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L Blythe Jun 2022
I’m an acrobat for your devotion, twisting and turning through every emotion. Here one day and gone another, feet so fast I’ve never recovered. But with a heart shaped bruise I’ll stay by your side, for one day I’ll be yours and you will be mine.
L Blythe Sep 2019
I have a secret that keeps me up at night. I have feelings for you and I don’t think it’s right. I’m small and quiet, overlooked by your glowing eyes, you wouldn’t notice me even if I tried. I have a secret that keeps me up at night.
L Blythe Sep 2019
I remember you only from a placid paper dream.
               I was weak and small and you took advantage of me.
          My mind plays tricks to keep me from breaking, but vividly and consistently it keeps on playing

I’m sewing up the pieces of me that you laboriously tore,

but deep down I know there’s more, much more.
L Blythe Sep 2019
Every time you look at me, it’s as if being seen bare. Nothing but my rawness up in the open air.

You see right through me, my flaws and all. My stomach jumps up and down like a bouncing rubber ball.

I bite my lip hard to keep my emotions from slipping, but I still can’t shake the memory of when we were last kissing.
L Blythe Sep 2019
I know leaving you was the best thing for me, but why do I still feel so ******* lonely?
L Blythe Aug 2019
I will always remember the feeling I got every time you held me, whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Your words were like wine, bittersweet and intoxicating, And I drank from your cup never feeling full. Though you broke my heart, I want to thank you. For it was you who made me realize how insatiable you are.
L Blythe Mar 2019
We are afraid of death because it is not tangible. We cannot touch it, its timing is a mystery, and we can't control it.
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