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soak Jul 2019
and my littlest finger
scratched just the surface

coffee alone at a table by the windows
dusty vinyl seats scream my every move

this place reminds me of others elsewhere
also filled with plants and heartache and overpriced frozen french fries
Neon lights and plastic trees
soak Jul 2019
Something to begin
finely gritty on the teeth
looking closely to imagine eons of life
now crumbled into near-dust
shells and skeleton and fossil
bones of the earth, too
to put it tritely, a positive graveyard
littering and lingering
and softening seashores
lone insignificance & collective immensity
humble beginnings and humble endings
so long spent on the face of the earth
and now being shoveled,
handful by handful,
into my mouth
Eat the sand
soak Jul 2019
passing an island
on the highway
other structures
passed on other roads
soak Jul 2019
Breaking and aching from far too much friction,
I'm stricken with toenails too long for these shoes
I'll lick the wicked and snicker, stick to sickness in my..... knickers?
soak Jul 2019
I'll grate my tongue into a million squidgy bits in a bid to shove these words back into my mouth / language and I, we suffer a fickle friendship / I'm clumsy I'm clingy and I can't keep my hands still / scaring everyone and everything off
I should stick 2 science but I miss being comfortable with words! I promise I was once
soak Jul 2019
That absurd thrum,
The rhythm of all things
                (beneath all life)
an ancient yearning bubbling up
              (as could-be memory)
Intangible and inscrutable and forever indefinite

Aaaaaaaanyways I've been reading Blood Meridian for the past few days and haven't been able to post anything b/c  McCarthy's writing is just so achingly beautiful. It's rly 2 much
soak Jun 2019
watch me as my edges soften
body dissolving into sheets
weight of myself sinking into myself

Three cheers for this wonderful cocktail of drugs - for anxiety, for insomnia, for my terrible
2/3 normally dealt with by smokin a bowl **** but when that's not an option..... Prescription meds to the rescue?!!! Makes me loopy too which is always a time
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