 149
Starving Artist Nov 2020
Tightly closed eyes spark imagination
Finding some place that is safe
Safe from broken glass and shattered hearts
A place that is not so fragile

Trembling hands go numb
They search for something familiar
Hoping to stumble upon comfort
Something to give them feeling

Holding back venomous secrets
My lips settle on a familiar friend
Inviting a new poison to drown my secrets
Praying it will work this time
Feb 2020 · 123
Starving Artist Feb 2020
We get high to float out of the lows that we feel inside.
Jan 2020 · 279
Starving Artist Jan 2020
Our friendship died and has been buried. But I come back to the grave to reminisce on the good days we used to share when I'm feeling low.
Jan 2020 · 135
Isolated, Not By Choice.
Starving Artist Jan 2020
Can anyone stick around unlike everyone before
Is this too much to ask for
Or is it bound for me to be a chore
Do I make people's hearts too sore
Or do they just get bored
Jan 2020 · 292
Starving Artist Jan 2020
I don't wear long sleeves. I'm not afraid of the judgment. I'm not a bad person for that ways that I've tried to **** my sadness.
Jan 2020 · 286
Starving Artist Jan 2020
Even though we're done, my heart still goes "!" when I think of you.
Jan 2020 · 280
Starving Artist Jan 2020
Cover up the pain.
Help calm my brain.
So my thoughts slow.
No one can know.
My sadness has been slain.
Dec 2019 · 216
Starving Artist Dec 2019
There's a cloud over my brain.
The haze keeps sadness from causing a storm.
But this fog blocks out my ability to feel happiness and to enjoy the sun.
The overcast makes it so I don't feel anything.
I wish the weatherman would say it'd storm one day so that maybe I could see the sun again.
Dec 2019 · 152
Starving Artist Dec 2019
Do I pick the rose? Do I pick the wildflower? Do I pick the daisy? How do I pick when the garden is full of beautiful flowers?
Aug 2019 · 545
My Story.
Starving Artist Aug 2019
I open the pages of my own skin and let the words that I have kept secret drip into the sink.
Jul 2019 · 189
Starving Artist Jul 2019
She is a little all over the place, that's for sure. But the good news is that when she loves, she loves big. And when she loves you, you know she loves you.

But that was my problem because she fell in love with you and not me.
May 2019 · 125
Starving Artist May 2019
I'm so sorry that my best isn't enough.
I'm so sorry that I disappointed again.
I'm so sorry I let everyone down again.
This probably isn't good at all but I'm really struggling and just needed to get this off my chest.

Feb 2019 · 122
Starving Artist Feb 2019
"You deserve the world man. And I am not the world."

You were my world.
Feb 2019 · 122
Starving Artist Feb 2019
I hope you ache when our song comes on.
I hope you're tortured by the memories we made together.
I hope you hurt when you see things that remind you of me.
I hope that you feel the same pain as I do.
Dec 2018 · 266
Starving Artist Dec 2018
I looked at her and she looked at me. She didn't have to say a word because in her eyes I found the answer. She didn't want me anymore.
Nov 2018 · 324
Starving Artist Nov 2018
You deserve someone better than me. But no one wants you as badly as I do.
Nov 2018 · 154
Starving Artist Nov 2018
I have to get up every day and act like I'm happy without you.
I have to walk past people I know and act like you being gone doesn't affect me.
I have to smile at everyone and act like I'm not dying without you.
I have to carry on with my life even though it's not worth living without you.
Life is so tiring without you in it.
Nov 2018 · 283
Starving Artist Nov 2018
"Why are you still stuck on her?"
"Why can't you move on?"

Because . . . if I don't have her, what do I have?
Oct 2018 · 311
Starving Artist Oct 2018
I always want you to be happy.
But it hurts to know that you're happy without me.
Sep 2018 · 179
Starving Artist Sep 2018
I feel like I'm going mad.
You tell me I'm broken because I'm sad.

You say happiness is free
but why can't you just be there for me?

All I want is a friend.
I just need this to end.
Jul 2018 · 213
Starving Artist Jul 2018
The feeling was new.
I didn't know what to do.
But I want you to know that I do love you.
Jun 2018 · 234
Starving Artist Jun 2018
There's nothing worse than being stranded in the vast ocean of possibilities and unknowns of what life could've been like.

Just sitting there with nothing.

No hope... no comfort in sight.

Only the endless and unforgiving horizon of regret.

Being stranded as long as I have leads to overthinking and unrealistic dreaming.

And now I'm drowning in these thoughts and dreams of what my life could've been.

