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Starving Artist Dec 2019
There's a cloud over my brain.
The haze keeps sadness from causing a storm.
But this fog blocks out my ability to feel happiness and to enjoy the sun.
The overcast makes it so I don't feel anything.
I wish the weatherman would say it'd storm one day so that maybe I could see the sun again.
Starving Artist Dec 2019
Do I pick the rose? Do I pick the wildflower? Do I pick the daisy? How do I pick when the garden is full of beautiful flowers?
Starving Artist Aug 2019
I open the pages of my own skin and let the words that I have kept secret drip into the sink.
Starving Artist Jul 2019
She is a little all over the place, that's for sure. But the good news is that when she loves, she loves big. And when she loves you, you know she loves you.

But that was my problem because she fell in love with you and not me.
Starving Artist May 2019
I'm so sorry that my best isn't enough.
I'm so sorry that I disappointed again.
I'm so sorry I let everyone down again.
This probably isn't good at all but I'm really struggling and just needed to get this off my chest.

Starving Artist Feb 2019
"You deserve the world man. And I am not the world."

You were my world.
Starving Artist Feb 2019
I hope you ache when our song comes on.
I hope you're tortured by the memories we made together.
I hope you hurt when you see things that remind you of me.
I hope that you feel the same pain as I do.
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