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1d · 37
Stuck in Paris
SassyJ 1d
At the cobblestone where arrays
distribute to sections of a busy street
the commotion erupts as the lighted city reacts
traced in echoes of unheard prolific sirens

Yet we kiss at the face of the effiel tower
turned completely to hues of blue and black
eroded in each other as the raindrops contact
and everything dissipates to nothingness

At the foot of greeness where mist evaporates
captured in the trace of the waning moon
blown by the rapture of the westward wind
to a place of seemingly beautiful symphony

Yet once again you are stuck in Paris
where the womb of liberty submerges and arise
flowing in torrents from rivers to lakes
filling each other souls with untainted glory
SassyJ 2d
Sometimes when the world is closing in
to unparalleled dimensions and yesterday's
those flaws that crawl and pawn
as if held by an unresistable crab
unable to surface and breath above the waters

The other day stone cold ice consumed me
unable to escape the frosty breath
frozen in a mass of unbroken lakes
uncharmed, controlled by unmoved currents
dellusioned in an inescapable summount

Somedays the ways of the world are unquestioned
overshadowed by an adornment of selfishness
coloured in hues of  spotlighted web
tangled by eroded days of the week
facing changes as an inferno of chaos
SassyJ 2d
The other day when I saw your soul
Sparks unbroken and lighted
evolved, unconsumed and starry
focussed in and around my being
and your brightness faced all my dark

The day when the cresent moon illuminated
fixing all the strings between our distance
and your smile solidified my heart
as our spirits conjoined in a dance
untensioned, visioned and explosive

Everyday I am drunk in your withins
filled in a tray of unending happiness
and my whole feels transparent and known
and the wind I seemed to chase is calm
released of chains by the writing on the wall
Dec 3 · 116
Rails of your eyes
SassyJ Dec 3
All the things I can say
if lying on that coach
where premonition stares
under the rails of your eyes

All things you can say
when I lay on this bed
where demolitions stares
over the pearls of my yearns

Life is what we hold now
memories and trajectory
remedies, traces of history
through the shared strings

As your warmness surrounds
carrying my beats to worlds
to dimensions trails unseen
know that  I'll always be there
My friend is scared; scared of death
Oct 12 · 126
We deserve......
SassyJ Oct 12
We deserve and night of debeuchary and unrest
a night in the dark haunted laundry
where the sins of the linens awash
some pleasure in the hidden crescent moon

We deserve it in that nauseated mind of thee
to merry where the drunked sacrifice
their bits for a sunken irrepeutable bite
some leisure in the unfathomable snow

We deserve to die and lay at rest in the grave
where silence is the forgotten anthem
and friendship is a ruthless uncoath paste
some treasures that get lost in a trodden path
SassyJ Oct 8
On the ranges of the icy glacier
a reflection of what I become summits
mirrored glass of moments in time
centuries flown above all the skies
loveless but yet fully explorable
openness but yet activated in the clouds
unreachable but yet wearing a clown

At the peak of Fizt Roy questions as posed
a reflection of how time turns down
sometimes the closeness of a soul is elusive
a slippery shimmer on the mountain tops
loveless but yet wandering around
openness but yet sheltered in delusions
unreachable but yet in a crowded defence

The ice compacts and breaches a bond
again and again it looses the unknown touch
revolting with a known hidden treasure
loveless but yet in untold stories
openness but yet in un-winded resounds
unreachable but yet caring a little more
Written staring at the peak of Fitz Roy, Argentina
SassyJ Oct 8
There are peculiar houses everywhere
shelters of a wooded promise erected
yet the stillness of the moment wave goodbye
to all the lost fairly valentines
those invalid promises of a yesterday
those unaided requisitions invented

Once I wanted to fill my life with empty houses
a house of ruly prejudice and contemplation
a space open to delinquents and saint alike
a pasture of that open ended gesture
alas, it was such an illusion, surreal conclusion
of objective tension and undue consideration

Today the house is filled with love
an acceptance of within a decision without
for love has become unreachable, unforeseen force
to hold, to cherish, to share in one accord
a life of aloneness, barren of any passion
yet alive and open to the adventures of life
reflection of life whilst admiring the pink houses in El Chalten village, Argentina.
Oct 8 · 143
Dreams are an anthem
SassyJ Oct 8
If I had you here
watching the sunset pride
I would gaze in your eyes
and feel your soul
sing softly to this of mine
in my dreams you are an anthem
the rythym inside my heart  

