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7d · 288
Week 28
Hannah 7d
How difficult it can be to write poetry
When your mind is so numb
7d · 90
Week 27
Hannah 7d
Do you remember when we first met
I drank so much I couldn't recall
The next day you messaged me
Telling me it's okay to be sad
And from there we clicked
Addicted to the very thing that made me forget

Acted like we didn't have a clue
When we were in a group
With that orange haired chick and the laughing one too
It was a fun secret
The one I didn't mind getting caught hiding

And when you pulled back
Told me everything was painful
I held you close
Even when you pushed away
But when I did the same
You told me
"Ok then"
And I didn't know who to blame
Jun 23 · 38
Week 26
Hannah Jun 23
Do you not understand
Anything that you are doing?
Many things have been said
Of all of them
None will hurt more than your silence
Jun 23 · 106
Week 25
Hannah Jun 23
Little daisy in the field
I have not met you
But I can't wait for the beauty you will bring

A fragile petal
Rests upon our finger tips
Careful now
Hold it with love
And do not shatter it
Jun 23 · 32
Week 24
Hannah Jun 23
I am sad
And when that happens
I think I need pain
The kind that can scar
The scars you can see
They may bleed
But that's how I stop being sad
Jun 23 · 38
Week 23
Hannah Jun 23
He kissed me like he loved me
Like he thought it would make the pain go away
Jun 1 · 44
Week 22
Hannah Jun 1
Lost at sea
With no where to be
I dove to the ground
Hoping to never be found
Jun 1 · 162
Week 21
Hannah Jun 1
Welcome to my amusement park
There are many thrilling rides
Have some over priced food
Throw up where you like
Toss your trash on any path
Curse at my long lines
Don't worry about the mess
That's what I am for
So run along
And exhaust everything you can
May 16 · 58
Week 20
Hannah May 16
You told me
About the time you tripped
You fell so hard
That when you got back up
You were never the same
May 10 · 47
Week 19
Hannah May 10
I've thought about it for some time now
And it isn't your fault
Or anyone in particular

This is all mine
I could never find happiness in myself
A typical sad story
Of a girl who died

It's difficult for me to write this
Only because I know you'll cry
I was hoping my tears were enough
Enough to take place of yours

But now I know that isn't possible
I hope that when you mourn
You don't think of the bad
Fill your mind with more

I want you to remember my smile
How you always saw me wearing it
Please, forget the thing
That stained my face

You were the only one in this world
To bring me a sense of comfort
I know I drove you crazy
I could be unbearably clingy

There is no doubt my suffering
Also fueled yours
I apologize for that
It was a terrible habit to cry

There is a memory
I hope it floats in your mind
On days you don't feel sane
After I'm gone
May 10 · 35
Week 18
Hannah May 10
Flower blooming on the hill top

How do you feel
When you drink from the rain
Is it as refreshing as it seems?
When you bask in the sun
Is it as wonderful as you look?
When feet topple over you
Is it pain you can endure?
When you're left to crumble
Is it hopelessness that you feel?

When this is your life
Is this the only way you know?
Apr 27 · 37
Week 17
Hannah Apr 27
I fell asleep
Because I realized no one cares

It is seeping from the walls
I chose to ignore the sign
It clearly said
I walked through the door
In hopes it was wrong

But now I feel nothing
Other than that
Apr 13 · 51
Week 16
Hannah Apr 13
You told me you loved me
I never felt more happy
Our smiles gave light to the world
Feeding your garden

Then when I opened my eyes
I could only see your silhouette
Stomping on my flowers
Away from a dream

That I wasn't sure who belonged to anymore
Apr 5 · 201
Week 15
Hannah Apr 5
You lay awake
Head on the pillow
Feeling anything but mellow
Where do you go
When you’re all alone

Thoughts pouring down
Patter harshly on your brain
Asking why you have to be
The person that they see
Mar 28 · 58
Week 14
Hannah Mar 28
It's nice to have that security
But what happens when it slips
That one person who loves you
Pulls away
No longer showered by their affection

