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30.3k · Dec 2015
Donald Trump (13W)
SassyJ Dec 2015
You might be a tycoon but you ain't fooling me in your typhoon!
SassyJ Jul 2016
My Frankenstein monster*
erects in the dense night
a soliloquies of remedies
traced on pasted wall paper

It bids faster as the kites fly
high above the Himalayan
feeding respect to the sun
to radiate its vector rays

It whispers of this world
a spice of colours and patterns
a windy dainty silky road
wrapped with satanic ribbons

As the masses gather on the poles
to dance the mayday festival
the pagan gods shake the monster
their gold merry as the cloud chills

The bonfire embers and trembles
the palates vanish in the ashy wind
the crowds grow in bonded unity
*the monster smiles in rhymed terms
Beltane: Name for Gaelic May day Festival
Written in memory of May 2016 at Shropshire radical gathering
9.4k · Aug 2016
SassyJ Aug 2016
Is there a difference,
give us a reference,
between a stalker,
and a pokemon.

The monger hits news,
game spots and toss,
time lost and chaos,
with a pokemon.

In Canada......
The rule breakers,
cross the borders,
an inadvertently walk,
for a pokemon.

In Guatemala city .......
The teenage boy,
under the wizard,
die in the cause,
for a pokemon.

In London.......
The go players,
ambushed in public,
and robbed by trees,
all for pokemon.

In Africa.....
The rumble,
then scrambles,
to get the last,
the dusts of pokeman.

In Asia...........
No signs too,
they tire and wait,
for the nostalgia,
all for pokeman.

In New York.....
It's a no, no,
for *** offenders,
or become criminals,
All for pokeman.

Poke me man,
NO *******!
It's all crazy,
the apocalypse,
of freaks and creatures!

Poke me man!
Go find old cards,
a bank of more funds,
all for pokemon.

Poke me man!
As phones hide,
their lunch hunt,
the herd of pokemon.
SassyJ Aug 2016
My easel, has been asleep
for a while, like a whale
on the lost deep seas
finding a prey
to victimise
to sate the belly full.

Your easel, sees in my eyes
the robbers on the blink*
of an unruly end
finding recognition
in social media
to favor ego
to sate the belly full.

Your easel, is a mellow fine lens
Hands in line holding a gun
set a trigger, to silence the crowds
the doom in the public cruise
trollers and vipers with wipers
to sate the belly full

What have we come to dear friend?
we seek fame and lose our self
to the shadows of the masses
who denude our dignity
to gain their sanity
to sate the belly full

What have we come to dear friend?
in the spaces of the contours between
dehumanised by the social media
the medium of the century voice
the armageddon of currency
*that sate to fill it's belly
The poem is an accompaniment to an art piece called "Robbers". The piece is a two composition hue, with shadowy effects of a teenager holding a gun. In the shadows and the in-betweens, the dark streak of social media dehumanisation strikes. The art piece 'robbers'  is the work of "Joshua Ingram" aka Ezra Warhol. Thanks for inspiring me artistically, I am swapping walls for the canvas. Your artistic hand is beautiful and ethereal dear poet, musician and painter friend.
SassyJ Apr 2016
In tunnelled darks, pastes of reminisce
Outward disjoint points to irrelevance
Spooned and coned in cold mountaintops
The darks of sorrows and trails of struggles

Persistence patterns of self satire in gloom
Sunken in identity crisis of broad oceans
Stormy seas spotlighted by beatific stars
Trajectory of spilled ice in recurrent motions

A mere past cocooned by fears and tears
Clouded in thoughts that cruise and decline
Greyed white imprinted by sudden sadness
Madness echoes on arched ancient bricks

Checkered maniacs of fulfilled passions
Filed and iced in cased prolific memories
Cascades of sunshine tickles to warmth
Orchards of glow that bloom and grow

Picked, ticked and unpacked from boxes
Attacked, nurtured and stored in bliss
Eventful lessons unfolds in untold augury
A mission as the known permeates and fade

Windowed eyes all line up in parade
Mirrored lights digest the haunted haste
A stranger to self, an ally to another
A dance of bright entwine a twist of blur
Darks and lights ........
For audio follow:
7.3k · Jan 2016
Cruel Inhumane Autocracies
SassyJ Jan 2016
Human directives, veracities unverified  
Bellies belching with anger, murderers
Udders dripping hate, foundling banters
Hunters striking the hungered, unfortunate
Glare sight to seek the truth, hold me lets sink
Tear motions and debates of inequality

My Dafur, the realm of the fur, demise
All armed in Sudan, the arid, a battlefield
Emergency alarms sirens from 2003
The indefinite complications and hunger
A land of the displaced, starving nomads
Hear me out in these non-dissolving conflicts

Guantanamo bay detention a prison vicious
A base for “war in terrorism”, reciprocal laws
Inhumane human interrogations persists
A breach, a revolt, the hunger riots devolve
Force-feeding, torturous measures applied
All undressed, humiliated, genitalia exposed

A Rwanda slain in divide and rule
Civil clashes, mashes, all trashed
Swaying war rapes, tapes, the raves
Machetes slashing necks and hands
A lust of power, a genocide slaughter
The Tutsi slewed and unsewn from a patch

Autocratic regime boring divisions
Territorial ethnic cleansing, a holocaust
The oppression of Jews, Romanis, Poles
Homosexuals, the disabled and mentally ill
Indifference pooled in pits and camps
The institutional social indoctrination

The honor and killing to expose shame
The violation and dishonor of moral fabric
For what is “good”, “bad”, fixated moral values
Buried waists and head, awaiting stones to hit
Confessional secrets of only what lays within
A torment watching witnesses, all dangling

Marxists calls ships to stow ashore
Masses kidnapped, confused in deceit
Invalid contracts awaits signatures
The white immigrants to be enslaved
All aboard, now abroad to revolve labor
Wage packages taken to pay for freedom