How I wish that I met him
that summer paradise of mine
I would gaze in his eyes
and let his energy awash
drowning me to all the mysteries
of the unforeseen synergy
the rythym inside my heart
I wish I would meet him ......
SassyJ Oct 8
Iguazu falls is like a thunder
stone pillars of brilliance
all upon a mass of waters
flowing as nature intended
wake her up to a rapture of conciliations
in a sequence of rapid resonance
of what shall I learn from the rivers?
that life can blow that unformed spear
sorts that erode and precipitate
some that wound and bleed to bruise
others that are an unfold of happenstance
others that are an uncovered shadows of sheen

Iguazu falls is like a thunder
stilled over the stable rafts
separating trinities and nations
adjoining promises and torn peace
illuminating soul fed ample hearts
in a sequence of a rapid resonance
of what shall I learn from the rivers?
that life is a continuance of adventures
sorts that breaks then rebuilds firmer
some that lose control in fear and love
others that get lost in a rhythmic flow
others that are uncovered shadows of sheen
written at the Iguazu falls
Oct 8 · 120
Only for you.....
SassyJ Oct 8
The snow trends from the mountain tops
on a window ledge by the peak trail
submerged on a train of eventful thought
compounded by a sail of unlost memories
resigned to see an arousal of a soul
hearted in a summit of the unseen dust
yet the aliveness of your energy rebuilds
silenced in the calmness of an un-wasted night
lost and resumed to care a little bit more
yet the brightness of your heart sings
echoed in the rhythm of the unheard hymns
founded under a layer of a consumed night

…… and when the night falls my heart races, like a horse galloping in a field of daffodils. ****** under the view of the city lights, set on a valley of a precious flow.

…… and when we kiss the world ceases to move. All motion of time lapses, tranced in a space of un-woken dreams.

…… and when sobered in a time closer to 2020, no reformed regrets darling. Lately I have been lost in your within. Soaring to dreams of unfading forevers.

…… and when I say "I love you" its unconditional, it passes time. It's a mystery of innocence. It's as easy as the world exists. It's not an obligation but an existence.
SassyJ Oct 7
At the end of the world
Overlooking the atlas
where the ice fells
and snow treks

kissing under the stars
the crescent moon
smiles on the icecles
another born dreams

watching sea lions
mother seedlings
as they prowl in islands
owning the sea and life

sailing on the beagle channel
drowned by the Les Eclaireurs
such a red prey on the sea
lighting the penguin walk
Ushuia .... Beautiful experience and memories at the end of the world
Sep 15 · 105
Nasty Archons
SassyJ Sep 15
The archons roam about in the night
fast stead pledging injustice
as they savour within the greediness
in the deep darkest mists they create
and when the dark is nigh they creep
times zoned in tones of invisible gross
as they gauge which soul to suffocate
****** their victims with disgrace
they ****** and present unassumed
yet their core goal is to harvest eggs
create those horrible hybrid offsprings
implanting mind control biotelemetry
implementing a scope of telepresence
they are drawn away by high frequencies
torn as the awakening light strikes
on times when you elevate
they will try hard to stop you afloat
blocking that very path of ascension
Abducted again....
Aug 29 · 83
An array of spaces
SassyJ Aug 29
I turned a leaf
a lift of a thousand pages
mileage of places
in search of truth within
and each cuticle
lead to an array of space
those mushy air sacs
of utter purification

I turned a leaf
and saw my soul breath
densely into existence
and my all was one
entangled in touch
circuferenced by depth
encircled to re-live
in beauty and purity
Aug 11 · 74
Unfounded Truth
SassyJ Aug 11
There is a great tree staring
right to the core of my existence
It's been here before my soul
So many past and present hurts

All I see with the new eyes
are isles of mere reflections
some current of avoidant baggage
one that taunts intermittently

In this world, one of millions
there is nothing and nobody
that I could really see deeply
the energy is low and at a fault

