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Apr 2014 · 625
Life is..
Sammie wells Apr 2014
Full of
Swings and
round abouts
upside down
inside out
fast forward
Live in the now
what if
Edge  of the seat
walking the line
stuck in quicksand
Soaring the sky
Beautiful colours
Delicious taste
Hopes and Dreams
and everything
in between..
Life is what we make of it!

Smash it! :D
Apr 2014 · 1.1k
Sammie wells Apr 2014
Hazel eye's
High on life
under water
Swims on
the breeze
Cut from
the collective
Shooting star
into colour
Come alive!
Apr 2014 · 661
Sammie wells Apr 2014
Beating drum
Inside a cage
Crimson rushing
to the ears
Pulsating Beating
with the drum
Deep within
Hundred butterflies flutter
as one

Knees go weak
Arousal sensations
Begin to explore

Magnetic charge
A friend of mine asked me to describe a kiss..
Apr 2014 · 3.1k
Sammie wells Apr 2014
An hourglass figure
For an hourglass mind
Each turn of the glass
A new chapter begins
Each grain of sand
Pathways of thought
Subconsciously explore
Driving the vessel
Positive negative
In worldly battle
Tug of war

Let go of gravity
Embrace individuality
Be extraordinary!

You are your own creation!
Apr 2014 · 587
Sammie wells Apr 2014
she stands on
Barren waste land
Past choices
Funnel around and around
A hurricane migraine

Frozen in time
Lost in her mind
Drowning her out
Fading away

Thunder and lightning
Explode over head
Scorching the ground
Deafening sounds
Snap her alive
Apr 2014 · 600
Sammie wells Apr 2014
Time, is right now
Blink, you'll miss her

She's spreading her wings

She's ready

Mesmerising, beautiful
Colourful, light

She's spreading her wings
She's taking flight

In awe

she flys
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
Sammie wells Apr 2014

See the stars

Dance in the rain

Feel the sunrise

Climb high in the trees

Flow with the breeze






be naked

be free

You be you
And I'll
Be me
Mar 2014 · 1.9k
Sammie wells Mar 2014
...Dancing round
A Blazing fire
A tribe of humans
Like no other
Worship money
In suit and tie
Beating drums
Chanting greed

Sky stays dark

Dancing round
A Blazing fire
A tribe of humans
Like one another
Flow with the land
Dressed in paint
Beating drums
Chant with nature

Diamond's in the sky

Dancing round
A Blazing fire
Planet Earth
Beating drums
Chanting with
the universe...
Mar 2014 · 12.4k
Sammie wells Mar 2014
Her sculptured body
Strong thighs
Under a canopy
of Branches
She's comes alive

With her Ballerina pose
She Reaches out
For the night sky
While she dances
In union
with the breeze

The beautiful Ballerina tree.
Don't know how many of you have seen the ballerina tree or dancing tree, as she's known by both.  So beautiful I wrote her a poem.
Mar 2014 · 634
Sammie wells Mar 2014
Tree's are Obsevers
They see truth in the land
While feeding us air
They are
to see

Feeling  deep
Mar 2014 · 2.3k
Sammie wells Mar 2014
Think I'm living
in a parallel universe

Nothing has changed
Everything's the same

Yet different

It's like I'm seeing
For the very
1st time
With eyes a new

Fresh sight
New ears


Am I now a butterfly
So light
And Free

Stretch out my wings
Am flying high now

I think this poem speaks for how I feel
Mar 2014 · 718
Sammie wells Mar 2014
If I
spoke of
A blue
So true
That sparkles
With light
A glint
Of surprise
With beauty
So rare

Would you know

I was talking
About your eyes?
This little number came to me after reading this great poem!
Mar 2014 · 973
Sammie wells Mar 2014
When two become one
Nothing else matters
But that moment in time
Feeling ecstacy, grind

When two become one
Flowing in time

When two become one
hearts  racing
Adrenalin pumping
Fire ignites
Explosion of pleasure

When two become one
Nothing else matters
Our song.
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
Sammie wells Mar 2014
Shining like no other
She sores the sky
Wings of fire
She comes alive

Watch how she rise

Explosion of colours
She is the horizon
The beautiful rise
Breathtaking view

She is the one and only
Bringer of morning

Blaze of fire

She is

The sun
I love watching the sunrise, everyone is like no other, but always breathtaking, beautiful
Mar 2014 · 827
Sammie wells Mar 2014
Aliens came to visit earth

They walked Amongst us
Obsevering our ways

They didn't know our tongue
Or cared how we looked
Or what possessions we had

What they saw was the
Human race
Taking over the lands

Cutting down forest
After forest

Polluting the land!