Humans bought and sold to be owned
Slaves yorked and counted as assets
Bounded to serve plantations and homes
A human, non human, a chattel, a slave
A debt *******, offended and *****
Untamed and made to obey a master

A falling global strings unturned
Tunes strumming hate, war and pain
Human trafficking, violence, inequality
Child abuse, civil conflicts, capitalists
Commercialism, zero hour contracts
For if we have no rights, I have none
For if we have no peace I have none
We are in it together.........
So much inequality in the world before and now. Why can't we live in peace.
Stanza 1: Introduction to human autocracies
Stanza 2: Dafür (Sudan) ongoing civil war and people are dying of hunger.
Stanza 3:Guantanamo bay detention. The prisoners of "war in terrorism" are treated in an inhumane way. Who is the terrorist now?
Stanza 4: The Rwanda genocide where divide and rule led to civil war. Tutsi the fewer in numbers were killed by Hutu's.
Stanza 5: Honor killing where people are buried in pit and have stones thrown to them.
Stanza 6: Indentured servitude where white people/ caucasians were forced to sign contracts and then shipped as slaves to various locations worldwide. The wages earned were used to pay for their freedom.
Stanza 7: Slavery of black people. Sold and yorked as labour force.... owned as an asset.
Stanza 8: A failing global world where inequality is everywhere (disease, hunger, child abuse, human trafficking, violence, war.....) For if we have no peace I have none, If we have no rights I have none!!!
SassyJ Jul 2018
I though he carried the light
where words would illuminate
driving me to a euphoric ******
a man without a face or a trace
unhindered in a double live and lies
a bubble of psychotic psychic surety
his passion was an addiction
my reservations moved a notch
addicted to a body of ideology
the stances of philosophical terms
uncovering ancient possibilities
the unfelt mysteries of history
veiled in icicles of pretence and lies
as if a Marxist, a closet bourgeoise
The stoicism of present bargains
questioning Socrates and morality reasons
a fatal dose ,examining the unexamined
as colourful as his mind blew my inner glow
he was lost in sad and low dialogues
afraid to face the earthly shallow shadows
yet his spirits moved deep within mine
and it paralysed and fed on my energy
and his delusion became my seduction
but he woke my inner poetic tongue
letting it caress all his inner wounds
A shadow hiding behind Frankenstein’s
a sly monster who lied to my eyes
ghosting in with the a pen that weakens
romancing with letters of a fiery doom
a penpal whom I met within my lowest
but whose words lay in a deep unending quarry
his warmth I could never ever tell
his kiss only a draft on the dewy grass
5.8k · Mar 2016
Spanking Melancholy
SassyJ Mar 2016
Your stars glimmers
Belching, wrenching
Exposing my ethnic aura
A tape of heavenly bliss

The acoustic rhythm
Essentially subliminal
Satiably insatiable
Tracked traces covered

Your tree branching out
Railing through my bark
My bosoms blossoming
Tip-toe to my bareness

Your entirely arousing
A summation of beauty
A firefly to enlighten
Encased within to liven

A body I hold twinkles
Whistle magnetic presence
Sprinkle my mind to entwine
Assign your soul peacefully

A might, a light at sight
A whole in me,a one in you
Pluck, nip,smash,trap,stash
In dreamscapes and reality
4.9k · Jan 2016
Bhangra Dhol
SassyJ Jan 2016
I am like a baby in your bay
You hum as I play the tirkit
Based in your basic base
I heat as your beats explode
I’ll hold you as a hungry lover
An angered one waiting in line
I’ll suckle your filled bosoms
Caress your hide in ecstasy
I’ll put you in my mouth to ****
My idea of a realistic performance
A subtle pitch, altered frequencies
Among my dozen of reigned rhythms
A 15th century Persian marvel
Now musing Punjab, Assam,Goa
Maharashtra,Karnataka and Pashtun
Amuse me in another foreign soil
Trance and ****** me to an addiction
I bought a Bhangra Dhol and learning the basic tirkit rhythm.

History of Dhol Drum
The Dhol is most commonly associated with Punjabi music and dance. It was used in war by the Sikhs and later to celebrate successful harvests by the landowners. This drum became the ground roots for modern Bhangra music. The Dhol drum is a very common instrument in the regions of Punjab in India and Pakistan. From north India the Dhol spread to other parts of the Indian subcontinent as well.

The Dhol is a double-sided barrel drum (straight barrels also exist) played mostly as an accompanying instrument to the traditional Punjabi dance of Bhangra and the religious music of Sufism, Qawwali.

The drum is played using two wooden sticks, usually made from bamboo and cane wood. The most common rhythm played on the Dhol is the Chaal, which consists of 8 beats in a bar.

Though primarily it was meant to be played in festive occasions of - Lohri and Baisakhi and family get together's like weddings etc, today it has gained remarkable acceptance and popularity. A typical Punjabi song cannot be without Dhol beats.
SassyJ Jan 2016
Sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking,
Is wrapped inside a ball,
A small pink ball inside our head,
That won't stop till we're dead,

Analytical bedrock inside oozing theories,
Elemental atoms sizzling logic,
The imaginative stranger,
One abstracted and eccentric,

Walking with shadows,
Talking and mocking,
Through these theories inside us,
Tilting our caps ‘til we’re shaking our heads,

Pensive love in storming analysis,
Sapiosexually excited, piqued interest,
Unemotional and thoughtfully attuned,
Absently minded, always condoned,

Unconventional and impartially stringed,
Weirdly wired in auxiliary functions,
Misconstrued and misunderstood,
An ****** intelligence bleeding paranoia,

Knocking unto me,
Into you, inside us all,
It’s something we all yearn to be,
And when you fail and prevail we laugh,

Crickling crickets thinking nothing,
Washing down the storm drain,
With no thoughts fluidly sliding down my throat,
Pop goes no questions into absolute concise words like freshly broken glass,

Again shadows await, but different shadows,
Blinking at me staring at you,
Wondering what’s what, inside this dementia made sense of a lovely afternoon,
Inside your sane, autocorrected, predetermined, twitching, little…mind.

