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White Wolf Sep 11
If only for a moment our love bloomed,
If only for a spell we would consume.
My heart torn open I bear a deep wound,
To be thy Sun and you to be my Moon.

Alas, my dear, we were not meant to be,
For there is no future for us at all.
But, don't read into my words completely,
Because I still answer to nature's call.

Does a flower turn its petals away
In the day when the Sun is out to shine?
For what is the reason that children play?
The reason that the poet writes his line?

We know deep inside, we all must take part,
And whatever that may be, do with heart!
10 syllables per line, sonnet.
White Wolf Aug 30
Once more
Thy Trumpets
Sweet    melody
To my ears this night
Carry my soul upwards
To  the  ethereal   sphere
Where I shall reside for a time
As  a traveller of  the   cosmos
In harmony with The All and divine
White Wolf Aug 30
Passions burn in the depth of night,
Lovers yearning to be entwined,
Against the wind these birds own flight,
A trail hidden it's hard to find.

Emotions soar high out of sight,
As love explodes in hearts so warm,
They hold each other close and tight,
Embraced they lay in loving form.

This is how love can be for most,
Ever daunting to say the least,
But when it's found it's grandiose,
So succulent the lovers' feast.

In their arms lie and be adored,
And feel the fires as they once roared.

(Eight syllables per line)
White Wolf Aug 27
Fragrant like the rose in bloom,
Reluctant is the wild stallion.
Amongst the flowers in the spring,
Gleefully skipping like a child.
Illustrious thou art that fragile heart.
Liken the swan compared to geese,
Elegant, graceful, splendid and kind.

Hearing your heartbeat soft in rhyme,
Eagerly it races on lover's approach.
Artfully elusive, beyond response.
Reddish hue, your face blushes too,
Timid I see, your heart pumps free.
White Wolf Aug 27
Thoughts of you flood my mind, as I think of you
Often in a daydream, now, I realize my
Undying love for you has no bounds.
Captivated in your every word, I
Hear the melody of angels in your voice.
White Wolf Aug 21
Tempestuous gales imbued the horizons about
Thunder and lightning charged the dense sky
Watching shards of a rainbow swiftly fleeing
Flashing blacks and greys permeates the eye

Indeed, the heavens were vexed with rage
Hearken to the voices of the gods this day
Echoing through the mountains and valleys alike
There was no denying this mighty display

Expeditiously it came, like a furious beast
With a hefty breath, it suddenly dissipated
It was as if, the gods had been satisfied
Some way or another, they had been compensated

Within a heartbeat, the birds took flight again
Flying in the wind, for now, they were immune
The elements now all calm, brewing in their guise
Don't play with this woman, she's a wild typhoon
Excuse me for being so verbose!
White Wolf Aug 17
Lay forth in front of me my will and soul
To speak of such things to occur are told
I, therefore seek refuge amongst the wild
Now turning my attention to myself

As I have come into this world alone
I've made and lost close friends along the way
Always shall we move through this universe
In constant rest, nothing is motionless

Come hail or shine we will remain in time
A blue daisy, my love, I offer you
On each petal, I leave a kiss come true
Don't search for my heart for I've lost it now

A new day shall dawn for you and your life
And new memories be made just for you
Never realizing life's the real dream
As one petal falls a new one shall grow
My attempt at iambic pentameter. Not perfect.
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