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Sara Nov 2019
Is the feeling of rejection

Is the feeling of separation

The heart is devoid of emotions
And longs
for love
And reunion

I saw your eyes
But I didn't see through it
I heard your silent plea
But I never really understood it
I felt your presence
But I never felt the burden your carrying

Now on the other side
I see everything
With different eys
And I can't help but feel pain

I long
For the late nights
Under a full moon
Bickering over nothing

I long
For those green big eyes
That haunts me
Wherever I go

I long
To hear just once more
Your easy laughter
Or asking me out

I long
To sit next to you
Caressing your hands in mine
Whispering, everything will be

But then
I wake up
To a hard reality
To a cold world
A life without you

In all my nightmares
This one hit me hard
With all the pain
Along the way
You've taught me a lesson, Dear

You've taught me
Not to judge
And not to pry
You've opened my eyes
Such as I've never experienced before.

Those days
Are gone.
Just like rainfall,
A powerful downpour
Leaving puddles all around
But then
All drys up
Ready for you to continue.

You cant sit in misery
It brings you
I'm getting up
And working myself through.

All that's left for me to do
Is pray
For you

My Love.

— The End —