The sea!

The air!

Killing not just for food
But pleasure, gain

Causing Extinction of many
Many more rare

They witnessed peace and war
How we **** our own

So much blood shed
And For what!




Aliens came to visit earth

They decided...


To stay
Wake up people, we're destroying the earth!
Feb 2014 · 434
Sammie wells Feb 2014
Fear can only

If You let it..


give yourself time


One, two, three..

Make a cup of tea

Four, five, six

Have a rich tea

Seven, eight. Nine

Felling alright

Getting close to ten

Here I go again..

The Mad hatter and me.
Everyone has different sides.
Feb 2014 · 362
Random thoughts...
Sammie wells Feb 2014
Nothing is ever random

How we

How we

People we meet

The choices we make

Its all a diagram
Of Who we are

Working to understand our self's

We're Connecting the dots

Finding the pieces that fit

We are who

We Choose To Be.
The human mind fascinates me.
Feb 2014 · 26.1k
Dinner at my Nan's
Sammie wells Feb 2014
Fish fingers and beans
Will always mean to me
Dinner at my Nan's
When I was still a young lass

My mum would see us off
Out the door
Over the road
To the place that was
My Nan's

She would take me back
To World War Two
Telling me story's
Of people she knew

Some where really exciting

Some where  really quite scary

Some where really,

Some where hypnotizing

most of all she told me how
She met my grandad
A handsome man
With sparkling eyes
Who told story's of people
He knew

Fish fingers and beans
Will always mean to me

Dinner at my Nan's.
Making my daughter fish fingers for dinner which always has me thinking of my nan which in turn brought this poem to life .
Thank you nan ***
Feb 2014 · 1.1k
Sammie wells Feb 2014
Waves crashing
Down on me

One two three
I start to see

What a fool



How did I not see
What was staring
Right in front of me

Beating drum

Feet all lead

Book is closing

Fantasy ends.
Feb 2014 · 360
Baby steps.
Sammie wells Feb 2014
I'm still learning

I'm new to all this

My feet are still

Still not quite on
The ground

This is new territory

I'm hovering on the line

My hearts beating
So, so fast!

Do I even dare

To lay myself out

This is new territory

I'm hovering on the line
Jan 2014 · 744
Sammie wells Jan 2014
The clock
stops tcking
once the
heart follows

This came to me one night after I had been through some turbulent time's and I had realised that the way to happiness was making myself happy doing the things that I enjoy.
Dec 2013 · 4.7k
Santa's been
Sammie wells Dec 2013
Christmas is here
Santa's been
Listen to them
Excited screams

Racing down the stars
Jumping on the spot
Excited giggles
Shouting out

Santa's been
Santa's been

Tearing open presents
Shouts of Delight
Lots of hugs and kisses
Smiles on everyone

Family gathers round
Chatter never ends
Laughter fulls the room
Kisses under the mistletoe
Raise a toast

Santa's been
Santa's been

Tucking into turkey
Hiding Brussel sprouts
Pulling Christmas crackers
Making people laugh

Merry Christmas everbody

Santa's been
Santa's been
Nov 2013 · 952
Muddy waters
Sammie wells Nov 2013
Pulled in
Eyes open
breath so close

taste it


Skin like static
Wrapped around

Lean back

Move in

Eyes close

Minds run free.
Title  thanks to my friend, Soul in torment.
Thank you!
Nov 2013 · 3.6k
Tables turning.
Sammie wells Nov 2013
Storms stirring
  Winds surging
 Thunder roaring  
          Lightening cracking
             Rains lashing
          Waves bashing  
Grounds Shaking
                  Lakes Bursting
Cracks Emerging
   Lands Overturning
       Sky's Blurring
                      Streets Burning              
         World's Disturbing
        all Submerging

                         Life's Fading

                    No Escaping!  