What life would've been like if I had decided to get up and dance, if I had not let myself get in the way, if I had gone to see you more often, if I would've told you how I felt.

These thoughts are killing me.

Pulling me under the rough currents and ripping the breath straight out of my lungs.

I'm dying to know what would've happened if I was brave and not engulfed in my anxiety.

But now all I can do is brace for the next wave of despair and regret and hope it doesn't take me with it.
Jun 2018 · 164
Starving Artist Jun 2018
Everything feels pointless.
Mourning over our memories.
Probably won't get over this.
Trying to survive.
Yearning for you.
May 2018 · 156
Starving Artist May 2018
What more can I do?
I've given you all of me.
What more could you want?
May 2018 · 148
Starving Artist May 2018
I wish you wouldn't speak.

Every time you open your mouth your words intoxicate my mind.
They roll right off your tongue and right into my system.
I get drunk off your words and you take advantage of me.
You use these spells to entrance me into doing whatever you want.

But eventually, I sober up.
I realize the damage that has been done.
You smooth-talked your way into my heart.
There's no easy way to kick this addiction.

I wish you wouldn't whisper these lies in my ears.
I wish you didn't make me feel so dependent on these doses of you.

I wish I could get over you.

I wish you were mute.
Apr 2018 · 167
Starving Artist Apr 2018
"They never knew what they had until they lose it."

But what if I did?
What if I knew exactly what I had?

I tried so hard to hold onto it because I could never find something like that ever again.
I wanted it to last.
But I guess it was never up to me.

Isn't that worse?

Knowing what you had and it leaving anyways, despite your best efforts.
Knowing that you weren't enough to make it want to stay?

Isn't that what heartbreak is?
Apr 2018 · 215
Starving Artist Apr 2018
We looked at each other and we were almost something,
Like we should have kissed.
Like we should have embraced and comforted one another.

But we decided to be just friends.

So now my life is full of "what if"s and regret.
Apr 2018 · 143
Starving Artist Apr 2018
I wish I could get out of my head and into others' so that way I could see myself from their perspective.

Then I'd know if my life is worth it or not.
Apr 2018 · 163
Starving Artist Apr 2018
I'm a slave to this heartache.
You've got me shackled up in chains.
Every time you speak I praise it like it was the voice of God and I trail in your steps.
Like a dog being pulled on a leash.

I know that I won't be able to keep this up much longer.
I can't stay chained to you forever despite how much I wish I could.

Because it's not healthy.
I can't keep running back to you just because you're lonely.
I can't keep comforting you when you're upset.
You'd never do the same for me.

I can't keep being your last choice when you're my first.
So I must release myself from your grasp and run.

Not because I don't love you, but because you don't love me.
If only you knew how much you mattered to me.
Apr 2018 · 182
Dear Anxiety
Starving Artist Apr 2018
Get out of my life.
Leave me alone.
I'm tired of you constantly adding unneeded stress,
Telling me I'm not good enough,
Digging up these sickening insecurities,
And ruining my friendships.
I may not be good at anything.
But I still deserve to live a happy, normal life.
So just go away.
I no longer will stand for the constant
breakdowns in the car,
attacks in the classroom,
freakouts on vacation,
And the panicking while I'm trying to rest.
I want to be happy.
I  want my friends.
I want what you stole from me.
I want my old life back.
And if you don't leave willingly then I will do everything in my power to rid you from my life.

The happy child you buried in your shadow.
Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and somethimes, they win. ~Stephen King
Mar 2018 · 153
It's Not Fair
Starving Artist Mar 2018
Why is it that you moved on so easily?
Why can't I?
It's not fair.

Why is it that he gets to be happy with you?
Why can't I?
It's not fair.

Why is it that you get my friends?
Why can't I have them?
It's not fair.

Why is it that you picked on me?
Why couldn't you just leave people alone?
It's not fair.

Why is it that I'm so ******* lonely?
Why can't I just have one person?
It's not fair.

Life isn't fair.
Hearts can break. Yes. Hearts can break. Sometimes I think it would be better if we died when they did. But we don't. ~Stephen King
Mar 2018 · 155
What If
Starving Artist Mar 2018
What if you never said the things you said to me?
What if you didn't do the things you did to me?
What if you kept the promises you said you'd keep?
What if you never lied to me and spoke the truth?

What if I never met you...

Would I be happy?
Could I have loved myself?

Or would someone else have come around to **** me up the way you did?
Or would I still wake up every day hating the monster that I've become?

What if I didn't love you?