Inspired by Myers Briggs Personality Test
Tyler is INTP... Logician  (Introverted INtuitive Thinking Perception)
The drifter, dreamer the absent minded professor!
SassyJ is INTJ... Architect  (Introverted INtuitive Thinking Judging)
The starry-eyed idealist manoeuvring life as if a giant chess board!

What Myer Briggs personality type are you?... See link below
It would be great to know.Please comment!!
I am open for One a week collaboration till March 2016. Interested? Leave a comment or message me.

No 1. One a week series collaboration with Tyler James Birabent
Wow, It was creatively fun working with Tyler especially in my first ever collaborative writing here at HP. The piece was inspired by Myers Briggs personality test Tyler is (INTP) whilst I am (INTJ).Tyler is analytical, logical and a very composed individual. At the best of times he has beautifully mused and surprised me.

Thanks Tyler for working with me! ;0)
Tyler HP link:
SassyJ Jul 2018
He topped coffee with melanin
as if there wasn’t even blackness
set in rigid processes and routines
days in and out of smoking
numbed his brain to senseless cells
and he dreamt of dreams I never hold
poetry was just pretentious to him
a narration of my soul and heart
every word I wrote to him was a spell
the curse of his native Englishness
every adjective was a clocked tense
and he never understood my words
nor heard my melodies and rhythms
and as he rode, sure it was like a dog
lost in sense, an escapism of reality
the puffs turned to paranoid tales
those sudden withdrawal and panics
drove me away to the deepest forest  
and my very bones felt his distaste
collapsed in manipulation and new age
his push always became my push
and the pulls up became my polar
Such a little boy with no ultimate direction
Locked in the abyss of the faded memories
4.1k · Aug 2018
Lonely days
SassyJ Aug 2018
The world revolves and I can't hold it’s pace
neither roll around the unending cycles
may be it is the grey hues polluting my growth
or this age that is fiercely catching up with me

The sun rises and there I lay watching it rays
numbed, unwanted, determined and yet focused
such days I just wish for a lover's touch
I long for that unending lullaby uncorrupt

Sometimes the silence in the pain cascades
It trickles in droplets settling on the morning dew
and I wish to follow its pace, lay in the calm want
be carefree and unrestrained from emotions

I wish I could feel the rhythm of another heart
declare the green sheen of the unfolding leaves
as we lay counting the stars and making starts
laughing aimlessly as the joy surfaces unearthed

But all I see is the hurt of what love bears
the ones who held my soul close are strangers
unable to feel my innate palpable rhythms
fading on and on to a distanced and unmerged shore
Lonely days
SassyJ Feb 2016
Crossroads (Spoken Word- Freestyle-Dramatics)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
== Crossroads ==
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Complexities we create

(Copy the link below to your browser)
Follow the link at:
Insatiable was the menu we served exclusively
The culinary gourmet, marked in Michelin stars
The 5 course preparation of paradise on a dish
The interval of forks, spoons, knives and platters
For I drool it all, still you can’t see the stained print
I reverse the stilled portrait and you stare amused
Tainted as the stringed moonlight crawled unearthed

Take this bulb, for I have smashed it see this bruise
The blooded finger prints, the imprint of fine justice
I breath the freshness of the mist but it evaporates
My mind cascading  to the pitted grounded roots
The sun rays blows to blind, its my lidded perspective
The unparalleled horizon casting on glittered aisle
Send them all home, the show is paused,cancelled

Reality is the diverse of confusing notions and illusions
A multiplication of complexities that we have created
The absolute happiness remains a psychological concept
The happen stance of nature entwined with freedom
To exist yet persist and bloom like a yeasted dough
Encircling reputations, reflections to heavy to bury
I come back home to announce a new found hope
3.5k · Jan 2016
Colony Collapse Disorder
SassyJ Jan 2016
Patterned dots, existence connects
An anther to a stigma, reproduction
The pollen withers, pollution subsides
Colonies of bees vanish in the wind
Toxic genetic food wins in binge

Mother earth cries in pain, an ail
Food chains and supplies cut short
Globalised mass production of poison
Supermarkets stocking “all season”
Consumerism monopolies swell

The environment abused and misused
Plastic bottles displaced, a chemical sludge
The haunted “great pacific garbage patch”
Littered garbage, debris and chemical sludge
Humanity displaced, dissociated and divided
Ruining sea waters , floating landfill fueled

Probability of heightened population
Global panics, mimicked maniacs
Reductions of resources to feed all
Unsustainable long windy farms
Big roads, buried bills, stingy reality
We are connected to every elephant that stamps, every bird that flies and every bee that buzzes. As peculiar as this may be it is so true. In the last 15 years the bee population is diminishing/ disappearing! It may seem far-fetched but it is true and relevant. They call it CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Initially, they blamed it on pesticides but this can only affect 1/3 of the population. Some scientists blame it on genetically modified crops as they might have toxics that poison the bee. But this has got a great effect on the food chain.

Such trends identify immense threat. Globalisation has meant that we have "all season" food.... you can get what you want... when you want it. Is our consumerism mode to blame? Have our reckless outlook in life lead to "the great pacific garbage patch"?

The world population is on the increase currently at 7.3 billion and projected to be 9.7 billion in 2050. Have we got enough resources in mother earth? Have we abused and used her? It's a long long road, the windy path... the stingy reality.
3.4k · Jan 2016
Orion Phantom
SassyJ Jan 2016
Rain showers, mazes uncovered
Dancing like a little child with a toy
Reclaimed as the drizzles recovers
Pouncing  jumps like a kangaroo

The winter burns as the fire blaze
Warmed by the ambience of the logs
Reflections denuded, secrets unearthed
Times lost bouncing like a ball

Bare and **** in the cool mist and fog
A shadowy phantom arises me
An Orion exhibit, my alpha constellation
Carving me out of the hidden cave
First Stanza:
Represents my happy mood, no worries whatsoever about the immediate.

