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The meanings of words like "truth" and "friends"
can become so loose and frayed at the ends
the truth is, that 'friends' is a word that depends
on the day and the time, and the bar on weekends
the meaning of truth is a meaning that bends
it will reshape, reform and get lost in the end

truth has a cost, and so do your friends
sometimes, they're not worth the time that we spend
they'll always be offered, again and again
but higher in price, and with costly amends
the truth can discomfort, console, and offend
we don't know it's power, although we pretend

when life becomes gray, and the stormclouds ascend,
truth will be there for you, and so will your friends.
I stare at you from a distance.
My heart keeps you close in mind.
No matter how far away you appear,
you're always right here in my soul.
So next time you see me from afar,
know that I'm with YOU in your heart.  
That's the way WE are,
when soul mates are apart
© All Rights Reserved Dustin Matthews
Every night when I lay to sleep
I get depressed, because you're not with me.
I know he kisses you on your lips,
I wish it was only me
in this relationship.
We talk most days,
sometimes for hours.
It feels like we are together,
but our time gets soured.
We do many things
with each other each day.
The best of friends
is what most people say.
The most heart breaking thing
is we belong to another.
So I write this letter
with a restless heart,
because each night, we are apart.
Patience, is what she reminds me we need,
because you must not rush true love
at any speed.
So I ask her each night,
in my mind,
please think of us,
when you close your eyes.
There is a restlessness
in my heart tonight.
© All Rights Reserved Dustin Matthews
Stop drop, and roll.
Stay calm,
now kiss me.
© All Rights Reserved Dustin Matthews
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