All I explore is superficial
layers of unfounded truths
presenting an unpolished sheen
of utter loniliness in a world of many
Aug 9 · 104
Unspoken reprise
SassyJ Aug 9
As bare as a dessert
so was his departed heart
when his body shut down
weaned of oxygen to death
his red blooded veins disintegrated
Yet, his sperms bore my being
and part of him was a sown on me
right to the core of this tapestry
Umm that old silenced man
bruised by disease and regrets

Once he came to me as a giant
a semi-human being from afar
another land where life lives
and his soul was cheerful
unreprimanded and attuned
wearing  contrasted parallel views
and his eyes shone with glitter
enlightened with a glow
he seemed interested and invested
all he did was nurture my soul

Today he sat of that couch
the very one that he read many a books
and his eyes were shut, the spirit shook
electrified from crown to head
he staggered in an sequence of drama
as if he was an automated robot
present but disintegrated in form
his ears were in utter silence
and his eyes could not find a way
as his feet shook in unspoken reprise
Jul 30 · 112
The felt , unseen
SassyJ Jul 30
Dear one,
Another day has come and nearly gone. Yet my body is lighted, pledging for an embrace.….. that laughter. I picture your soul so vividly, It's hues are unconcealed and vulnerable. There was a time I lost you in the horizons that surmounts all. What if? I gather courage and all there is and make that move. Will I be stumbled or murmured on. It's not that I can't do it, I truly do. However, I cant gauge your standoffish insight. Or is it my mere misinterpretation of what is felt and unseen.

You are ethereal, an old soul of some sorts. There is a time in the olden days when all seemed to be sure. When the world was on our side. Far beyond any topography and race, none of those expectations bore it. At times when my soul calls and recalls you, you seem to stand in front of me. How I wish you could read these words. See my sincere thoughts deep within, those that like words that echo in the deepest forest range. Those that look like all the beauty that you bear.

If there were April rains, I would stand there with you and awash the whole I bear. If there were three words then I will say " I love you". So when the night draws and the moon winds as it wanes. Look up to the stars and see your form embodied in there. Only there I will be, finding my way in the dark to you. At the mid point of it all, our electric essences will uniform. As always, as we do in another dimension. How I wish you could recall and find my way to me dear one. I will write until you find your way to me.

A soul resonance with someone soul form. TS
Jul 23 · 102
Unwoken dreams
SassyJ Jul 23
Sunrise on a sinful plate
a supper of twinkle spruce
How did I end up here?
in a land I know no soul
a palace of utter silence
fenced with no plans
in a vessel down-under
roaming in unwoken dreams
an adventure of odd sorts
away from a known culture
away from a friendly couture
Yet this day I feel a silhouette
a hue of an amber shiny glow
teasing and stroking the untaken
a day like this striken by a winter sun
as the shadow farmiliar tags along
longing for embrace from another
the moment of laughter uncalled for
a collusion of a mind collusion ..,..,
Jeez guess I am ready to meet somone. It's
taken me long to get here.....
Jul 23 · 80
Ohh our Ghandi
SassyJ Jul 23
"I am laying my heart bare"

Let the desert commotions
transfuse to a resistant mode
a hunger, that thunder of change
where institutional beliefs diffuse
in a memory of undiseased roots

Let the flashlight call for a victory
transpire aganist unruly injustice
Ohh Maharaja, bring thy wisdom
unrendered love and hope in hand
speak over the deliberations we face

Let the heritage of India shine
as the gem of this land radiate
open the eyes of the hirijans
as they see all lines undivided
in anthems of unity and harmony

Let the Muslims and Hindus sync
at the beating heart of humanity
that reflection of the multitude
blinded by mere superiority
a complex exiled animosity
Mohandas Ghandi
Jul 23 · 84
Aegean Stables
SassyJ Jul 23
Ye come see the piles
plies of corruption
mounted in a pie
a tasteful bitter foul

All seems so stained
endorsed in clauses
stables of disdain
crowded with tears

Ye come see the piles
a mismatch of potage
the mashed up mess
a sordid over crowned