Second Stanza:
It's cold and the winter burns. However the fire is warm enough to keep me lighted up. Reflecting back on life, I wonder why I have wasted time. The aspect of time bouncing like a ball was fascinating to me.

Third Stanza
I lay myself bare with no secrets. It's me I have nothing to hide. Yet, the arrangements of the world remain limiting to some aspect and this makes existence seem "misty and foggy". However, I have got the stars to look up to. Especially, I saw the orion constellation today and it mused me. Amused and appeased me to the point that I had to leave my cave. Here I am all denuded and naked.......
3.3k · Feb 2016
Hypnotic Trances
SassyJ Feb 2016
Hypotonic collusions
Rising in osmotic lesions
An eruptive soul reversion

Emissions of embered logs
Each lightening with a glow
A youthful straw of clemency

Pollinated sandals, handled
Gripping the flesh in vessels
Houses of lost and unreal dreams

Vicarage gardens of suppression
Masticated in delegated abstractions
A surmise of death and redistributions

Each a beat rise, slide on frosty ice
Un-enveloped in seasons of erosion
Delusional commotions sprawled

In the dance of the ecstatic programming
The body waved and led in hypnosis
******* with the intangible essence

To make sense a revised tense,I fence
Straying in lenient lunacy to fields afar
A merry to ferry the phoenix dance

Rattles shaking in transit translations
Drums pause settling in finesse pond
A coitus of dimensional valour and vice
SassyJ Oct 2016
The melody of the strings of life*
a substitution for the institution
take my arm, let it reach a far
in creativity and sensitivity
beats bouncing the zombies
from the graves of impotency
created by mundane manipulation
mutilations of the happiness we long
as we capture the tides of everyday

The harmony of the universal love
screaming with a tantalizing mission
a remission from the decay of the society
sugar coated with lengthy dices of lies
then iced with laces of illusionary secretions
tis' me who embrace the skin you wear
as we seek a new phase of revolution
solutions that are delusional and waking
*rising through ever dense curved valley
For HP Dystopia .... my utopia. Thanks for reaching to me, you lifted my soul and spirit intensively. You have seriously mused me in a deep way ;-)

My utopia is very talented.... check out the lovely pen on

Thanks for the new mantra my utopia
" I never going to kneel no way.......I got my own to truth to swallow,  I have got my own path to follow,I won't be manipulated, mind controlled and inundated, I will seek the revelation, make my life a celebration,  I will be the change I am seeking, manifest the word I am speaking, I  refuse to be imprisoned, I will make my own decisions.... I will never be a pawn... I will never slave away"
3.1k · Feb 2016
Juxtapositional Refinement
SassyJ Feb 2016
Mercies at  juxtapositional refinement
Abandoned constitutional confinement
Handshakes on the bridged ligaments

The sweet melodious serene dreams fleets
One after the other like peculiar inventions
The mellow scenes of frames realignments

Wonderful crafted words verses paradigm
Harmonic jazz awesomeness, decode freeness
Orchestral spontaneity drills pragmatic energy

Yet, as the gingered steams rise from the hot brew
The scented breeze of life vaticinates with a smile afar
Whispers of "no obligation, no expectations" reverbs..... on and on....on and on
If it has not been mentioned DO NOT READ AND ANALYSE THE IN BETWEEN! It is what it is ..... "PERIOD"!
SassyJ Jul 2016
Seems like the time
I searched the sunlight
Seems like the time
I watched the moonlight
My eyes so wide
above the sunset
Seem like the time
I touched the sunlight

Half moon
Half sun
Half river
Full moon
sun rays
blind my sight
Halt, stop
the world is moving
So slow, so slow
this movie

Half tunes
Half dreams
Half heavens
Half real
Half humoured heathens
Halt, stop
the snake is biting
the fangs, the fangs
so drilling

Seems like the time
I searched the sunlight
Seems like the time
I watched the moonlight
My eyes so wide
above the sunset
Seem like the time
I touched the sunlight
For audio follow:
2.8k · Apr 2016
Stormy Strings (Blues Music)
SassyJ Apr 2016
Harmonica and strums sail my shores
Tell my whole clan sonny, he ain't good
That I met a troller under a sycamore
He passed me all the love as he veiled

We walked around,camouflaged by leaves
Tell mummy he was a preacher's son
A soul that was open and hid it's stick
Unharmonised in accapellas I drowned

Swingers of melodic stormy strings
Tell sassy to keep her tassels tucked
To calm her tussles and noisy gongs
Shake on the octave of the beats

Whisked dreams of the lost yesterdays
Tell Jimmy to listen to her heart raise
Tie her down, bring her back home
Liberate and let her fly like a wild bird
2.8k · Apr 2016
Lithosphere- λίθος
SassyJ Apr 2016
Feel the chains change in me tonight
Condense me to evaporate in want
The long of a bounce to another world
Light the fire to burn deep and fervour

A belly roasts in repetitive embers flushes
Hearts tied connate as the essence flashes
A tangle ribboned to last after the dawn
Testify as our sparks infinitely ignite dances

Titaniums of our tectonic plates merge motions
A convergence entwined in bordered emotions
Link me in the convections of transformations
Conversations of a lasting warm benevolence

Paradisiacal chum of a past in resonance
A photographic collection of a lived long life
Unwrap the snare, unwind the erased tapes
Lay back as we hide away behind the moonlight
2.7k · Mar 2016
Paradigm Distortion
SassyJ Mar 2016
The glass of wine spins on sins
Encircling the royal roulette
All rotating on a hamster wheel
Pinned on canvas and illusional walls

