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Samia Rodriguez Nov 2019
Why is it that I walked into his trap once again
He set out the trap in front of me
I watched him build it
I even helped him
I’ve been in the trap before
Why did I foolishly walk into the trap
knowing it would hurt me
Is it because I enjoy pain or
because I wanted love
Samia Rodriguez Dec 2018
You say I am good enough but
Why don’t I feel like I am?
It is because I cry awake at night
Feeling like a weak soul
Or is it because I can't give you the love & affection you deserve
It is not your fault I have been hurt in the past and haven’t healed
Or is it the fact that I keep hurting you
I don’t meant to I just seem to hurt and destroy what enters my life
I am not good enough for the simple being
that your heart and thoughts are pure
For my heart is damaged and my thoughts are blurry
I am sorry I am a hard person to love
Samia Rodriguez Nov 2018
My day seemed to be the brightest from 8 to 3
thats when I saw my sunshine
Theres this boy and he became my happiness
it was undeniable
he made me smile like never before
He illuminated my day with a simple word or smile
His smile became little ray of sunshine that made me all warm inside
His hugs always acted like a warm new blanket
they were always warm, soft and gentle
If honey were an action they would be his kisses
Sweet and enjoyable
His blue eyes reminded me of the blue sea and all the beautiful creatures
what made me the happiest was his voice
oh his voice is just the best
his voice was smooth, low, slightly scratchy
It always manages to give me butterflies.
From 8 to 3 my day was at it's peak
Samia Rodriguez Nov 2018
I am not sure when his smile became my ray of sunshine
Or when his eyes were the only ones I seemed to get lost into
I am not sure when my thoughts became his new home
Or when seeing him took my breath away
Or when his kisses became my sweet
they were the only sweet I longed for
or when his voice became the only melody to my ears that could bring peace and love
Im not sure the he became part of me  
The one thing I am sure of is the love and warmth he has brought upon
Samia Rodriguez Jul 2018
I’m your pack of cigarettes
When you feel like your world is falling apart
You pull me out because you know ill always be there
You smoke me to feel relief
You throw me away once you are happy again
But do you realize how you are slowly taking a little piece of me
How you’re slowly killing yourself
You are living in a constant state of depression
I cant keep being your temporary happiness
Even a pack of cigarettes runs out
I want to be the sun in your life not the pack of cigarette
Not pack you take cigarette you smoke and throw away
Samia Rodriguez Jun 2018
You were the fruit to my tree
You grew on me slowly
you held on to me
We looked beautiful together
But there comes a times when the fruit is taken away
But you were taken to early
I wasn’t ready to let you go
But she saw you from miles away
She fed you water and checked on you everyday
She picked you off as if were nothing
You didn’t fight it
You were ready to go
I don’t know what hurt more losing you or knowing you were in love with someone else
Samia Rodriguez Jun 2018
I'm sorry for loving you
Loving you too hard
Too much
Loving you is what I'm sorry for
I handed you my body and soul
I expected you to praise it
To treat it right
I loved you too hard
I became a jealous wreck
I feared losing you
I became possessive
I loved you too hard
I fed you milk & honey
I kept you smiling
Kept you living
I loved you too much
I gave up my life for you
You were my everything
I'm sorry for loving you
Because in the process I died and you left
Simply as that
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