All born iniquitous
mellowed in prostitution
upon perils of existence
in a world of Aegean stables
A world prostituted with corruption.
Jul 7 · 225
Riddles that bridges
SassyJ Jul 7
Let's share at the table of art
where our hearts hold on
clinging at the base of the edges
with yorks of broken hearted
hold with carols of utter concern
angelic choral spires of the defiant
where gold is thrown in an ocean deep
follow me by the old bond stones
at the temple that stand on cobblestones
at the altar where we can remain
soldiered by the founded pillars
as the ice cold beat us to death
we still never wanted to leave
as the sun scorched and melted
we still never wanted to leave
touch my torso, let your hands run
turning the ol lighted neurons
hit it all on the bearable grounds
at the heart where the water fall
call me again and again, yet again
get drunk by the glorific castle
where the drums beats in sequence
ranting on every passable pause
until the peak of the current falls
call me again and again, yet again
swallow the moments unfullifed
recite me as the unforgotten city
the clause that covers sad songs
in a figurative riddle that bridges
Jul 6 · 149
Shower me
SassyJ Jul 6
Shower me blue
as the daring storms stomp
burying me in a crucifix

Shower me red
as the blood rains on my soul
tainting my spirited foes

Shower me orange
create all the favourable hues
colouring my spirit in a rainbow

Shower me purple
open my mind from riddles
unchurned words that rules

Shower me green my love
export all the eros there was
and swim in all circles

Shower me in yellows
tune all the treasures in motion
to the heart of the unreturnables
Jul 6 · 191
Underneath the sun
SassyJ Jul 6
I dreamt of him again
at the mist of the Saturday dew
he crept in my withins
as a phantom untouchable
the illusionary comprehension
at the depth of my heart
he awakens every neuron
submerging all neutrons
to that ultimate insanity
yet we have dodged the currents
and narrated through all ways untold
above the current of the seashores
beyond the fathomable impossibilities
and in the dreams he undresses me
to the core where my bossoms bear  
endear me to the get lost in you
deep within the unrelative wedge
see me dear one as our wave summit
Peaking to that primal eruption
as we make love underneath the sun
Love you my future one. Yet I see you even in my dreams.
SassyJ Jul 5
Just another moment of anticipation
just another minute I need to call my own

I hear the black bird sing
such a vague song of resonance
moving far beyond the island
abandoned meteors
explorable demeanour
the unsolvable perimeter
permeable centimeters
such a rant on a cold winter

Just another moment of anticipation
just another minute I need to call my own

I sense the herd of the sheep flock
such a surmountable collusion
moving up the high mountains
applauded exposure
explainable composure
the simultaneous apprehension
such a rant o a cold winter
Jun 17 · 75
An element of freedom
SassyJ Jun 17
All I can see is your glistering smile
one that loses me to another paradise
as it undresses the fire of passion
right to the core of my vulnerability

It all seem like an element of freedom
the incensed butterflies fly away
taking me closer to your aura
where all I hold is sacrificed in a second

Bear us below the lines of the earth
******* into the winter winds
as all I wear is lost within yours
naked with all untold mysteries  

It’s been the longest slow motion
as the phantom follows me in bed
calling out my name so softly
reaching all the hilly highs unexplored
Totally smitten by craziness. It’s a soul dance
Jun 14 · 82
Shoes and beyond......
SassyJ Jun 14
He tunes all my elements
deep feelings that never existed
a penetrate to the reclusive state
yet, I shield away from emotions
feelings of strong attraction
those sentiments of butterflies
that coexist in the in between lines

He skips the beat of my heart
above the currents of downwards oceans
past the mirage of a destructive naunce
yet, I shield away from his pastures
such a storm of unreckoned thunder
where time to try is a lost option
simmering at the mercies of the heaven front

He will soon fade into the winds
beyond those unreachable bridges
of the never return thoughts
yet, I shield my knees from falling
becoming vulnerable at the mercy
of another wandering beautiful soul
prying in the depths of my many fews
It's just a crush.....??!!! primate attraction.
May 19 · 131
Underneath it all.....
SassyJ May 19
We stand here in a place of serenity
my soul and I holding hands
laughing at the dire deep moments
rushed trances we fought to forge
deep trenches crouched to the gorge

Yet this light within was always there
forgotten, shunned and misunderstood
let’s hope that this slow dance lasts forever
a sacrifice at the heart of this existence
where an overflow subsides an abundance

Yet gravity was all we could ever see
pushing us back in opposite gradients
and our hands were not able to touch
and the chains that held us were unlocked
bonded to the core, our clayed fragility