So tiny in errors and unbalanced books
Unaccounted annotated distributions
Twisting hands on colluded coils
Deeper projections from the heart

An eruption of the social notions
Extracted on the paradise of life
For no truth echoes authenticity
Eccentrically finding a lived reality

Plato symposiums and simulacrums
Pavlov trails of social conditioning
Sampled in tented objectifications
Functioning within the invisible rules

We sniffle as we expose the false actuality
Reactive explosions from robust heat
Unloaded rods dancing under the moon
In our tenderness rejecting the paradigm
For Joshua Ingram from the heart.....(Inspired by the  distortion of the 10 commandments and art)
2.7k · Jan 2016
Stencil Mishaps
SassyJ Jan 2016
Stencils and pencils
Sharpener mishaps
Doodles, scribbles
Scrambling shades
Blending sketches
Running axis points
Spherical shadows
Tinting hints and hues
Pencilled portraits
Cruel crooked eyes
The bendy nose
Philosophical muse
Artistically inspired
Shading and fading
Realistically amused
Fused within reality
Surreal tuned vices  
Meet-ups and sit ups
Outlines freakily patched
Attended a sketching meet up for the first time. The best ever environment where I can just be myself. Socialising via sketching is cool;)
SassyJ Mar 2016
A ***** drills inside my core
It nags, graps, pans, the hands
They knot in spins and twists

My crux left at the river side
Breathing,gasping fast, faster
Body out in the open rawness

Persisting resistance of the force
An outward shield winning
Winged left,right, up, down

Another day, a greater pace
A passive taste, ranting in haste
In bricks *****, all I taste is hate

All walking in dead silence
Heads shouting with dreams
A roll of sweet and sour sate

Echoes of taxes and budgets
How will they evolve us?
Snatching more from pockets

The rockets burst to mock us
Pulling our all to fund them
Nuclear bombs creating tombs

Distribution of lies and wars
Missiles disposing as lyrics
An objectification of reason

Figure brushes on magazines
Incisions of bits and **** hoots
To boost of the hot posed ***

No truth is scaffolded as real
A psychological brainwash
Pollutes and limits indefinately
Human interactions can leave one vulnerable and emotionally drained. How much are we socially indoctrinated?
The revolving dreams of the social structure and institution!!!
2.5k · Aug 2018
The Pisces Crises
SassyJ Aug 2018
You always talk about how you conquer
lay women of all types and credentials
figure it out that you are a ***** of a man
and pieces you have shattered along
promising empty and delayed dreams
get your sick **** to sleep for a while
and treat your girlfriend right and good
because she is a queen and deserves love
Don’t fool yourself in this age dear friend
As your flag posts don’t really matter
because you still remain so cold and lonely
shallow and always disrupted to grow
as your oats floats with the melting snow
watching all your friends leave you behind
wanting, groaning, moaning and frowning
It’s like some sort of a Piscean crises
crushes of addiction and utter mind games
When will it stop, come to a halt dear friend
To that Israeli friend
2.4k · Feb 2016
My Promonade Breeze
SassyJ Feb 2016
The glitters sets a far
The globe is exploding
A stunning blow
Bended in spirals
Drenched in beats
Rhythmic rhymes

Farewell system
Endorse fine fun
I’ll walk you down
Layers of laid carpet
Twirls of paced night
Please say “Yes”, Do say “Yes”
Inspired by Joshie Ingram
2.4k · May 2016
Mine Locks
SassyJ May 2016
Helicopter in the air
Searching for those on the run
Holding the greenness of shattered glass
A tight embrace of the natural beauty

A rock tied to mine locks
Padlocked as I creep the stairway of life
Evolution of flames and fallacies
A sly that promises no tears

Compelled to paste the puzzle together
A locomotion of pieces to a system
Never to be afraid of who we are
United uniqueness to be the ones of a kind

Are we the loyal dogs who bark by the rivers?
Waiting for the tides to wash us away
Singing as the sun reflects beautiful ways
The tales of a long ago uncovers my soul
2.4k · Mar 2016
Vietnam Valentines
SassyJ Mar 2016
Vietnam, you uncovered my soul
Gave me a song, a direction smog
Looked at the pandora box I held
Unstripped my flames up temples

A hologram of the graded existence
Seasoned in explosions of burnt haste
Decked on buses,ducked in valleys
Chilled bays, overly paddled kayaks

Such sweet taste of the Halong bay
Undreamt mist of the skies stared
Fishing squids and bellied jellyfish
The soil, the sound,an orotund playlist
Travels.... I miss you Vietnam..... you were hyperreal!
SassyJ Jan 2016
Verse 1
You are the wind that blows
I am a book that you read
Condensing chapters told
My feeble mind relearns
To search the eons of bliss

Verse 2
You are the scent I breathe
I am a nomad that strolls
Guarding blooming depths
Your inner eye is my sight
To trigger seasons afar

Verse 3
Your skin is my shiny glow
I am a mass that revolves
Reflecting the mirrored view
You review within my insight
To align the guarded tusks

I will never punch you
Neither munch you
A sway in desire
I will never judge you
Neither nudge you
A swing to inspire
To an essence ever present felt but not seen!
SassyJ Jan 2016
Firefly a glowing light in the dark
Embodied in the ray of the rainbow
I see your radiance striking beauty
A shadow succulently saccharine
My tears flows to shed your pain and sorrow
Fear hints and hears, questions of why arises
Who bore them, those with haunted hate?
Do they ail with a sore inside their souls?
For they carry a cargo, loaded with misery
Swim afloat, for they love to see you sunk
Smile along, for their ties want you sad
Love along, for they will drown in hate
Come to life firefly, glow in the dark grow
A poem for Firefly reply to How would you be?
Keep your head up pal! be proud of you!
SassyJ Jul 2016
Glitters and red meters
givers and received perceivers
usher the gift of illusionary display
vision all the aspects of reality

