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The Red Moon Nov 2017
Hah, drizzle, just like my old days,
Never realised when came and gone,
It's ​just the droplets who ever knocked me...
The Red Moon Nov 2017
I regret my mistake, doll
As the time aged,  
I forgot your rosy smile
Which once took all my frivolous tears.
But look doll, Now I am back to you
With the same old tears
But this time deeper then an ocean
Because this time, though they are mine
But are scratching your cheeks
The Red Moon Nov 2017
I never knew,
When we went down,
When your each word turned into a letter,
When your voice became my favourite song.

I never knew,
When we went too down in the dark,
When you emptied your words,
When your song turned into screams.

But now I know,
You took me in the dark so that you can light your my heart,
To convert my worst nightmare into a beautiful day dream.
You emptied your words because they weren't letting me sleep,
And those screams, was your husky voice trying to sing a lullaby to me.
The Red Moon Nov 2017
Ah, Her funny giggles tickle me
Every time she looks at me.
My little girl standing, holding a laugh
Changing her tone like a bird's charming chirp.

Oh, my little laughing flower
Blossoming even in the gold autumn.

Warming the walls in the days of cold
Firing the snow, to make it warm.

I don't know, what she finds so funny in this wrinkled face
Maybe the way it shrinks or the way it expands
Like a raisin kept in sun or in water
Or maybe, her wrinkles which she thinks
To own tomorrow.
The Red Moon Nov 2017
She wears a cloak,
You can't identify her,
She wears a long hood,
You can't see her.

She pretends she's all right,
But her eyes still got that flame,
She never shows her wounds,
For her, life is a game.

She didn't find herself,
Never seen, who she was,
But finally, when she was exposed,
Each face turned,
each eye just closed.

A fair lady, with blood covered eyes,
Flames burnt her,
Scares covered her
Tears made it worse,
Maybe being a woman,
Was her curse.

She was crying, but still smiled,
She wanted to die,
But has to survive,
She can't make it now,
She was dead alive.
The Red Moon Nov 2017
Let's pause the song we were listening to
And put on the song which was once unheard
The song on which our soul danced
Away from the grieves of the cold
In the warmth of the room inside the room,
Stepping on the floors of the heart.
A song with which our words sang
A song which proposed the unspoken
Let's try to listen to the whispers of the silence
The song played in the deepest place of the heart
The song sang by the sweetest voice
Sweeter then the nectar of flowers
The voice can't be heard by anyone
The song of the silence inside.

— The End —