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soak Aug 2019
i think my heart lives in the gap
between her two front teeth

a firefly nestled in sheets
of dark and less than two years
in this world of ours
and she already gleams
my niece owns my soul lol
soak Aug 2019
the lamp
was a little bird
in my room

a brother’s last night on the other
a cup and a half of sugar

and a few
light days
soak Aug 2019
My teeth haven't fallen out
But thats just a present truth

I'm finding it harder and harder to make my mind flutter like it used to from just the thought of our bodies being confronted with one another
I'm spent and in motion like the most useless of prayers
soak Jul 2019
drinking an absolute, he drips and seethes
what once might have been has only been until now

no longer an absolute

little steps by little feet in this aching echo of a place

never was an absolute

i ate it all before he came up and pawed at me, always rubbing the wrong way somehow

i could still be the fly in the cathedral, a tiny buzz in a world of echo
soak Jul 2019
might try to think fingers away,
a bird in the bath of my eternity

A sustained note:
those breathy songs
quiet love in that bedroom,
painted red then green then red again
that night like every other
the stoplight at Grange and Stevenson will continue its never-ending cycle even once we're sleeping in different beds
There's something so lonely and lovely about that

I'm probably gonna change this a lot or delete it but I'm feelin a little whooopdeeedoo so I'm gonna post this!
soak Jul 2019
is it a matter of principle, then?
pottery shards stamped into oblivion
cave paintings scraped, unpainted
unraveling pieces of the past til they never were

that which exists without my knowledge
that's what will get me in the end
Definitely one of the strangest characters I've read up on. I'm still not done this book though so there's plenty of time for my opinion on the judge to change
soak Jul 2019
and my littlest finger
scratched just the surface

coffee alone at a table by the windows
dusty vinyl seats scream my every move

this place reminds me of others elsewhere
also filled with plants and heartache and overpriced frozen french fries
Neon lights and plastic trees
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