                         No Returning!!
Hell hath no fury like mother nature scorned.
Sep 2013 · 484
Sammie wells Sep 2013
His eyes did flicker
Just as they rolled
Turning them to white.
Sep 2013 · 486
Sammie wells Sep 2013
It's not that I'm trying to be
something I'm not

meant to be

Not sure if I've read this somewhere or not...
Sep 2013 · 847
Sammie wells Sep 2013
You stand there bare,
exposed for all to see,
Arms outstretched swaying on airstreams.

Feet firmly rooted you withstand being polluted.

You are beauty of the most natural,
slender and tall

Hold your own through all the season,
Year after year,
quietly observing
new life starting,
sad departings.

You are a Blanket,
food for those that need it

A beauty in wonder

Then man kind came about,
starts to wipe you out.

taking you down to the ground

Up rooted,
Stripped of beauty,
become what man kind decides...

No tree's...
No air...
No breath...

Sep 2013 · 1.1k
Sammie wells Sep 2013
There's a tree I see
through my bedroom opening,
a sacred tree only I see.

I climb up high
feeling life's weight crease.

I see birds dancing on winds.

Why wasn't I born with wings,
free to take flight,
would I return
or become absorbed
in awe of views.

I do my thinking here,
one with nature,
bark my solace,
branches my balance,
leafs my cover
sparkling in bright light.

I see  beauty as far as my eyes can see,
new life unfolding
surrounding me.

My sacred place
where I can be me,
words pour from me.

Jun 2013 · 1.1k
Sammie wells Jun 2013
We are all beautiful,  
we may not be everybody's beautiful...
but we are always somebody's beautiful.

Jun 2013 · 1.3k
Sammie wells Jun 2013
Slow tunes playing somewhere in the background,
never emptying glasses of wine
talk flowing,
mood feels right tonight
beautiful by my side.

You pull me close... 
so hard…  
I feel the wings of butterflies.

Fingers lace through my hair,
whispers spoken,
“all mine.”

Lips brush against mine
a glint full lust in dark eyes

Smothered in kisses you catch me by surprise, fill me with your size.

Out of breath laid out on a tangled mess,
layers torn,
exposing my breast.

Then the devil did he take over clouding your mind,
You bite!

Blood curdling cries,
entirely at your mercy,
you brand me in so many places.

You take me from behind,
hard and fast you ******,
enjoying what you took.

We both know this is my end,
i beg for it,
need of it,
I feel the cold steel as you slice

Throat slit claret spills,
I fall to the pool on my side.

The last thing I see as my life fades
 is a linger of
dark eyes,
as you watch me die....

My body in all its glory,
slowing decomposing,
ravaged by creatures under moon light.

     "people aren't always what they seem....."

thought i would try something dark.   .
May 2013 · 540
8 words.
Sammie wells May 2013
Be happy in yourself
the rest will follow.

May 2013 · 533
Sammie wells May 2013
Depression is always there,
creeping upon you like a tidal wave.

Loneliness is never far behind it,
waiting to take your hand.

Take what you have,
keep what you’ve got,
it’s better than the latter.

Once depression sets in and loneliness
takes hold
you’ll have a hard fight on your hands
to find what you had
get back what was yours.

Depression is always there,

Tidal wave.

Apr 2013 · 1.0k
Prime Perception.
Sammie wells Apr 2013
Feel his music let it flow,
He hold the key to the trance beat.

He'll make you move,
He'll make you sweat,
He's in charge now
behind the decks.

He'llspeed it,
slow it down,
do it *******,
Bang them out.

Resistance is futile once you feel his beats,  
Let your body flow,
He'll keep you all night
on the dance floor.

He's Prime Perception and He'll light the Stage,
make you feel your heads in out of space
He'll keep you dancing,
make your feet ache!

Prime Perception.
An upcoming talented dj I know.
Mar 2013 · 1.1k
love me......
Sammie wells Mar 2013
She walks around
with her eyes shut tight,
losing all self respect
Chasing men
who show little interest.

****** herself out
on dating sites,
thinking it makes her matter,
In reality
her life’s falling to tatters.

She can’t see her worth
only their words
seduced by their lies
And games.

It’s all a mirage
an optical illusion
to a deluded mind.

Men may crave some cheap ***
but they have little respect
For women who easily put out.