What if...
Only enemies speak the truth. Friends and lovers lie endlessly for they are caught in the web of duty.
Mar 2018 · 133
Starving Artist Mar 2018
I'm over this **** game we call life.

I can't win.

I'm never good enough.

I'm done trying.

I quit.
Why did I think I was ever enough?
Mar 2018 · 150
Dear Friend,
Starving Artist Mar 2018
You were there for me through thick and thin.
Held me together when I was falling apart.
Picked me up off the ground after I've been shattered.
Carried me across the finish line when I was too tired to carry on.
Filled my lungs with air when I couldn't breathe.
Lifted my head above water when I was drowning.

You were so rich with love.

I'm penniless in the currency of love and maybe that's why you left.

Maybe you left because I was never able to repay you.

Maybe you never felt the love you gave out.

But I did.

I did love you.

I'm sorry I couldn't make you feel as priceless you really are.
Thank you for what you did. I'm sorry I'm so broken and such an ***.

P.S. Not much of a poem. More of a vent. But **** it really ******* hurts.
Mar 2018 · 177
I Knew
Starving Artist Mar 2018
The day I met you I knew you were going to be special.
When I met you I knew I had just met the best friend of my life.
When I met you I knew things were going to be different.
I knew that one day I would start to fall for you.
And I knew that I would try to fight these feelings in an attempt to save our friendship.
But here I am.
Falling for you anyways.
I knew it would hurt.
Because when you fall you always hit something.
But I did it anyway.
And here we are, worse off then when we started.
All because I decided to speak up.

I fell.
And I hit the hard surface of reality.
I mean what was I thinking.
I was never good enough for you.
I'm still not good enough for you.
Now here I am.
The remains of my shattered ego spread out all over this cold, cold concrete floor of reality.
I'm at the bottom.

I knew I would be here after what I had done.
I knew that this would be the price I would pay for feeling.
And I knew that I would wish I had kept my mouth shut.
And I was right.
****. I'm stupid.
Mar 2018 · 160
Hunger Pt 2
Starving Artist Mar 2018
Hunger is the action of stabbing the fat kid I once was and still am.

Each time my stomach rumbles and churns I stab that kid in the stomach.

Hoping to rid this "sinful character" (as others called it) out of my life.

In hopes that I can replace him with an improved version.
Mar 2018 · 153
Starving Artist Mar 2018
I fell for you.
I fell hard.
I did my best not to because
I'm not the one who deserves someone like you.
It ***** because I didn't want to ruin what
we already had.
And I knew you wouldn't feel the same.
But I couldn't help it.
I'm so sorry.
I ****** up.
Feb 2018 · 131
Starving Artist Feb 2018
I just didn't want you to see me the way I saw myself.
But now you do.
Feb 2018 · 224
Starving Artist Feb 2018
Hunger scares me.

I am scared of the comfort it gives me.

I am scared of the pride I feel each time my stomach rumbles.

I am scared of the success that I feel when I don't eat.

But most of all, I am scared of how ok I am with this hunger.
Feb 2018 · 141
Like A Fire
Starving Artist Feb 2018
You took over my mind like a wildfire.

A fire that is full of beauty and safety.

Yet it is full of danger and destruction.

You filled me with warmth and like a fire, on a frigid winter's night you heated me up inside.

On my worst days your arms wrapped around me like how a flame envelopes a tree.

You evaporated my tears and left only happiness.

And with each flicker of light, caused by your flaming presence, you made me feel safe from the darkness that was surrounding me.

The wildfire burning inside me was only fueled by these happy memories we kept sparking.

But like a wildfire, it got out of control.

It got too strong and you ran away terrified.

And that's what burned me to my roots and left nothing but the ashes of the person I once was.

Maybe that's what they meant, "Don't play with fire."
Why did you have to leave?
Feb 2018 · 668
Starving Artist Feb 2018

A three letter word.

However "fat" is more than just a word.

Fat is a label.

A label that is filled with so much hatred and disgust.

A label that has so graciously been bestowed upon me.

A label that I am stuck with and carry around like a disease.

It's a label that has defined me for years and still does to this day.


I'm the fat friend that people avoid.

I'm the fat kid that gets picked last for things.

I'm the fat friend that people are embarrassed to be around.

I'm the fat kid that will never be good enough.

I'm that fat kid.

And nothing is going to change this title that has been placed upon
my head like a crown of thorns.


Not even:


And this label has tainted my image like the black paint that touches the surface of water and spreads like a virus.

I am no longer more.

I have been stripped of all other labels.

I am that fat kid.



— The End —