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Puck Jan 20
giving meaning to meaningless things is like drinking poison
it makes you hollow…
empty smiles
Puck Nov 2021
I hate them for making me hate myself
Puck Jul 2021
And this time when he screams tears from his throat he lets himself cry too.
Puck Jul 2021
When the sky suddenly turned purple and the stars fell down to earth you looked me in the eyes, told me we'd be fine. But as the stars had hit the ground with such a horrendously dreadful sound. There was nothing magical nor fine about the stone-cold death we led.
Puck Jul 2021
A cry for help will always be the echoes of your heart. It's a loneliness you don't even understand.
Puck May 2021
The only thing that makes me cry is the time that keeps passing me by
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