Signal the surreal posts on trees
yank and spotlight my dreams
walk and split the glass panels
wagon us from societal ice

Glitters and red masks
course every vein of our being
pour the red wine and misplace
protrude every nautical sense

Read my palm, contact the wizard
grab my sight, take me to the moon
contactless,eventful and tasteful
contactless, easy and resourceful
Written in a theatre over a performance of burlesque, live magic and comedy (cabaret live entertainment June 2016)
SassyJ Jan 2016
Watch me fly
Let me fly away
As the bird
I take a flight away

Verse 1
In the still, silence pervades
No reminiscence of a past gone away
You watched me talk,
Then I lost all my words you waved
Goodbye, sad goodbyes
In the caves, the echo of my voice pollutes
It’s in the when, the how all the where

Verse 2
In the fields, I withered as the crops bloomed
No remembrance of a past erased
You heard me beg,
As I lost all the will to live but die
The pointed fingers on my being
In  the brave, I took the shield and guarded up
It’s the now, the never ending paths

Parachuting from the skies
The distance is to high
But I trust the safety net
The hailing jet
I wear the sailing zest
2.2k · Jan 2016
Benevolent Oppressor
SassyJ Jan 2016
I’ll rev you like a Porsche
Pressurize the clutch then
ease on the equipped brake
enrolling the steering wheel

On the highway as we sing
Tuning choruses eccentrically
apply the mascara and smile
put my flock on, swing like Bowie

Craze up in seismic grooves
Shift to a self expression culture
be so extreme that you glitter
I’ll desire your ambiguousness

Unarguably, I’ll hold your hand
An evolved zeitgeist in revolution
squeeze their prejudiced little heads
replicate, experiment your persona
Be you, be you, be ambiguous!
SassyJ Aug 2018
You said it,how you broke my heart
every time we talk I break and cry
I stop as I was so crazy to love
To give all there is unconditionally
burnt shatters and pieces evoke
Now sat here at the cross legged bench
this country oak that soothed misery
the one with antique aesthetic split
Overlooking the misused McDonald’s
where ducks prey, play and swivel  
by the bus stop where people load
carrying suitcases to a distant destination
Yet, never had I been broken in my life
with lack of direction and unknown trauma
lost 10 feet under the revolting grounds
no apologies, no goodbye ,no explanation
not another chance,nor another beat
not a fiery fire, decrepit with the low blows  
Now solitude is a glove that fits me
It has justly put the pieces back together
Washed the foolishness and carelessness
For we are not made of bricks and blocks
Sat at this very spot today after years...... memories just streamed
SassyJ Mar 2016
The daffodils are springing
In the bloom, the pollen toss
The bird sway as they sing
I sense your touch in my all

Take a little longer ahhh
Take a little time
Just forget to forge
The gorge you left whole

The pavement I step, rolling stones
Each pierce my heart, the yesterday
I am not a magician neither a mystic
To foretell your heart strained desires

Cascading motions or emotions
Anticipated notions and collusions
Erosion of the past demolish solutions
Fainted resolution my contradiction
Having a terrible flu!... but still recorded!
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SassyJ Apr 2016
The rattle is shaken and life becomes unfixed
Torrential rains cascades downwards on ancient bricks
These stunning moments have been rediscovered
In wonder all is flustered in awe as the state of silence honks
Love creeps out of tune in time, the unsureness of cold feet
The voice fades, the toned whispers continually erased
Stormed and soaked, stilled and stalked by a heart that stole my dream
Drenched in uncertainty, non-favouring multitudes won't let me be
These flutters flattens and deflated, I stroll and I will not run
The floating fun fares vanishes, the morning bird furnishes
The time capsule evaporated, unstripped and frozen

Ohh, how I wished to plant and harvest inspiration
Wake up with a renewed breath of air, the flowing river
Of the days when the gloom masked, I hated what life had become
How could humanity be so self centred and selfish?
I looked for silence and the banging never ceased
The masses rushed, never to let me be, they snatched my freedom
I inhaled the hope of the freeness and longed for the racing momentums

How so?
That over time the weather collapsed to coldness, the darkness marbled
A nag of the songbirds, as I escaped in the ****** ozone layer
A disconnect of the mind, body and soul; when I saw my spirit sail
A snail sailing on its own course and journey slowly but steady
Reflections and visions of the timeline of growth and fertility
A heart of one, the soul of all, the mind of many, a tongue in sums
The chandelier hanged on a ceiling, high, holding the flickering bulbs
A condense of energy, the modelled nature of a prognostic intervention
A laughter and synergy rests in the symphony of the unsung melodies
2.1k · Jan 2016
Dildos and Fiddles (Haiku)
SassyJ Jan 2016
Electrics shafts cuts*  
The bubbling shade shakes
*Fiddling all islands
Taboo Subject:
Are ****** a fiddle or a riddle?
Based on article I read that ****** could cause HPV and cancer...***-toy-could-give-you-cancer/
You can debate on the comment space....... any views are welcome!
Don't be so shy!
2.0k · Jan 2016
Bawling West-Bank Barrier
SassyJ Jan 2016
Wailing walls, howling fences
Encaged and blocked by barriers
All smashed, sorted in security fence
Miles of humanity and flesh torn apart
Why is it that we can’t live together?
We bleed the same coagulating blood
Lined up and humiliated in alleyways
Paths of iron bars and imprisonment
My veins wringed, intensive torment
Mentally distracted, strained by grief
Settlement, conflicts and border struggles
Governance, religious trickles of disunion
The biblical birthright verses human rights
The unsighted straining peace settlement
Shadows of the peace blueprint screams
Ongoing reconciliation, milked in small doses
Whose home is whose? Subdivided in areas
Controls of disillusionment undisclosed
Unmanned checkpoints evokes fears
Revolving cameras tossed and turned
Bansky slogan “make hummus not war”
Smashes freedom to uproot  and merge
Constitute and construct peaceful resorts
All horns blowing to collapse duality
Passing through the Palestine-Israel controlled areas hit me really hard. Walls so high evoking fear. More so, lining up for few hours was draining, as got cleared to end up again on the Palestine area . This time the queue was longer than before. Another traveller got very upset and passed the line. The locals were complaining asking me to "speak to your friend" but she would not listen and passed the queue. I had decided to line up again and this made me become more empathetic about people who have to undergo such security checks on regular basis.
SassyJ Mar 2016
Inception Transcribed  (Spoken Word- Freestyle-Dramatics)**
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
==Inception Transcribed ==
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Inception and intersection of human life are diverse. We are ushered as a blank canvas to the shores of life. Socialised with values, beliefs and cultures. Our acclimatised acculturation. Submerged in the swampy lowlands each sunk and wandering through and through.

