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Nabil Apr 2021
In all vice and virtue there is a duty to fight for the endeavor of a purpose , fueled by concords; family’s ties we can’t afford .
Bound by a motionless impregnated common sense . To be or not to be that is the question I guess ?
Nabil Apr 2021
Saturated to the root I lay my my land, across the swamp the vines they dance to a rumpus rut ravage and rance , bold they grow leaf and branch
Nabil Apr 2021
Fallen fireside to watch the abyss
the night it shaves stem and root

But my eyes they search in darkness
for soil and you
Nabil Apr 2021
Begotten untold untimely the page
a chapter unfolds into the maze
from lines I circle in darkness I take
forever my vows of eternity in fate
Nabil Apr 2021
Feral fires still
We’ll dance our ashes away
Soon our seeds will grow
Nabil Jan 2021
Pressure rises later flows forever miles till sunset grove a hike upon these stepping stones up the river across the roads that separate the bones from home
Nabil Mar 2020
Hell knows what heaven holds so we keep our hopes on the pavement
forever burdened by layaway receipts tell they pile up and cave in

Build your hut tut  , find  your love Juliet
And win your war khan and I’ll paint the side walks we fall on , the walls we knock , the faces that fade

Forever yours,  heavens domain
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