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Shannon May 2020
this world is unfair
just one word from one person is enough to make me crumble
i hate it
i hate that i'm like this
i hate that i feel this way
my head knows things
my heart feels things;
Different things
if only it was easy to build me back up
but it's not
if only I was capable of putting it into words
and if only I had the courage to show these words to someone
but i Don't
and i hate it

but truth is, i don't know what to do about it
I'm At A Lost About All Of It
Shannon Apr 2020
I wonder what it feels like to give up what's most precious to you

grief from losing that part of you
satisfaction from gifting it

                                                                                    I hope it's the latter.
Shannon Apr 2020
I'm not you yet
but I'll be you soon
Don't ever change
for I believe in you

I want to love you
better than I do now
Build me up
so I can be proud

Gain wisdom
and share it with me
So I'll have the freedom
of loving who I'll be
becoming you..
  Jan 2020 Shannon
Starving Artist
Cover up the pain.
Help calm my brain.
So my thoughts slow.
No one can know.
My sadness has been slain.
Shannon Dec 2019
As a child, you long to be a year older;
how fun will it be when I get a bigger bed
how fun will it be when I get a phone
how fun will it be when I finally get to drive
But what's ironic, is how once you've realized the weight of the responsibility that accompanies these things...
                                                           You Wish You'd Never Grown Up.
growing up is fun but ***** at the same time..
Shannon Dec 2019
do you know what is hidden behind the bubbly personality?
if it popped, what would be left of me?
is this me or a persona I created
I've been lying to myself for so long I don't know anymore
how high can I fly before it bursts and I have no choice but to find out...

Who am I without my bubble?
the struggles of always being happy.
Shannon Dec 2019
happiness is not fearing the ending.
it's being excited about the beginning
happiness is not being scared of suffering, of hurting, of dying.
happiness is living the moment at its best, knowing it could end any second, but not caring.
happiness is so strong that sometimes it is hard to express.
because happiness comes from deep within you.
wrote this a while ago ;)
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