This morning I woke and left my house...... looked up to the horizons of nature. And there it was.... a revolving camera smiling at each stride I take... following me and taunting me. Unreserved in institutions, submerged in the ever decaying social structures.
Why do we do what we do everyday?
Is it part of the human processes and functions?

To exist and be absolutely absent but present. I fret, then I smile. Trying to join the puzzles in the mazes. Ever questioning if I am here to learn or to be polluted by bureaucracy.

Lets call for an assembly, announce that the town is dead. Yet, its people are gasping, breathing to fill their lives with a new paradigm. Look at me all cyanosed , the blueness of the dying veins... sunk in the redistribution and social panic. Re-engaged in the demoralised democracy. Look at me asking....
What is the meaning of life?
2.0k · Oct 2018
Hysterical paroxysm
SassyJ Oct 2018
I’ll lay here and let the sun make love
Penetrate the shielded part of my being
to bear the brightness of its warmth
right to the base of the unmoved core
and when hysteria sizzles time passes
right to the century of the ancient timeline
where women sadness was denied access
only to be healed by a scientific ***** massage
that gentle movement of finger in the pelvic
to bridge the eruption with the explosive paroxysms
where a woman would relive forgetting
all the unattention behaviour bore by their husband
women wombs would be removed so as not to feel
women ****** desire would be numbed so as not to feel
women would be sent into asylums so as not to feel
They are ****** women confiscicated to a domestic gloom
Let them tend to the men and gain no societical standing
until the doctors got tired of it all, with broken hands
those cramped fingers and supportive bandages
tired of motioning and fumigation of the libia
with sweet smelling and relaxing oily lotions
It was as simple as that...... the change of notions
and the innovation of the handheld vibrators
eradicated hysteria in mere 1952........
Reading about Hysteria as an illness. Dr. J. Mortimer Granville pioneered the labor-saving ******* in the 1880s, when his electromechanical invention was patented. Originally, only used as a medical device, before then the doctors administered ***** and pelvic massages as a medical intervention.
Well, it could be a myth.....
1.9k · Jan 2016
Streamed Normality
SassyJ Jan 2016
The snail strolls gently
Realigning hoped moments
A slow pace of consequences
****** and placed on tables
Harped to melodic tunes
Summed in upbeat sequences
The crescendo boils to ******
The climb of beats and undertones
All exposed and overlooked
The onlookers astonished
My ribs pinned out in pain
I squeeze to the cracks of normality
Attempting to slowly leap
To see the darkness of winter
To breath the stilled air
Yet, a hope lived, a life seen
We all shall make it to the end
Crawling to cut the finish line
Life seems slow but with minimal leaps. We shall all see the finish line. The aspect of living a "normal" life pain my ribs; up to the point the onlookers are astonished. We are all heading to the finish line, some things have to be embraced! But do we have to?
SassyJ Feb 2016
Ever cruising , in the base ship
Now finding my feet on the ground
Muddy pathways ,
Pebbled alleyways,
River coursing eastwards

Give me the revelation
That I need to elevate
Give me the calibration
That I need to stimulate
All aligning, all aligning

We are divided, in the realities
Now finding sensate zones
Hearts entwining
Minds compassing
Many flowing for the cause

And they shall walk on the land
Their feet will sink in the pads
They will smile and trance
Fight then unite,
Recite in their might
All attuned, all aligned
For the audio Mix..... I thoroughly enjoyed mixing the tracks and making the beats from scratch.
1.9k · Apr 2016
A Cider My Minder
SassyJ Apr 2016
A cider and a minder
Passing time as a reminder
Pink glow and songs flow
A waxy time erodes the mow

Renegades and perspiration responds
Swimming in winded seas of  Jordan
Heated in space, evicted in their pace
Libido fails as the liquor dilutes in taste

Catch an esse as the moonlight smite
Hold another to fake a romantic right
Filter to the cards of ace as the one winks
Emotive intruders farm in fields of pastures

Imbued with alcoholic waterfalls
Molehills of termites condense lose soil
A lack of connection a taunt that apes
Future anthems triumph in hungered strums

Amused by the music erupting volcanoes
A morrow blows as the candle slows
To tow the tall grassed disused straw
A spring to summer that promises sun rays

A resolve to moderation to preserve modesty
A kiss stored forever peeping the awing stars
To guard a heart and hatch uniformity
Trembles justly forgotten in termed premises
Friday night people watching in a Jazz / Blues club.
SassyJ Mar 2016
A first exclamation
Is it an approximation?
Of my imagination
Spoken determination

We are all in delusion
Sinking possibilities
Acting on this activation
A brain improvisation

A flowing dedication
Mounted city destination
Lacking in co-operation
Mounted evaluations

Investing the cognition
Is not the only direction?
Embracing the investigation
My convergence recruitment

Not even words uncovers
The layered entrenchment
Sunken lost in introversion
A day dream of absolution
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1.9k · Jul 2016
Labour Machines
SassyJ Jul 2016
We woke up again, the clouds are the same
We rouse again, the soil on the earth is the same
When the night draws we lock and dream
When the day storms we exist as labour machines
Inspired by Robert Herrick 'dreams'
1.9k · Jan 2016
SassyJ Jan 2016
Patterned patents of black and white,
Stripes in vertical lines, swirls encircled
One point view and paths within a maze
Weary of single sided mirrored reality?

