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Sawli shaik Jul 3
Let me say
All my sorrow of the day

Let me speak
The pain I faced in the week

Let me go out
To clear people's doubt
That a girl can fight and shout

Let me listen
The girl who lives with burden

Let me think
To make my ideas a strong link
That will not make justice sink

Let me know
Y people say a girl's talent"no"

Let me do
All that  make my dream true
By sawli shaik
Sawli shaik May 27
Oh my friend!
Our friendship has no end
We have a marvelous blend
Infinite is the love you send

You are so sweet
Like the bird's tweet
You will never cheat
Till my last heart beat

You are so great
To have you,mine is the luckiest fate
My heart for you is opened gate
Come in without any late

Be with me forever friend
Till my life's end
Love you friend
Sawli shaik May 23
Ramadan is a month of blessing
Ramadan is a month of forgiving
Ramadan is a month of helping
Those who are in need

Ramadan is a month of sacrifice
Let us all be so wise

Holy month of Islam is Ramadan
Holy book of  Islam is quran
Ramadan is the way to jannat
Let's beg Allah for his rehmat
      Ramadan Ramadan

— The End —