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Nov 19 · 23
in the end, I think none of us really are sane.
and that's what makes me insane.
Oct 20 · 40
My choice of words may come off a little strong,
But who are you to judge how it really feels?
I finally figured out why it hurts so much
It’s because I trusted you
I confided in you, and you in me
We were a team
I felt what it was like to have a best friend

Whatever people said, thought or did
It didn’t matter as much
Because I had you
Didn’t matter if I didn’t have a lot of friends
Because you were enough

So now, I don’t know what to do
I’m hurt and lonely
I haven’t dealt with these feelings in a while,
Not on my own

It seems like I’m losing everyone around me
I thought I was doing the right thing?
I don’t know anymore

All I know is that once again,
I’m getting a taste of betrayal
And I really wish I could spit it out,
But I can’t do that
Because I still care about you
Sorry for my late night rambling.. just needed to get that off my chest.
Sep 12 · 256
She didn’t know what a beautiful soul she had
Her dreams, her goals
How far they could have lead her
If only she had let them lead

Maybe she’d have a taste of happiness
The kind she can only imagine now
Sitting on the floor behind her bedroom door

A knock on the door
A voice
As a spark of hope reaches her eyes
She lets it go

People will wonder what they failed to see
And she will never know what it is to be
Because she can imagine that it’s all a dream,
But her sleep is far too deep
I don’t mean to trigger anyone and if I did I’m truly sorry. I just think it’s important to talk about.
Sep 9 · 64
What we see
I sometimes enjoy looking at the world through my blurry vision
Seeing the world as a big picture rather than in detail
It hides the imperfections
But sadly, the details get hidden too
And that’s what makes it so beautiful

So I put my glasses back on
The imperfections are back
I know they never disappeared in the first place
But that doesn’t mean I have to give them any attention
I can choose what I want to see and ignore the rest
So I will
Written a while back...
: just a little perspective on how I see the world ;)
Sep 8 · 37
What’s a hypocrite?
Someone with a facade
Someone who says something but means another
Someone who doesn’t say the whole truth
Why do I feel like a hypocrite?

I don’t lie
No move is calculated
At least, most of the time
I like spending time with you but I keep myself from doing so
To protect myself
From what?
Your influence

I know it’s bad
I know I’m doing the right thing
So why do I feel like a hypocrite?
When you say “I love you” I know I can never mean it as much
But how much could you really mean it?
You don’t know what real love is

But I do
So I guess I’m not so much of a hypocrite
Because when I say “I love you”, I know what it means
Which is why I can say it to you
Again, feel free to interpret ;)
Sep 6 · 87
A wobble of the lip
Or just a sad thought
He’ll notice right away
And ask if you’re okay.
That’s the kind of man my father is
And the person I aspire to be
Sep 6 · 46
I wish
Why can’t you be like me?
One of your own but with the same beliefs
Wouldn’t that make it so much easier?
They say diversity is what makes us unique
But who made the norms for diversity
To what extent can we be diverse?

We can’t possibly be here for no reason
Which means we have something to accomplish
Are we doing that?
Or is the world too emerged in it’s diversity to actually search
What it sees as important, is it really?

Who are we to know?
Who are we to make our own decisions without a care in the world about how it may affect others?

How can one know where to go if he doesn’t know his current location?
Sure life is a path
But what kind of path?

We only see what’s up close
Someone else sees the bigger picture and is trying to warn us about the huge rock ahead
Will you ignore the helping hand?

If so, why?
Because of arrogance?
Wanting to prove you can do it on your own like a foolish child would do?
Well, I took that hand
And if only you knew how I wish you would take it too
So I could love you freely, deeply and without restraint

But I guess it’s not that easy
And I can’t force you either
But still, I wish
Feel free to interpret ~

— The End —