We stand here sharing a kiss forever
endorsed in our never ending sentiments
alone in this spectacular autumn night
underneath it all you are a part of me
a colour event radiating all my life
I love my soul and having to understand it is *******......
Apr 23 · 108
Beauty is she.....
SassyJ Apr 23
She is a girl, whose face radiates
above all extremities she faces
far beyond any complications poses
she smiles, she signs, she is a wonder

The star on her eyes guides her
way into to deeper illusions
steeper inclinations to the edge
where the sun illuminates on her

She is the beauty I see
even when lost, lonely and distanced
she comes back to the place of bliss
where one season surpasses another

and life becomes but a journey....... one of adventure and bliss
Apr 12 · 139
Utters of bitter sweet
SassyJ Apr 12
Such a sunny day unshielded from rain
and I have so many spent days alone
whispering to cornered phantoms
some of ago, others taunt and appease
to melodies of utter bitter sweets
If I could turn the clocks back I would
walk back to that perfected day
standing right there beside you
but love is not unconditional
and many people die drowned in it
trying in resolutions to make it work
and you could never fight for me
neither stand up shielded in misery
and my heart is ice cold and frozen
unable to feel, digressed from love
because in my eyes, it’s a waste of time
and my soul cries with an incurable ail
as if hit with a nail,unbailed a thousand times
deep within I stand as an unpolished iron
rusted and collected in sediments
ores of amber slime tapped as a ****
but the loathe on your skin tells it all
and all I wanted is to be better friends
but in your eyes, all is faint and insecure
and the cyclones of the past outweigh the present
Apr 11 · 159
Thoughts to Cootomundra
SassyJ Apr 11
There are no houses here
just hills with billabongs
sheep raiding pastures
each contained to its own
and the greeness of the valley
is submerged within my being
bearing the streams from the sun

There are trees smiling
attired in greeness and sheen
whilst others are withered
unbranched, unclothed, branded
each to its own paradise
unaware of the other’s existence
reserved in framed ponds

Thoughts to Cootamundra
where reasons are sacrificed
and the words muted are said
and each passageway is a memory
that reforms my tapestry
awaiting the hushed winter winds
at the heart of the autumn breeze
SassyJ Apr 10
In the city lights of Canberra
a place so steadily slow
away from water currents
a night as this so cold
and the breeze sets in
taking away the layers of warmth

In the city hub of Canberra
right at the middle of the walk
trails of mellow towered heights
and your face shows a bliss
in hues of unhindered shadows
smiling as if to save my soul

In the city pass of Canberra
I miss the touch I never felt
eyes that I never ever gazed
and yet your smile arise
right within my tender core
to the temple where we melt
SassyJ Apr 7
I will spent another daylight hour
looking deep in the ember of your heart
where love oozes droplets of life
covering my all with dazzling sparks
those remedies that want to crave
caving for your heart to fill my curves
right to the core of our time
where destiny revolves and resolves
and as your tounge fills my jaw
crusing to the depths of my inside
my soul captures the depth of yours
pausing in memories unsilenced
our whispers carried by sirens
to the den we claim to taste
the drooling icicles of honey
Inspired by daylight hours and the idea of love. It’s plausable.... indeed
Love denies itself until it feels like it never exists.
Apr 7 · 164
The city of the sun
SassyJ Apr 7
The green eucalyptus were in array
as I walked at the edge of the earth
consumed in the midst of the unknown
or was it just a figurative forced mist
illusioned on pictures in depths of mine
whilst the sun rays shone light
through these windows into my withins
and my eyelids were steady in the middle
at the centre where all the spirits awashed
and life vanished like an uncertain rainbow

Yet I was so young at heart, unable to see
and looking back, I can’t seem to understand
or even hold tight to that mystery angel
the one that brought me to the city of the sun
in another time, after another rapture
where psalms whispered of an eternity
and sonnets were effervescence and marginalised
and the questions were sought and internalised
and happiness became the solid I consumed
at the heart of paradise where it all fades

