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Brian shrappoet May 2018
Look at her downfall,
Let her cry,sob
Let her feel the pain!
Then come back and whiper
To her ear,
"That's the pain I feel when you say goodbye
When you go to work in the morning!"
Brian shrappoet May 2018
Every girl!Yes every girl would like to associate with 'em hot,heary-bearded handsome ******
While a bunch of my folks would like to date or hang around 'em beautifully framed,beuty-filled ***-mountained ladies.
Ain't a biggie 'cause yes,we all human we have what we like and deslike
So don't look at someone and just wonder how **** they are
You don't have any right to insult God's creation wherever,whenever whoever you are ever forever!

Stay tuned at your own local station don't ever go international,
Level a bit style up if that's the only thing that will make you absorb the love and the laugh of you life
Spice up your life with swag and smartness ,
Cream and layer your personality with whatever fat quality you ever think of.

Don't mess around with the best of your heart for being too much loving
For too much love not only broke my heart
But also taught me am not the only man who can love and get denied by many
Oooh!and the cute ones are always ashamed of themselves Everytime they tied that sitbelt of emotions around their waists
Waiting for the acceleration of in-depth emotions of the people they live to love
Only to realize the interests of those they love don't even come close to what they think.

So if it's to impress!
Boy do it!Girl do it.slay to your level.
Stick to your *** mahn!
No man should be ashamed of their artificial beuty promoting the business of another man
Why should you let someone's family go days without food just because you don't want to buy make up.
Why should you make someone suffer for investing his time to invent the Gillette and Aftershave only for you not to shave your private arenas
Why should one be denied access to go to school just because you didn't buy that lipstick.
Come on!It's unprofessional for you to just look the way you look just for the sake
Be some one with something sensual.

This beuty is what 'They' want !What they are after!
So why should you waste your energy and time to look shagy.
SLAY the way you want the world will always judge yup but if someone is there for you
Ooh !He will never get lost
She will come for you!...........,© Shrappoet
Brian shrappoet Apr 2018
Full of promising words and empty of actions
Preaching water and living alcohol
Your lies are so fertile
Your truth so young
Your tongues is a convincing machine
You help us sing the sweet simple song
They avoid the dancing part
You teach us how to cook dinner
Then take us out so that cannot eat
Andaye you're  a liar.
This is an African poem about a man called Andaye, who is negatively blamed for what inconvenience he causes to people.

— The End —