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L Blythe Mar 2019
............I remember the sound of your voice.
    Your breath on my cheek both warm and chilled as you whispered
              "Just one more............"
                      I shiver.
This was for all the girls out there who have felt helpless
L Blythe Mar 2019
The Liquor told me something I think you 'ought to know, it told me that you're cheating on mom, and you only come home for show.
It's tired of the bruises that you give her everyday, and says that something scary inside is going to make you pay. I put the pieces together and I know it's all true, and you wanna know something else? It wants to talk to you.
My life at home is fine I swear, just some poetic writing from books and movies
L Blythe Mar 2019
We drink the poison people pour for us, and yet we wonder why
                    we feel so sick.
L Blythe Mar 2019
I could live behind a screen and crave applause, but I prefer to show my flaws. I could chase after love in a never ending game, but being ****** isn't my thing. I bleed in red, and cry in blue. I am different, unlike you.
L Blythe Mar 2019
You knew what you wanted the moment that you saw me.
                         The fact that I never stopped you is my biggest regret.
L Blythe Mar 2019
I could never understand the pain that you
       felt, but the pain that you inflicted hurt
                        much more.
                    Without a doubt.
L Blythe Mar 2019
It wasn't me, for it was you who turned the Blind Eye. You see what you want to, and hide behind the veil because it suits you fancies. Like a crow, you return to the one who feeds you, reliant on the world for your bread. I  will feed you nevermore, for your sake, because bliss you may be no longer. For even the crow will return to its ******.

— The End —