Then what do you do?
Because I'm not loving you anymore
Not the way you expect me to
I'm leaving that fantasy behind
No longer bound by your sympathy
Mar 22 · 58
Week 13
Hannah Mar 22
You make my heart pound
It could fuel our getaway
Let's drive out until the car hits E
No destination
We'll take any road you please

My hand in yours is all I need
Baby just you and me
Mar 15 · 112
Week 12
Hannah Mar 15
I'm depressed
But you don't care
I will scream for help
From anyone around here
You'll shift around
Because it makes you uncomfortable
Then laugh it off
So I'll do the same
Then one day
You'll wonder what went wrong
How I never once seemed unhappy
You'll write on my wall
Then share a post about sucide
You know the one
Where you pretend to care after I've died
Mar 9 · 177
Week 11
Hannah Mar 9
I grasp for the air
Trying to catch it

Choking on my tears
As they race down my face

Leaving skid marks on my cheeks
Heading towards the end

They call this place cold
The unknown

Some say this is peaceful
Because being alive is suffering
Mar 1 · 112
Week 10
Hannah Mar 1
I'm in love with guys
Who will never love me
One who treats me like trash
The other who tells me I'm a queen
But no matter what I do
Neither want me
So neither do I
Feb 23 · 62
Week 9
Hannah Feb 23
A back rub is the most soothing thing
It relieves sadness

A back rub is given by those who care
They show compassion

A back rub is often shared
For those in need of caring

A back rub is what I hope to receive one-day
Feb 16 · 95
Week 8
Hannah Feb 16
One time my mother told me she hated my hair
She never actually said those words but it was in her stare
Another time she told me that my piercings reek of dispair
She didn't say it
But I felt it in the air

Then I realized that these feelings were false
projected thoughts
Onto a mom
Who felt nothing but love and empathy
For her self hating child
Feb 7 · 601
Week 7
Hannah Feb 7
Someone loves you
sOmeone loves you
soMeone loves you
somEone loves you
someOne loves you
someoNe loves you
someonE loves you
Feb 3 · 159
Week 6
Hannah Feb 3
You've trapped me in your embrace
Closed me off from the world
Told me it's better this way
No one can ever hurt you
If no one is ever around
Feb 3 · 66
Week 5
Hannah Feb 3
There is a vein in my wrist
Begging to be sliced
And what will come out is not blood
But my suffering
Feb 3 · 47
Week 4
Hannah Feb 3
This unconditional sadness eats at me
Some days the way I dress takes a toll on me
Others my hair brings me to despair

But then there are weeks where I feel
Miserable in my doubt

I wish that I could cut through this emptiness
Watch it spill over my body
Down in the drain
Leaving nothing
But a stain
Of my happiness

This unconditional saddness is unbearable
But I do not know how to stop it
Feb 3 · 88
Week 3
Hannah Feb 3
To find a spot in this world can be hard

I've wandered the forest for so long
Searching for a place where I'd belong
And it can be a painful journey
At times I've felt like I could join the butterflies
But they flew to a height I couldn't reach
I turned to the soil
Where the worms might be more welcoming
But they dug into the dirt
Making it hard to find a trace

I found the wasps and thought their stingers were beauty
But they were not very kindly
I wonder if I will ever find my place
It seems unlikely
Feb 3 · 433
Week 2
Hannah Feb 3
The waves nip at my ankles

Filling my scars with its salty water

Burning me down into the ground
Feb 3 · 138
Week 1
Hannah Feb 3
I wish I knew that I was going to fall in love
Because I would have stopped myself from the start
Dropped my heart
And never looked back

Instead I'm gasping for air
Trying to find an ounce of love
From your cold hearted demeanor
And crying from the pain you've brought me
Dec 2018 · 117
Wishful Thinking
Hannah Dec 2018
Do you watch for shooting stars
Hope they'll grant your very wish