Look through my eyes, see elongated pupil
Let me be your mirror of a surreal reality
Where birds squint and fleet, feel and squeeze
Catch the breath and inhale the beauty

See the colored landscape of the universe
Walk on the aisles lighted with magnificence
Float in intermittent dimensional zones
Touch the peace within the chaotic world

For there was a time my mind and logic raced
Crazed with fear and delusional love cages
Fade in the wonder, bounce to enlightment
Pounce to freedom, be the wave of the essence
See the beauty in all, feel the love in everything. Thats freedom and it's magnificent. It's superb for I have felt, smelt, seen and touched it's essence.
SassyJ Jul 2018
The screeching noise on the pouch
marked with evil twisted eyes
pawns so dark and painful
watching on, phasing on
trying to deliver depressive storms
turns torn with thorns
others taken off from the throne
for his nerves never ever rests
and his mind a clogged drainage
for there is always time to stop
to give it up and let life live
for there is always time to slide
to leave all the burdens on a bridge
for there is always time to grow
to sink in the ever glowing circles
the doves have a disturbing coo
as their coldness distributes
the celestial night gets kidnapped
his footsteps stride in a torment bang
crashing the black box in pieces
punching for a breath as pressure rises
until the dawn brings the sunrise
wiping all the daunting scares
erasing all of the vengeful tears
Celebrating life as it should be
1.9k · Jul 2016
Arrowed Priorities
SassyJ Jul 2016


       *Like an arrow aiming for a dart board
       Like a summer changing to autumn   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>------>
       Like a sparrow soaring to an empty nest ------------------------>>>>>

      As you do when you stare at a beautiful woman --------------->>>>>                      
      As the coffee beans diffuses in boiling eager waters------------>>>>>
      As a secret garden that houses the priced earth----------------->>>>>

    As the chills smiles when the cloud are blue and vague-------->>>>>
    As often as the million miles that separate diverse souls------->>>>>
    As Mary Jane treats her man on a fine Sunday afternoon------>>>>>

                                           Priorities------------- * Don't mess it up!
     Like when George got acquainted with the masseur---------->>>>>
     Like when you were trampled for showing empathy --------->>>>>
     Like when you sunk in the ***** swamps for letting go------>>>>>
Inspired by Hector
SassyJ Apr 2016
Booming Rhetorics  (Spoken Word- Freestyle-Dramatics)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
==Booming Rhetorics ==
Checkered Darks
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Copy the link below to your browser)

Human nature itself is a smash of contractual responsibility. A splash of rights afloat as we sink in our psychological rooted moral panics. All I see is a cascading titanic of ventures our mislaid adventures one after another. The criss cross of chains, we bonded in tax measures, reserve treasures...... It's not my leisure I beg you don't make your pleasure.

I sink in pressure, resolving Karl Mark ideology of conflicted power. Is it our born nature or nurture to live in a world of social polarisation. A pole to pole, a tug of war. Each owning and holding a rope.Is it our task to cage in boxes, fencing notions of inequalities within our society. Is it our right this notion Bourgeoisie and Proletariat.

Help me out as as I wade in the swampy lowland. Treading through and through, head afloat, the submerging walk me to the shores..... Help me find my way through this dark tunnel. Help me see the light, let the sun ray penetrate my blight.

In our dichotomy of democracy we have made it right. A rolling ball of ........
1. Stock them high sell them cheap is the order of the day.
2. Social warehousing of merging demand and supply chain.
3. A disintegration of socialist entrepreneurship.
4. Re-distribution of Export Production Zones in marginalised countries.
5. A surge of capitalism on this patch we call the universe.
6.Conortions of monopoly colluding sustainability.

I pass this ball to you. As the industrial revolution fades and debates of "STEEL" revolves.

My Speech is a mere consideration, our contradiction. The contractual complications that we have grounded and granted ourselves as humanity. My voice is an exchange, my gift, a cloud of thoughts, an arousing hope our haunting costs.
SassyJ Jul 2016
The road was long and rough
It was a passageway of words
A parade of letters and prose
The touch of invisible pleasure
I moulted like a snake in season
I dreamt on a cruiser of reign as we
opened my pandora box in the cave

The road was smooth and right
It was a third eye paradise of seers
A mire of misery and blowing wind
The tears flew like fireflies on heat
I met the shrinks of souls in salt bed
I waved the rain as it washed my sins
On that sight of the pandora box

The road of wrongness and rightness
It was an unfolded augury of life
An awakened sleeper roared in dreams
The days when I touched the skies
I took the broken house and mended
I saw the clouds as bright as crimson
Inside the box when I met my twin

The road of love, lust, love, longness
It was when the ember coal was wild
A blaze of soul collision and resonance
The days when doubt taunted in mazes
I wrested my mind and the heart knew
I tested the precipice and intuition led
Inside the unconditional pandora box  

The road where I hid and felt alive
It was a paradise of shining trees
A place where our loneliness merged
The safest heaven on barren lands
I saw my warrior and he shielded
I sat as he ran away with fear and pride
On that very opened pandora box

The road of unforgotten forever
It was a triangulation of continents
An immersion of difference and indifference
The open table of a scarce connective mess
I shed my naive bed and hardened
I shut the wild untwisted world
On that very inevitable pandora
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