Come yee symphonies arise to the skies
above the sun each holding to the other
Let me just follow merry and nourished
hoping to be tangled in the lost rhythms of the sun
Apr 6 · 203
Rusted copper coins
SassyJ Apr 6
Halfway through the year time crept
Days seemed to flash like thunder
each vanishing by to its paradise
Sometimes I wonder about the days
If they will reappear above the mirage
far beyond the ever breathing skies
above the unreachable starry skies
above what is unfathomable and unattainable
and if these days sat on a mountain?
would it ever sink or be weighed down?
submerging below the strata and volcanic tension

aren’t we all stuck in a driven world
where souls are trying, prying, crying
each trying to find a place, some freedom
a resolution above all the substitutions

Yet as she sat at the fountains of love
all she could find was second class crowns
rusted copper coins sunk at the bottom
and all their wishes echoed eons ago
articulated with tainted rosy promises
pardoned within a series of mysteries
as if happenstance as delicacy was outpoured
and as she sailed, willowing voices unfolded
and all she could visualise was the future ahead
Inspired by a day out at Wagga Wagga, NSW AU
Apr 1 · 47
Inescapable Nemesis
SassyJ Apr 1
Life became as free as this
lighter than any feather I felt
softer than the remnants I tell
and every memory is a tale
availed to pass through the winds
into the vast of the forgotten puddle
and the nights falls into its place
mystified within it own paddles
a silence stiffened by stilled steel
at a sacrifice of blood and freedom
and every sun is not like the other
amber sheen, tampered sheets
such an even sleek of an edgy course
march on, run on, hum on
at the chase of inescapable nemesis
Mar 30 · 75
The dense of your esse
SassyJ Mar 30
As the winter droplets
fell through the cracks of the roof
settling above the blurry sunken skies
erupting as the the stars lost the soot

My heart pulled further
deeper in the dense esse of your core
and the sight of the moon lighted
mounting a promise of the unforgettable

Where is this fire leading?
scouting and scorching in passion
evading lesions and consequences
holding all that is everlasting

Let’s take a turn and lose all we got
kiss under the waning moonlight
waking up to the dew of the morning mist
as I can’t escape the way I love you

When we fall asleep again
the rain shall awash all the tides
and we shall make each other laugh
as we learn to fly on the wings of love
Felt inspired to write some romantic anthems even not experiencing that for a longtime; there is an essence of inspiration in the depths of my mind. A part of human existence that a few experience unconditionally.
Mar 30 · 121
Find my feet......
SassyJ Mar 30
As the music tantalises
something tricks the wick of my mind
through the pattern of the eruptive wind
besides the reeds of the adventure
in the swampy zones where I find the way
hiding the inner soul as peace partakes

As the sunshine gazes
the outer lights seems a hundred years
unreachable yet so lovely and visible
there is a pinch of it that never disappears
and it tears all the skin to the kins of bones
depths with the unpenetratable glass

The loneliness is so tasteful
away from any eventful unsteadiness
it scratches the ledge of the window sill
hoping to leap and fly to it’s freedom
and it’s shattered state is a sacrifice
unable to find it’s way home
SassyJ Mar 19
The desert sunlight scortched
as the earth boiled inside the simmers
turned in roars of fading echos
at the front of the ghosted town
regressed in anti Marxism anthems
suppressed in an outback of some sort
and my system was shocked
turned in rumbles of constancy
Yet there is some form of magic here
where the silence is my ally
and the moon that I have never seen
hides under the blighted skies
awaiting for the slumber as it peaks
heating warmth on the barren land
as every minute clocks the extremes
temperature rises a degree up a notch
Call it living in a desert.... heart is growing founder
Mar 17 · 299
Surrender of the Muse
SassyJ Mar 17
Out of the jungled zones
into the blossom of the muse
touched on all unhidden planes
as the bitter sails are buried
and the surrender of the muse
breathes with aliveness
and the pale hues startles in flames
such love from the past whispers
arose from the humble seeds of glow
there is no more holding on cliffs
uncertain on the rocks waiting
watering the winds of love
How so I couldn’t hear you?
awakened within my being
shaking with unknown spasms
How so I couldn’t feel you?
as your songs enlivened
rising behind my fainted shadows
In love with existence and how it makes me feel. Suddenly, as time was running out my unseen muse brightened and my soul was restored.
SassyJ Mar 17
Apathy and ignorance tainted humanity
into droplets of unsettling mists
formative actions just pours blood
as enclaves of prejudice forms unrest
Whose nations are these?
where moral compassion is tool we lack
leading to unjust unidirectional tracks
for entitlement is an illusion
a dismiss to the evolutional revolution
For many months I watch the clouds pass
asleep as the layers of the skies seduced
whilst supremacists are hanging undone
whilst terrorists are merging undone
whilst institutional racism stand undone
Who are these unsaid heroes?
tired of fighting and just trying to survive
segregation is virtually an erosion
a creation of a constrained imagination
breeding just mere criminals and monsters
Jan 12 · 120
SassyJ Jan 12
She stands like a dame
bold with a subtle masculinity
her ties are with traces of time
each knotted with perfection