Do you throw pennies in the fountain
Wishing for your desires

What about dreaming on 11:11
Desiring good to come in life

Would you deem me odd
For not talking to the air
Asking for it to change me
Jun 2018 · 293
Hannah Jun 2018
It used to rain when I looked out your car window
you'd tell me it's obvious
The raindrops stain the pane
No real reason
Just started pouring
You grew tired of the sound
Listening to it patter on your car
Told me we'd stop and go somewhere
And you left me there
Soaking in the water
To figure it out

And I did
When I look out the car window
I don't see rain
I don't even hear it
All I see is a field
Lushes and green
As bright as the sun
There aren't drops anywhere
Just smiles and laughter
And I don't see you
Sep 2017 · 157
Hannah Sep 2017
Follow me down the path
Of ugly suicide
Ugly is redundant
But some will call it beauty

How is their beauty in ending your life
Rope burns around your neck
Or ****** slit wrists
Cut the point that only mattered

Where's the beauty of a cold body
Limp on the floor
Found pale and alone
The only way to show how they felt

Suicide is a solution for some
The only way to leave the nasty voices
Haunting their mind
Sep 2017 · 160
Hannah Sep 2017
How'd you figure out I was a *****?
You couldn't have simply opened the door.
I've scrubbed my insides clean,
And buried every scene.
Yet, you discovered the spot
In my deep plot,
And made me no more.
Hannah Jul 2017
I was happily in love
Soaking in your smile through a window
I couldn't imagine being in a happier place
But I tend to ask the questions I know I'll hate the answer to
And right away I did and then the glass broke in to shards
I was bleeding out but you told me it'd be alright
Maybe there'd be a way to clean up the mess
And so I hid my wounds

The second time was painful
We had our differences
And that really stuck a wall in between us
You killed me on the phone
Told me it's not you but it's me
I don't understand the bi community
How is it possible to enjoy anything
When I'm stuck in this --
But before you could breathe your last word
You realized what you had said
Took it all back and we cried together
It was magical and it kept my hope going
Clouded my mind and forced me to forget the horrid things I just heard

The third time was my fault
I was in pain from our lack of lust
No communication was happening and i was losing trust
So I called on the phone
And you were alone
Talked of my fears
It had me in tears
You said what I thought
And it was getting really hot
We hung up cuz you had class
And I fell on my ***
Later I rang in the closet
And my eyes were a faucet
You made a surprise visit
And that was it
My heart leapt
And it you kept

The last time was painful
Not only did we meet but it was unexpected
This time there was no phone to shield you
No speaker to talk through
You looked me in my eyes
Pointed a gun at my heart
But caressed my face
Told me it'd be okay
Then pulled the trigger
Jul 2017 · 515
You've Killed Me 4 Times
Hannah Jul 2017
The first was when you punched me in the heart
Told me to try and understand
That my bruised heart MIGHT heal

The second was when you hit a vein
The blood stained the bathroom floor
And you were quick to clean up the mess
Apologized me back to life

The third time you killed me in my closet
I was drowning in my tears
Fears devoured my mind
I was sure there was no coming back
But you surprised my heart and it leapt for you

But you weren't done
You decided you wanted me dead again
The fourth was more personal
You watched me this time
No call
No distance
This time you did it in person and it was painful
You watched me suffer
You tried to ease the pain
I couldn't even pretend to be alive

Please don't try to bring me back
There's no use
You shot me in my heart this time
Jun 2017 · 661
Silent Abuse
Hannah Jun 2017
You watched me slice my heart open
Rip my lungs into pieces
Tore my way into my brain
So I wouldn't feel the pain

