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Samantha May 2019
Driving over the hill
With Trance in my ear
Glorious sunlight winks at me
The gentle morning breeze
Gives me a light peck on the cheek
A smile on my face is a natural reaction
I can’t think of any single moment
That has been as perfect as this
Samantha May 2019
Your stare pierced my eyes and penetrated my soul
I stood there, helpless, powerless, and weak, in front of you
Naked, like the day before Eve got a taste of the forbidden fruit
For you were the snake that whispered the only truth into my ear
You slithered gently on my denuded skin
And alluringly wrapped your body into mine
I suddenly felt a jolt, almost agonizing

Somehow the scales that had fallen onto my eyes were removed
I could see for the first time
Terror devoured me but I had never been so eager
To just let go of all that I thought I knew
For there was a grace in my destruction
I took my last breath, breathing in the last of the false air
And my heedful consciousness was finally born

I was alive for the first time
The overwhelming bliss became to abundant
You took my hand and led the way into our light
We walked away from the pearly gates and found the remarkable flock
Awaiting the arrival of their enlightened peers
A place to call home where we were loved and celebrated
For us animals are an infinitesimal breed
This poem is not necessarily part of my personal philosophy
Samantha May 2019
As I listen to the lyrics that breathed life into me
I think of the time when I was everything and nothing
I often wonder if I’ll ever feel like that again
That overwhelming feeling of happiness and purpose
The bonds and friendships that were built
All the memories of what would never be again
Sad and beautiful at the same time

The burdens that were nonexistent  
Excitement and anticipation for the next day
Tomorrow could never be like that
For that’s the thing about the past
It’s all cherished memories and
Lyrics matching back to the days that were
The best time of my life
Samantha May 2019
Your stare pierces my eyes, dead on
And I sit there, infront of you
Feeling naked, like the day Eve ate from the forbidden tree
Samantha Apr 2019
I looked up at the eye of heaven
And was gifted with some happy rays of shine
Radiant beauty she is

I smile as I witness her blazing glory
She exists with perennial power
Vast and vermilion

Don’t look into her eyes
For her splendor is too ethereal
Fierce as a warrior, a halo surrounds her

Her sweltering touch on my skin
Cancerous and deadly
But she is colossally exquisite
Samantha Apr 2019
I'm not someone who you would want to start a war with
I'm just saying that after the strife is over
And all the ash has cleared
I'd still be devising your ultimate demise

The sheer audacity is like a ***** slap to the face
You dare go against me?
A self proclaimed hero, I see
I can’t help but laugh at what you perceive

Let me reiterate because you can’t seem to comprehend
I am not someone who you would want to start a war with
After it is all over and forgotten
I’d still be fighting
Samantha Mar 2019
With every impassioned jot, your truth is well lived
Tear off the mask my dear
Compose your prodigious impulse.

Crown yourself my darling
Be the ruler of your counterfeit world
Walk on the water in which you drowned.

Say yes to the alluring ******
It is your infallible gospel
Be your greatest author.

You are the rules, you are the law
Give birth to your sweet chimera
Get lost in the lie.

For this is the only truth you will ever live.

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