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When far away and thinking you're all alone
And all of a sudden, your name echoes from behind you
Yet you turn, look and looked again but found no one
Don't be scared, it's my heart saying your name at every other beat
I love you more at every breathe
The title the coward knows is won by commitment to fear
Fear to die to self and be humble to a greater truth than himself
The coward finds for himself solace that travels not beyond himself
He's too scared to trust power greater than what was placed in him

The origin of his power is the truth he has continuously rejected
He knows he's not the greatest yet would not believe there's a greater One
Rushing through life with no desire for the Light
The coward leaves bare his broad chest and begins a muscle show in the dark
Burning others, burying his glory and hurting himself with the pain he hopes to bring some gain to his name

But this coward must not end the day without seeing the light
With every step he nears gently the end with no hope to win
The light keeps waving and yelling for him to yield
This coward must be brave amidst his fierce tears to change his woes
The strongest, skillful, boldest and wisest of men would fail at the end
Unless they accept they're frailty and cleave to His might and Perfection
The bravest knows his woes and calls for help
I guess I have stayed in Europe for years and enduring dishes strange to my tongue
But I believe this isn't it because I can feel the sun doing what it does best to our skins
The cravings the heart and mind has constructed for this much longed for meal can't be tamed
But I know this dish is forbidden by the systems and the divines that guide us

With my selfish and wicked soul, I stole a look
And the look it offered was pleasing to my misled mind
With unguided pleasure I bit into the treasured unripe fruit
Still green but sweet on the first bite
The juice on my tongue struggled to resist another bite
A bite, a bite another bite and I was eating
The fruit was eaten all but the fruit was not finished

Before I finished eating, I was satisfied
The joy of the consummation was short-lived
I needed to eat more to keep the state
But that fruit was forbidden till I owned the three
The sweet bite and stolen meal left me ashamed of the light that's in me
Like a lioness, you fought your house to keep
And swift as deer, you ran ahead of time
Fearing neither the Western rifles nor barriers of the African culture
Setting your eyes on victory, you left behind the cooking role
Refusing to be betrayed by coward men leaders
Angered by colonial disrespect and maltreatment,
Your love for Asanteland and pride was greater than gender
The brave feminist of Africa, whose fights preceded Beijing
Yaa Asantewaa,  the shoes you left behind are too big to fill
But like you, we'd dare, our nation to defend
And our people we'd love enough to die for.
Yaa Asantewaa, like you we will step to fight, though without guns
Our brains, hearts and skills the point would prove, that we're descendants of thine
Gone with your body but in us, your nature lives on
We'd fight beyond Seychelles and return our land to rule.
Something I think young men and women ought to know.

Every woman or man is replaceable in a relationship unless we decide to make them irreplaceable.
You see? The guy or lady you are in a relationship with had options but chose you.  
It becomes a problem when you interpret his her love as just a sign of desperateness.

Often,  people ( young people) begin to feel too important when their partner loves them so much and begin to stand on that same love to toy and maltreat the one who shows the love.
Be careful, the one who loves you so much may need you so much and may be deeply hurt when you disappoint.

But also remember that there are options and you were chosen.

Just because it is not right for your relationship partner to keep jumping from one person to the other doesn't mean that you make him/her feel and look a helpless prisoner of your love world.
Rain drops on a leaf and makes it nod up down up down

Love travels from one heart and tickles another heart and it beats up down up down

The face faces fear and the eyelids can't stop going up down up down

We're happy and then we're sad and our moods keep swinging up down up down

We're quiet, lost for words so we sat smiled and your eyes stayed on mine yet our feet tap dance up down up down

Only our hopes keep going up, up and up to farland
This poem may be my worst but tells my best story
It would be sad to me if you don't read on
Don't seek the rhyme scheme nor the vocabulary
Dig deeper to seek the message
The message of this poem is older than this age
It would outlast this age and see beyond the next
To get the message of this poem, patience is vital
This poem was born by an old tale which is new everyday
This poem borrows it's diction from the creator of the author
Unless you agree to be broken or have been broken,
The message of this poem would be useless to you
Never your life continue spending
    and forever forgetting the judgment pending
Never your pains and chains suffer
    and forever a change not dreaming
Never your ways by works strive to build
    and forever  the done work of the cross never believing
Never on your lips praises sing
    and forever His grace a home in your heart denying
Never a day your plans complete
    and forever His face refusing to seek
And never on the pay rely so much
   yet forever a prayer to him not saying
Cos all your spending an end never will see
Till the pending judgment meet
Faith with no faking in Jesus will change your fate
Decisions are incomplete without a complete faith
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