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Dec 2019 · 152
Rolfnine Dec 2019
Blue, my favorite color
It reminds me at the ocean
The place where I am happy
I wish I could be there now
At the beach
Where I can see
The sun shining on the water
On the blue ocean
Where I can forget all my troubles
And be just happy!
Rolfnine Jan 2019
It comes these days
were our grandparents are gone.

My parents will then be alone
except of me.

It comes these days
were my partents are gone.

Now I am sitting here
and wait for the death.

Then the death is coming
for all f us.
Jan 2019 · 115
True Love
Rolfnine Jan 2019
I know this man
He shows me how perfect life can be
He's always there for me
I know him since I was a little child
I know it's true love
And all I want
Is his true love

— The End —