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Jena T Apr 21
It’s been a while,
I know,
Pristine walls I built are washing away
The ever tide comes in.
I was so young when I started,
My walls of sand,
Sculpted terraces,
A moat and giant doors,
Sea shells placed carefully in the walls.
The sand is dripping,
Floating back to source
The waves are gentle and merciless,
Going back and forth,
Canibalising the shore.
A city collapsing on itself,
An empire of dreams falling down
And the builder has long gone away,
Leaving the castle to melt,
Into a pile of sand,
Reclaimed by the sea
It’s ever loving embrace
Like a body taken by the fields,
The castle becomes the sea.
Jena T Apr 1
I’ve been standing on this line
Unsure where I’m supposed to lie,
In the field where I know of home
Or in the raging storm outside?

I’ve been running for some time
And I’ve sat with my demons for a spell
Neither have given me peace of mind
Now it’s time to go

It’s a slippery *****
To the place of lost souls
Ridden with self-told lies
And pitiful holes

Should I stand my ground this time?
Or surrender to the endless fight?
What an empty night
Now that I’ve pulled this splinter from my mind.
Jena T Mar 24
It rattles and shakes,
More than half of the fake fur is gone,
Exposing the plastic underneath
That doesn’t change how much she loves it.
A little toy mouse,
Nearly as old as she
She carries it like a teddy bear
In her mouth, safe in her teeth
It goes in her water dish and in her food,
To bed and down the hall.
A kitten and her toy mouse,
Such pure love,
A beautiful thing
I hope any love you have
Is as pure as a kitten and her toy mouse.
Jena T Mar 17
Kissed by a storm
For the moon to see,
Sheathed in naked form
Floating on the open sea

No need to breathe
As the rains pour
And lightening weaves,
Through the body’s core

Gentle patter,
Torrential storm,
Deep water
Wetting dry bones

Wild eyes,
Fresh from heavenly skies
Soiled toes,
Dusky from hellish lies

Welcome the storm inside
Jena T Mar 10
Salty spray and sailing trips,
Worries of simple things
Come close,
I'll take it all away while I can
Scraped knees and bad dreams
I'll cure any wound and chase the monsters away

As you grow life will change
I'll still be there,
To answer anything.
I'm not perfect,
But I've got strength that never fades,
Something I hope you'll gain.

I'll stay until it's time to sail away
By then I swear you'll be okay,
I'll have shown you how to love,
It’s from my mother and it's purer than any light,
I'll have taught you when to fight to the bitter end,
And when to have wisdom to give in,
I'll show you how to find peace
When all you feel is a storm within.

Little one,
You'll have all I can offer,
Today and tomorrow
You'll have my heart, mind, and this old soul of mine.
Jena T Mar 4
On the other side
There the energy keeps in stride
Where eyes light the sky
And the people never die

Gravity is a companion of mine
Weaved in cosmic lines
Calling me it’s beautiful crime
Letting me drift in the icy night

Voices from the other side
Seeking life in this light
Love amidst the battle cries
On the other side we’ll die tonight
Jena T Feb 1
Empty ride
My heart sits in the passenger side,
While my soul drives
Passing deserts with the occasional swath of life
My mind navigates while my emotions tune the radio
Sometimes it's just static and there's nowhere to go
I watch them from the backseat,
Like a child with no concept of distance or time.
They speak of an ocean not too far away
A place to bathe, Baptise some would say
I've never seen the water but I've heard the waves
Terrifying in their never ceasing might,
Why we drive to them I don't know
My soul knows why, always telling me it'll be okay
While my heart beats away,
Ageing with each pulse and quiver
My mind is busy calculating, though someone should give it a break
While emotions can't be satisfied,
They know why we need this drive
Peace in the journey, we were never meant to stay
In the rearview mirror I see all the cities we've passed by
We never belonged in them and they let us go without a goodbye.
The water awaits
I know it'll be my final fate
A breath to end all days
Flood waters to fill my chest
This body of mine, it follows
Even to its demise it knows
My soul will lead us home.
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