Once she lived in the countryside
driven by the fairytales of Paris
the melodious stance of the Effiel tower
doubled up with a forthright society

She drowned in pain, those blood tears
as her husband bedded the prostitutes
and dwindled the cash and advances
still they all threw themselves on him

She died a little each an everyday
until her affection for men truly died
and her fierly attention for women
summoned the unending flickering light
Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
SassyJ Dec 2018
It takes tales to run along
past the mast of the unseen flag
the one that comes and flies along
after decades of the lost light
flights and unending ghostly journies
the freedom recovers the day
wrapped up on the winter cruise
bruised by the western winds
on the gravel country lanes
where soil is the only savior
upon amber- brown rusty folds
past reason why the sun rises
beyond the cradle of the waning moon
SassyJ Dec 2018
The blinded windows are shreds of paralysed glass. That brokenness....the hunts beyond the borders of the savanna grass. There was time when I died unable to work out this bare shell uncovered. The thousands songs that replay uncreating the moulded monsters. As the roosters awaken the unravelling dusk. At times the skies are brighter, others your voice wander within the beat of my heart. Paralleled as we are, hands widths apart extended with eyelids that feed the light across the oceans horizon. Sometimes, you will never know or read the words that are the reason. Whilst the world was against us, fuelled to make us disappear. Darkness overcame the starry eyes with lies. Despite all, I hoped you would have stayed a little longer. The fire still burned as our heads held up on the waters..... and YES when I wake up in the morning it’s always alright. The static zone of the melodious rhythm sinks below the sole of my feet. Awaking such feeling of aliveness. Sometimes love never goes away and it lights even deeper......
Nov 2018 · 417
Whispers of the night
SassyJ Nov 2018
Reality strikes like a gong
stories foretold and whispers take turns
such a wild-fire unrestrained
spreading in empty cases
across the unheard sounds
within the pressure of their minds

Sometimes, time just makes it right
and the sound of the rain
slowly sweeps the prejudiced remarks
as their gestures are suffocated
in the remnants of their insinuations
across my inhabited alacrity

In the whispers of my dreams
I felt their creeping shadows
those words filled with judgement
apprehended inside unreformed reasons
across the many eyes that I see
logged with unmovable and manic chaos
I have no time to judge or change anyone. Take off your own logs first....***
So went to a party with a onesie and slept under a table.... What’s your problem? I am not into Gucci
SassyJ Nov 2018
The crescent moon had a silvery glow
lowly set on the dark shielded horizon
upon the clouded patch of glowy stars
towards the vast fields where cattle gaze
each with a light on pitch-black alleyways
following the muddy patterned paths
in the countryside of Burstall, we hustle
rumbling in hay sheds, beside the puddle
where torrential rains settled in a wrestle

It's been a 100 years since the war erupted
trenches charged with championed fears
cannons eroded with plentiful hopeful tears
The vicar of Burstall collared and robed
in front of masses with declarations of peace
lease of the acquisition, long-live the empire
denoted by the pitched but fading trumpet
off -keyed to the shrine of the beaconing light
where a chair is set fire-up high, in a glorious chant......