Mar 2013 · 1.1k
Sammie wells Mar 2013
For every tear that i cry it helps to numb the pain
till eventually you'll just be a name,
a distance memory.

You'll be no longing calling to me
hogging all my dreams.

My soul will be content,
happy as one,
not lonely for the other.

The looks that we shared,
The way your lips taste will be all but forgotten.

Until then,
i'll sit and i'll think remembering your face,
and the times that we shared
until i run out of tears.

Mar 2013 · 2.6k
Sammie wells Mar 2013
Caged in,
locked up,
no longer free to run.

Held down,
chained tight,
didn’t know how to fight..

But now I’m strong!

I know this is all wrong,
it’s not my fault,
it’s you not me,
oh how I got you so wrong,
thought you was just misunderstood
that our love was enough

Well you’re on your own
I’ve had enough
your time is up,
I knew love hurt
   but not this much,
Can’t take no more
I’m out that door   
I’ve cut them strings

Now watch me
walk tall!

Feb 2013 · 4.2k
Sammie wells Feb 2013
She runs through the woods
panting for breath,
needing to rest

she listens out

dogs barking

they're growing closer
eager for blood.

She hears them in the distance,
she lets out a cry,
  weaving round tree trunks
going under Bush,  
they draw closer,
Her lungs feel crushed.

Her beautiful red coat
is covered in mud,
twigs and leafs,
what ever's under foot,

terror curses through her vains,
she's been chased for hours
feeling drained.

Startled by a blow on a horn
she comes to a Holt,
petrified she urinates
as footsteps fall in behind her

they're here!

Cornered now
her hair stands on end,
tears drop
as death creeps upon her,
She has no time...

The hounds pounce!
And ripping

They do their masters bidding!

Fox hunting a fun sport for all...

Feb 2013 · 2.7k
Never stop dreaming.
Sammie wells Feb 2013
You said to believe don't have any regrets
follow your dreams not others steps. 

 The lines on your face read a life that's written there,
You was happy and totally in love,
living your life as one should.

An inspirational talented soul you never grow bored.

You was happy complete,
wise not old,
you lived your dream an did as you should.

Near the end now still a smiling face,
a few last spoken words.

"Every story must come to an end,
now don't you weep when I go to sleep for Its my time,
you keep going"

"live Your Dream"

(SW) .
Feb 2013 · 5.2k
Sammie wells Feb 2013
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a princess, parade around my castle all day in pretty clothes and tiaras on my head.

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a mummy, my very own tiny baby that would sleep all night and be kitted out in only designer gear, we'd  have everything.

When I was becoming a adult I wanted the big white wedding, the fancy ring and husband who would stand by me through anything.

Now I'm a woman the wanting has left my head, life is not a fairy tale and designer clothes ha! Only if you're rich, beware of the husbands you choose two for they can turn out to be just pigs.

Now older and wiser still I really must say, the only thing you should be wanting is happiness and peace for each and everyone.

Thought I would try something other than glum
Feb 2013 · 1.6k
Still here
Sammie wells Feb 2013
I'm still here where you left me
crumpled on the floor,
ripped an torn
with swirling thoughts
running through my head.

I'm still here where you left me
sore an bruised
can't seem to move.

I'm still here where you left me,
where you left me,
Laying in despair..


Feb 2013 · 869
Silent anguish.
Sammie wells Feb 2013
I'm screaming here

can't you hear me?

I'm in pain here

don't you see it?

Do you hear me or
what you want to hear?

Do you see me or
what you want to see?

Look at me now

come close

you see me yet?

I'm screaming here
can't you hear me
or am I screaming in
my own head.

They is no blood here for you to see,
but the pains here
cutting deep.

You see me yet?

Feb 2013 · 3.5k
Sammie wells Feb 2013
Her lover's gone
his souls departed
her devastation fills the air.

Lost in an abyss of time
forsaking all
she walks alone
raking thoughts In her head.

Their souls where entwined
to be forever enbind,
now dreams are shattered
fragments scattered
she gazes in despair.

    Unfamiliar scenes close all around her,    
her soul goes dormant,
the pains two deep
cuts into each heartbeat.

As day light starts to fade
she suspends herself
in the night air

longing to go to the other land,
ready to take her lovers hand.

She doesn't care to breathe
nor does she weep
as she slips into her


— The End —