And you sat there watching
Lighting the fire to burn me
There's nothing to show
No one will ever know
Apr 2017 · 268
What would you do?
Hannah Apr 2017
What would you do if a boy who meant so much told you that you were a ****?
What would you do if he harassed you for nudes day in and day out but played it as a joke?
What would you do if you were falling and knew he was no good but tortured yourself for being a *****?
What would you do if you were drowning in tears while being stabbed with a knife, telling you it's your fault, you're no good?
Why would he tell me he adores me but he hates the way I walk?
Why would he show me his colors but color me black?
What would you do if you stood up for yourself and someone spat in your face to sit your *** down?
Mar 2017 · 357
Hannah Mar 2017
I heard the door bell
But ignored the ring
I went about my day
I thought I could enjoy the little things
My dogs basking in the sun
I played my favorite games
The door bell kept ringing
Yeah it was a little annoying
But I ignored it for the most part
Slept through the night
And did it over again

The rings turned into knocks
I played my games but was a little distracted
My dogs were still adorable and I hugged them tight
I laid in bed, took me awhile to sleep because there were still knocks at my door

A year goes by
And I've tuned out the knocks for the most part
I was still enjoying my games for the most part
My dogs energy was still entrancing me..for the most part

One day the knocks became bangs
was all I could hear at my door
My games weren't fun anymore
My dogs whined at my feet
Sleeping at first was hard
But eventually became easy
For it was the only way to escape the noise
Jan 2017 · 204
Shattered Glass
Hannah Jan 2017
Your last breath was painful
You spat out so much hatred
Laid down all your guilt

It was a rainy day
But the sun dried out your lips
You yelled until you coughed up ashes

Not sure of what you had become
Change was impossible
So many attempts, yet no success

Such a ****** up shard
Grabbed yourself
Then bled
Dec 2016 · 1.8k
My lovely room
Hannah Dec 2016
Welcome to my room
Where sadness blooms into hatred
And your thoughts beat you to the floor
There's a place to sit
So you can cry
Or maybe you'd prefer to lie
There are so many options
And don't forget the bathroom
It has an endless supply
For instance you could watch yourself bleed
Oh my room is so welcoming
With every self loathing thought
I've spent so much time here
I'm destined to rot
Dec 2016 · 154
Hannah Dec 2016
I hate to be your heartbreak
But that's the only outcome I can see
For I've given up on trying to be free
Free from the sorrow and pain
It all just comes back and haunting
Like a nasty stubborn stain
Nov 2016 · 552
You are not Money
Hannah Nov 2016
Baby, you’re not a million dollars
If you were then you wouldn’t be mine
You’d be in the stores I've visited
The restaurants I ate at
You’d be tucked away in a safe place for no one to marvel at

No, you’re more than that
You’re not money
Money has no meaning compared to you
You’re the stars in the sky
The air I breathe
You’re a wonderful piece

If I could choose between you and a million bucks
I wouldn’t hesitate on my choice
Money can buy me an ear
But you’re always here
Money can buy me comfort
But you’re who brings me happiness
There’s no comparing

I want to show you off to the world
and then hold you close
Money I can flaunt
and then it’s gone for someone else
But you I can keep
And I wouldn’t give you away for things
I don’t want anyone to have you
Because you’re mine
I would like some feedback on how to improve this.
Sep 2016 · 466
Hannah Sep 2016
When you see my face you’ll see joy and happiness
But when you look into my eyes you’ll see the pain and misery
My thoughts aren’t accurate with the words that I speak
But your mind isn’t concentrated on how I’m so weak

Though I say I’m alright
I’m happy
I’m fine
On the inside, I’m hurting
I’m crying
I’m yelling

You do yes I know, I know you do care
But I can’t reveal myself, for you may glare
The cuts and the tears, they aren’t ever shown
And the misery is hidden and never aglow

My happiness is yours, I reflect and I stare
My feelings are nothing
And you couldn’t bear
The life that I live
So silently away
I love and I live
I lose and I gain

But this isn’t me
I’ll never be the same
My losses seem more
More than I’ve gained
And here I am smiling with old old pain
I’ve loved and I’ve lived
I’ve lost and I’ve gained

My smile is staying
For that’s what you like
But at the end of the day
I’ll go in my room
I’ll curl and cry and I may cut too