"Anna, stop giggling...we shall remember them Anna"
Lest we forget them......
Oct 2018 · 1.7k
Hysterical paroxysm
SassyJ Oct 2018
I’ll lay here and let the sun make love
Penetrate the shielded part of my being
to bear the brightness of its warmth
right to the base of the unmoved core
and when hysteria sizzles time passes
right to the century of the ancient timeline
where women sadness was denied access
only to be healed by a scientific ***** massage
that gentle movement of finger in the pelvic
to bridge the eruption with the explosive paroxysms
where a woman would relive forgetting
all the unattention behaviour bore by their husband
women wombs would be removed so as not to feel
women ****** desire would be numbed so as not to feel
women would be sent into asylums so as not to feel
They are ****** women confiscicated to a domestic gloom
Let them tend to the men and gain no societical standing
until the doctors got tired of it all, with broken hands
those cramped fingers and supportive bandages
tired of motioning and fumigation of the libia
with sweet smelling and relaxing oily lotions
It was as simple as that...... the change of notions
and the innovation of the handheld vibrators
eradicated hysteria in mere 1952........
Reading about Hysteria as an illness. Dr. J. Mortimer Granville pioneered the labor-saving ******* in the 1880s, when his electromechanical invention was patented. Originally, only used as a medical device, before then the doctors administered ***** and pelvic massages as a medical intervention.
Well, it could be a myth.....
Sep 2018 · 944
Emotive Men in Motion
SassyJ Sep 2018
It took me a decade of toil
years of experience and expertise
to learn that men are happy scoring
ecstatic when he bags and trashes
that short win he has not earned
Sometimes as women we steam
trimmed with seams of emotion
awaiting to open hearts unreserved
Yet he don’t want this vulnerability
he wants to be ignored and uncared for
denied and kept at the deepest ledge
for when you give yourself easily
he will devalue your inner-self
blocking and tantalising from afar
Men are still immature within
afraid of closeness,scared of love
afraid of the emotions,scared to trust
and when he chases,he is fast as a cheetah
preying closer and closer to his price
and when he lies, he sugar coats the facts
so that he creates an illusionary promise
Yet deep within he is like a baby
strained with automatic reflexes
unable to make an emotional dialogue
on how to make the woman really happy....
Lesson learnt over the years....
Sep 2018 · 220
Saw you in my dreams......
SassyJ Sep 2018
I saw you in my dreams
just the other night
under the moon
where I longed for a caress
we brushed hands as If to pass
but your soul was surreal
and your breath was so real
as your beard touched my face
on that astral grounds
where the luminance of green
shines across the bridge
where I fantasied of your arms
those broad shoulders of embrace
and your touch was not like the rest
It stayed in my withins and without
and your love was not like the rest
It reassured my vulnerabilities
and your kiss was not like the rest
because it’s firely glow filled my soul
I dream of you some days because when we meet, you will stay ***
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
An Eventful Twist
SassyJ Sep 2018
The myriads of symbolic rhythms
sway along the narrow highway
as the speed of each engine races
whilst my heart traces in lost decades
worn out and torn in unjust voids
Yet the summer trails brought an adventure
crucified to a verge of eventual twists
pasted inside pain as never before
upon the thrones of the sacrifice
at the cross of want that never returns
where veins are palpitated and bled
and the volcano boils without a limit
at the heart of where a stormy story formed
by the alleyway where lavenders diffused
and the bees fed from pollen to pollen
upon the mouth of the energy giving nectar
where the summer fruits craved for that ray of light
Sep 2018 · 534
The Tibetan Bowl
SassyJ Sep 2018
The Tibetan bowl radiates beauty
frequencies of known possibilities
where the heavens calls unsummed
as the waters drop on a fall unmeasured
each beat holds me by the hand
and leads me to a point of ecstasy
where the world truly disappears
where the words amount to a mount
where pain is just but a lost misery
where love is just unfounded and real
and the gestures of the Autumn call
and the sunflowers sway Eastwards
where they reflect on the sunset
as the day draws to a final call
in a rhythm of a hopeful embrace
Sep 2018 · 143
The oil to my soul
SassyJ Sep 2018
Find me a man
and let him gently undress me
as he steadily moves his hands
to the core of my vulnerability
applying the anointed oil to my soul

For when I see his heart
It shall whisper all the words that I long
carressing every inch of my foam
from the crown of my head
to the pointed tip of my toes

His whisper shall attune to mine
and his chords will be my remedy
His pull will be mine and his push mine
as he will stand with me in the rain
nurturing his seeded gardens

I can feel his footsteps close by
nearing the promenade of the promise
where the birds steer off the shores
testifying to our lighted path
a journey of the young and non weary
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