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Masses flooding
in sclerotic streets
from Heliopolis to downtown Cairo
and from the great pyramid
to the stone lions
of Precolonial royalty
over the river Nile

lost in the way for country heart
me,my soul,and couple of my friends
whom I lead to end arteries
of the city hemorrhagic
were shot by snipers
of  (Victorian)
national police
and some years later,
I want to write a poem
let´s say cosmic
or universal
about that trio human
dream,death and deception

"Emilio,Lorenzo, Enrique
Fueron los tres en mis manos"

a cancer larynx revolution,
of bad alcohol and tobacco?
two holy hands of fate,
and one of eternal *******?
and a bored Lenin setting behind a screen?
(the algorithm will do the masses
when the masses are ready to run )

but time as God
is a lazy surgeon
forgot a scalpel in my throat
and I am officially cured of every thing
even the nasty hollow
of my tired voice.
In a dolls’ city
nothing can be felt
but threads

nothing make sense
but shouts and laughter

blood is a mere color
that tends to catch the eye

and make the dolls speak
out of real passion.
I don't know

Whether sky plays earth!

Water running in circles

As if it's inhaled

Or ****** by earthy lips

And so clouds also

move along as ribs

In a breathing chest

You pass your legs into water

"how it is cold and fresh!"

and Sun, is hotter than blood

Feeding the sandy flesh

Your eyes're green at night

sunny in the afternoon

And honey in the early morning

My own are really dark!

I cannot clearly see

where poems are born

They say that neurons

Sink in a salty water

-sodium and chloride-

Just like the sea

I look at those blackish

Brainy rocky islands

And think  :

Only sweet water

Could dig its own way

Through this earth's wound

gathering lonely colors :

"Schwarz, Grün , und Gelb"

On either banks of the Nile

passing by the cataract.

1st August 2017,
Aswan - Luxor
The Cataracts of the Nile are shallow lengths (or white water rapids) of the Nile River, between Aswan and Khartoum, where the surface of the water is broken by many small boulders and stones jutting out of the river bed, as well as many rocky islets. In some places, these stretches are punctuated by whitewater, while at others the water flow is smoother, but still shallow (Wikipedia)
wallets shaking hands on the way to ischemia,
I wander the rooms of  my heart, shapeless fast without a clot,
digital platelets meet and start a fire
in the last night without stars or naked moon.

Wor(l)d salad

whenever the public become familiar with coercive sciences,
I am the only flower that bloom in the hand of religious and enlighten the hearts of the new Nazis,
solace of disappointed national prides,solace of ***** gods in the battle of heaven, post-traumatic love and poly-traumatic joyful wisdom of exiled philosophical guerrilla.

the drag-queen moon put down all the make-up, before starting a joint in the middle of LGBT protest,policemen watching fun or apathetic,unaware of the secret trap to arrest or assassinate the moon later and before the celestial uprising.  

A travelling Nile island demanded her right to commit suicide before the flood, in season of migration to the south,only onions awareness and Evolved Garlic coalition is standing brave in the cybernetic war

the moon suddenly cry,heaven is as close as earth,and poems abandoned in between, dead flowers in weapons farm,or one striving in a burnt land,the moon is normally alone and sad
primary draft,unfinished

— The End —