Though I say it’s okay
I’m not sad
I’m no mad
I do indeed love you
But I need someone too
One of the 1st poems I've ever written
Sep 2016 · 432
10 Hours
Hannah Sep 2016
I almost drove 10 hours
To see your droopy tired eyes
To caress your soft and perfect hair
And to lay your head upon my thighs

I almost drove 10 hours
So I could drown in your perfect smile
And to see those eyes light up
Becuase you haven't seen me in awhile

I almost drove 10 hours
So we could be side by side
But you sorely begged me not to
So I sat in my room and cried
Having a long distance relationship *****
Hannah Sep 2016
My life was fine and I was happy
And then you showed up
And everything went abrupt

You made me laugh until my face went numb
My problems you held like a forceful gun
I soon discovered an emotion I'd never felt
And you ripped it away from my fragile heart

My eyes once glowed like the stars beaming bright
But now they're filled with the sea spilling out
It's true you listened and that is no doubt
But you showed no remorse and simply threw me about

For so long I clung to you, scared of the world around
And now I'm sitting in my room unable to move about
In fear of being alone

I thought I was broke
And you would make me whole
But I didn't realize you tore me one by one
Into pieces I lost, long ago with my smile

I cried every day
And forced you to keep me together
But little did I know that you couldn't find me either
Gave up on my life and lusted for me rather

I thought that it was love
But it was too late when I found out
That you were the one to hide my pieces
And wrote love on each end
To make me think that it was okay to be used over and over again
Sep 2016 · 455
Hannah Sep 2016
It’s not that I don’t think about you anymore
Because I do
You’re always in the back of my head

But I don’t sulk over you
I don’t cry because of you
I don’t laugh anymore when I talk to you

I’m so glad you’re gone
Or maybe just not present as much anymore
It’s such a relief

It was painful at first
Just the thought without you made me feel alone
I thought I’d always feel this way

And then a miracle happened
He came into my life
He helped me push you away, whether he knew it or not

He helped me stand my ground
I can see so much clearer
And he holds me when I cry

Unlike you when I felt like I should die
Sep 2016 · 559
Hannah Sep 2016
I don't think I'm ever going to be enough for you
I'm not going to be what you truly want
Maybe you think you love me because I was the first girl to really catch your eye
But I'm not going to be the only one
I have problems you want to fix
But that's not your job, it's mine
I would be lying if I said you didn't help me pick my head up, you did
But you can't fix me 100%
That's my job, I have no clue how
But you've helped me figure things out
I don't think I'm good for you, I'm an unhealthy addiction
You probably don't see it now
But you'll realize I'm not the only pearl in the sea
You just settled with the first one you found and in reality, my clam is empty
I'm toxic
Sep 2016 · 259
The Hurting Mind
Hannah Sep 2016
A world full of sorrowful delicacy
Butterflies in the air
Suffocating in beauty
Sweet attachments
My teeth ache immensely

Love is taking over my mind
Where to begin
Drowning in oceans of tears
Sky's full of fears
Mountains moved
Trees swayed
Yet nothings changed
Sep 2016 · 477
Hannah Sep 2016
Death seeps through the ink of your pen
Here we are again
Your brain reeks of madness
Damaged remains
Inches away from the ground
That's where I'll be found
Sep 2016 · 629
Hannah Sep 2016
Have you ever been so lonely
Lost in the woods
But terrified to turn back
Because you know where you came from
The darkness is unbearable
Yet you hold yourself to the floor
Don’t give up…
Don’t give up…
Sep 2016 · 214
Hannah Sep 2016
I think I’m prone to sadness
The everlasting hole
For when I find my smile
I feel different in my soul

I’ll watch the tree roots struggle as they try to find their place
And wonder of the sorrow when a butterfly sticks to a leaf
This emotion is exhausting, I can’t keep pace
Because like that butterfly I want to feel relief

For joy is something so hard to fuel
And depression is easy
I want to be happy
And the tears make me queasy

But my laugh slips through my fingers
When I’m alone and without a soul
So I stick to what I know well
And that is staying in this hole

— The End —